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  1. Oh, I'm out, that exceeds my abilities 😅 I stay with the standard menu cheers
  2. I tried your binaries, I imported them to the workbook, Maxflash Cartridge Studio showed no error messages, flashed an Atarimax cart, and it worked! Big thanks, ivop! In addition, but not essential, would it be possible, to somehow get that simple selection menu of the SIC! cart onto the Atarimax cart?
  3. It has to be TB XL 1.5 (for nostalgic reasons) on Atarimax 8Mb cartridge, or nothing. Still, I thank you for your effort, Wrathchild! cheers
  4. If you could provide the executable file or ATR flash image I could go for a try to repeat it to 8Mb
  5. Okay, I see. If anyone comes across any Turbo Basic XL 1.5 ATR Programming Image for Atarimax cartridges, then please call me. Thanks all for replying greetz
  6. Yeah, it's one of the three files you gave me, out of the three I like it most - thanks again! Other cartridges than an Atarimax is no option - if it won't work on an Atarimax cartridge, ok, then I have to accept it
  7. Instead of importing the bin files I tried: Menu > Tools > Convert Bin to ATR Programming Image > Maxflash 8mbit Flash Cartridge ...still won't work, because full 8 Mbit bin file expected. If anyone has an ATR Programming Image of this one (for the Atarimax 8 Mbit cartridge): Name: Turbo BASIC XL+Compiler+Runtime+Linker, v1.5 [64K].bin File: 256K Cart Type: Turbo BASIC XL+Compiler+Runtime+Linker, SIC! 256KB Cartridge CRC32: File: 6b2d1ea4 / Data: 6b2d1ea4 ...or of any of the other two versions, I would be very glad to get if, if possible I still don't know, why the bin files won't be accepted by the Maxflash Cartridge Studio
  8. I tried all menu options, no success. I don't know, what I'm doing wrong here Just to be sure, I'm talking about the Maxflash Cartridge Studio as flash tool
  9. errr... I don't get it 😭 maybe because it's too hot today 😅 Edit: no matter what I try, the flash tool won't let me import any of the bin files to the workbook
  10. Thank you, Wrathchild! Will try the Altirra method Edit: stripping off the header within Altirra worked fine to get the bin file, which still brings up the same error message as above when trying to import the file to the workbook
  11. Thanks again, Mr Robot! Trying to import the files to the Atarimax Workbook, the flash tool shows following error messages: [User Interface] Error loading file "Turbo BASIC XL, v1.5 (1985)(Happy Computer) [64K].bin" for slot #1, Unable to identify file: Turbo BASIC XL, v1.5 (1985)(Happy Computer) [64K].bin Not a known or supported image. [User Interface] Error loading file "Turbo BASIC XL+Compiler+Runtime+Linker [64K].bin" for slot #1, Unable to identify file: Turbo BASIC XL+Compiler+Runtime+Linker [64K].bin Not a known or supported image. [User Interface] Error loading file "Turbo BASIC XL+Compiler+Runtime+Linker, v1.5 [64K].bin" for slot #1, Unable to identify file: Turbo BASIC XL+Compiler+Runtime+Linker, v1.5 [64K].bin Not a known or supported image.
  12. Thanks, Mr Robot! The thing is, I need rom file, car file won't be accepted by the flashing tool (workbook)
  13. Does it work? Couldn't find a working rom file
  14. Same here! I'm interested in at least two! greetz
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