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  1. How a key you find can offer the option to open countless locked doors around. (That's a security issue right there..) But once you choose one then it inexplicably disappears. I have keys. They don't evaporate when I unlock the car.
  2. Sorry for starting such a sad thread. Reflexes, hand eye co-ordination - they seem to wind down with years. Unless of course you are Todd Rogers! Oh yeah. Sorry. He's turned out to be a complete charlatan. You never rolled round the score meter on Yars? I really need to try that one again. Probably will score a 10 like surfing.. I will also probably tank on Megamania which was the only game I received a patch for with a blurry polaroid of 999,999.
  3. So, booted up California Games on SainT's SD card and went straight to surfing, the game I was consistently best at. I forget my scores from back in the day (hey, it was the 90's) but do recall after a build up of speed it was just treble 360's all the way till time ran out. [side note: is a survivable unreal possible?]. I did think that my 'mad skillz' from then would come flooding back. Because, seriously I loved the game from the week it was released in the UK and played it for many years after. I scored 10.. But I think I kept going the wrong direction.. My question is, have you booted a game you were immensely good at, but then just crashed and failed with? I am now rocking in a corner trying to console myself recalling the ending screens of Roadblasters, Stun Runner and Toki I managed to see.
  4. Saw this announcement on the Retro-Bit website: http://retro-bit.com/retrobit-announces-sega-partnership Wouldn't the 'forthcoming' Genesis bluetooth controller also work with the VCS (and other D9 pin compatible machines) seeing as wired versions do?
  5. Ebay has some available to international addresses.: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-EZ-Flash-IV-MicroSD-compatible-edition-EZ4-EZIV/252836155794?hash=item3ade359192:g:NjUAAOSwnK9ZQh06 For the micro SD version, from Australia. $27.99 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Official-New-Latest-version-EZ-Flash-IV-4-Reform-GameBoy-Free-case-Reader/232562807468?hash=item3625d2d2ac:g:~r0AAOSwySVaDA0D for the very latest 'Reform' edition from the UK. $27.80 + $5.30 shipping No idea if they are the cheapest about..
  6. Hadn't realised until a Google search just now that last month they released an updated version of the EZ-IV (the "Reform") which has two interchangeable cases that allow it to sit flush in either a DS or a GBA. That's kinda cool. Perhaps the sturdiness of the product has improved as well? I have the original Mini SD version and have to agree the casing on that is rather shoddy really. Anyone have any experience of the build quality of the later Micro SD version - the black one with a label?
  7. Perhaps because it can sometimes be purchased for around a quarter of the price of an Everdrive? With the release of the updated kernel a while ago there's no longer a need to use the Chinese language client software. It's pretty much drag and drop now.
  8. Hi. Could I order one cased card please? You can disregard my previous request back in August for two. I didn't seem to be added onto the list back then. Cheers !
  9. Hi. Can I order two ? A cased and uncased. Cheers!
  10. An early version of the Quick programming language was released as PD as were subsequent type-in magazines which then allowed it to be updated to 2.1 . In this thread you'll find an explanation from user Charlie Chaplin, who owns the rights to those Quick Magazines, about it's legal status. Luckybuck, on your website you should definitely be able to offer downloads of the language, but certainly not of English version 2.2
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