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  1. Combining a few FS threads together with some new stuff. A few rare gems priced to sell. Pics below. Shipping not included. Jaguar Total Carnage (CIB) = SOLD Super Burnout w/ custom case = SOLD Genesis Alien Storm (CIB) = $30 Outrunners (CIB) = $30 Sonic Heroes = $5 Genesis Super Scaler Multi-cart = $25 *Comes with Outrun, Space Harrier 2, Super Hang-On, & After Burner 2 Switch Devil May Cry (JAP Import) DMC1 on card, DMC 2&3 unused JAP eshop codes (CIB)= $37 Guacamelee 1&2 (CIB)= $20 Valfaris (CIB) = $20 Thumper (CIB) = $37 Velocity 2X (CIB)= $50 Transistor (CIB)= $35 Bluray Game Space Ace (CIB)= $35 Vita Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero (CIB) = $70 *CD soundtrack included. Has a few scratches but still plays.
  2. I have an Atari flight yoke pulled from a 1983 Star Wars cabinet. Cosmetically it looks great but one of the internal gears is grinding and will need replacing. Also, if I recall the left button does not register. Which is the reason Im selling it for $175, shipping not included. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Price adjusted.
  4. Syndicate and manual= $27 shipped (continental US). Game plays great but label does have slight damage in bottom right. Manual has slight cover damage (See pic).
  5. Im curious. Does it play homebrew games, like Halo 2600 for example?
  6. Bought a Jaguar decal from Bratwurst and very happy with what I received.
  7. Received my Jaguar decal and it looks fantastic! Bratwurst did a great job on these.
  8. Post modified as all SNES and Jaguar items have been sold. Dont like a price? Then throw me a reasonable offer.
  9. Sold ave1 a Chaos Reins Jaguar Spinner Controller. Transaction went very smooth. Recommended!
  10. Jag spinner w/ SCART cable is now sold.
  11. Looking to buy box and white tray for both Tempest 2000 and Syndicate. Thanks!
  12. I still have the Sonic Classic Heroes game with Chaotix characters.
  13. I sold Howard three SNES games and the transaction went smoothly. Great guy to do business with!
  14. Sold an Atari Jaguar shell (top only) to Bratwurst and everything went smoothly. Great communication too!
  15. I’m willing to work on price for bundles. Also open to trades for Jaguar stuff. Due to my schedule I am only able to mail out on Saturdays. Wireless Sega brand controllers (1x receiver & 2 x controllers) = $100 Sonic Classic Heroes game (w Chaotix characters) =$20 A/V cables x 2 = $5 Power cable = $5
  16. Do you suffer from Asperger syndrome? Because that's an incredibly sarcastic thing to type. I received a pamphlet from Al with my order requesting more people to review and promote the AA store. With your sarcasm you are implying I shouldn't even bother. Nice... I'm sure Atari Age is in desperate need of people like you to help disenfranchise new members who want to contribute. Bravo!
  17. To respond to my own post and for posterity's sake... Using the forum search function I found an old post from Carl with Songbird (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/226894-total-carnage-pro-controller-compatibility/?hl=total+carnage&do=findComment&comment=3189231). How meta is that! You should use the forum search just as I should have done before I posted this... Anyways it appears B&C, and not A, are used on the standard controller. B to hold position and fire and C to drop a bomb. Hope this helps any future generations after the Morlocks take over.
  18. Quick update. I ordered Skyhammer and Rebooreroids from the AA store and have been playing them quite a bit since I received my order last week. First up Rebooreroids is AMAZING! One of my all time favorites for the Jag to date. Skyhammer is another win for the console. While I've played it less than Rebooreroids, I find it very enjoyable and glad I decided to finally get this game. I've been doing mission modes more than the battle mode. Im so glad that I decided to get this game and I plan to do a review on the AA store to help promote the title. Also Rebooreroids... F'in AWESOME!!!
  19. Ughhh! I hope you didn't loose your temper on the little guy. I know I would be pretty upset if that happen to me.
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