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  1. Got all the games ,but not atarivox+. We would never get away with paying $150 for five games in 1981... Thanks to Albert/Atari Age team for the new great games that are actually affordable.
  2. Reminds me of all the exploded design posters I had to draw for my QC job a million years ago.....
  3. That is exactly why I never have found a boxed copy!
  4. Went from Atari 2600 to....high school, and an Apple II+. No wonder I had to get a job to buy my own car, those Apple II's were as expensive as a car back then.
  5. I have the lone vote for Telesys, just because they were located in my home town of Fremont,CA.
  6. Just went through my bag of tokens. Got quite a few Fun-N-Games and a few Funtasia, but no Funway Freeway.Sorry.
  7. The Atarimania website just took an hour of my life away! So much info...
  8. Apple II+ I attempt to explain to the youngsters how we all actually "learned" how to program home computers and understand how they worked, .....instead of just playing a shooting zombies videogame..... Everybody has all these electronic devices and are so clueless on how it is all working.
  9. The first winter freeze is upon CA and the West.Hope no pipes break....

    1. CPUWIZ


      You know a lot of people are gonna laugh at you, right? Even though, it's supposed to go down into the 30's over the next few days, it was frigging 77 degrees yesterday!

    2. dwh


      currently 22F here.

    3. CPUWIZ


      Wow. Where?

  10. A big thanks to Robert Anthony Tokar!
  11. Nice... I guess I have to wait and hope there is enough left over from the show to buy from the AA store in a few weeks....
  12. Was it a flop? In our household, no. My parents bought one!
  13. Yes I'm interested too. Off The Wall was joystick control too...played the heck out of that one back in the day.
  14. A year late,,,sort of like finding a present in a closet that your parents forgot to put under the tree last year.
  15. Early on I did not own Space Invaders, Video Pinball, Swordquest Earthworld. Had to go to different friends houses to play these titles. Remember games were $65!, and allowance was minimal.
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