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  1. Oh, I'm out, that exceeds my abilities I stay with the standard menu cheers
  2. I tried your binaries, I imported them to the workbook, Maxflash Cartridge Studio showed no error messages, flashed an Atarimax cart, and it worked! Big thanks, ivop! In addition, but not essential, would it be possible, to somehow get that simple selection menu of the SIC! cart onto the Atarimax cart?
  3. It has to be TB XL 1.5 (for nostalgic reasons) on Atarimax 8Mb cartridge, or nothing. Still, I thank you for your effort, Wrathchild! cheers
  4. If you could provide the executable file or ATR flash image I could go for a try to repeat it to 8Mb
  5. Same here! I'm interested in at least two! greetz
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