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  1. Yes gotta have it! put me down arcade box😀
  2. You have the link for Amazon ball knobs thanks.
  3. Finally picked up a copy great packaging. Are guys planning on any other new games for colecovision.
  4. Too late had already paid for order edward langley nickname TOYPIGG
  5. ? For correct payment for regular version with box and instructions 65 game plus 25 shipping too US
  6. I've bought about 30 games clamshell and carts from Aliexpress no complaints well one they sent pal cart accidentally
  7. So what's the other options you can get sense you out of uav.ill take anything get away from this RF
  8. I'm in the music really sets it off awesome job
  9. If you want homebrew port of space duel for 7800 it's still available at atariage store
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