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  1. Got all the games ,but not atarivox+. We would never get away with paying $150 for five games in 1981... Thanks to Albert/Atari Age team for the new great games that are actually affordable.
  2. Reminds me of all the exploded design posters I had to draw for my QC job a million years ago.....
  3. That is exactly why I never have found a boxed copy!
  4. Went from Atari 2600 to....high school, and an Apple II+. No wonder I had to get a job to buy my own car, those Apple II's were as expensive as a car back then.
  5. I have the lone vote for Telesys, just because they were located in my home town of Fremont,CA.
  6. Just went through my bag of tokens. Got quite a few Fun-N-Games and a few Funtasia, but no Funway Freeway.Sorry.
  7. The Atarimania website just took an hour of my life away! So much info...
  8. Apple II+ I attempt to explain to the youngsters how we all actually "learned" how to program home computers and understand how they worked, .....instead of just playing a shooting zombies videogame..... Everybody has all these electronic devices and are so clueless on how it is all working.
  9. A big thanks to Robert Anthony Tokar!
  10. Nice... I guess I have to wait and hope there is enough left over from the show to buy from the AA store in a few weeks....
  11. Was it a flop? In our household, no. My parents bought one!
  12. Yes I'm interested too. Off The Wall was joystick control too...played the heck out of that one back in the day.
  13. A year late,,,sort of like finding a present in a closet that your parents forgot to put under the tree last year.
  14. Early on I did not own Space Invaders, Video Pinball, Swordquest Earthworld. Had to go to different friends houses to play these titles. Remember games were $65!, and allowance was minimal.
  15. Demons to diamonds was interesting to me back in the day... I vote for Starship.
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