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  1. Got some stuff while in high school(1 year)+started bidding on stuff and buying stuff online in 2000(6 years)=7 years total, and since I mostly collect 2600 stuff, it will be many years more;there is just so much stuff out there.
  2. dwh

    Whohoo & oh F#@k!

    A while back I found a seller on ebay that fixed the 5200 controllers, so I had six fixed just for future use(and tantrums).
  3. dwh

    Tetris for Channel F

    That's weird that the program would add rows to the second player while you remove multiple rows on your side.Probably just something as simple as a + or - somewhere in the program.You would have to make player one the novice player side, to even out the fun.
  4. Ditto! This summer is going to be like x-mass when the package does arrive.
  5. dwh

    Schach for Channel F

    "I think I won my first game because I was excited and focused, which usually makes me smarter and better looking." I thought drinking alcohol made people smarter and better looking?!, not vidio games.
  6. There is also the rarity of all those games made by Hozer Vidio.Although a lot of the titles are still made,even by AA, you just do not see these old titles very often on ebay.Then there is all the special edition numbered items, those ought to be pretty rare. How rare would my (paper)boxed copy of Ebivisions release of Allia Quest be?I guess it depends on how many people have the item.We would have to continue, or start to do the rarity polls on the homebrew items.
  7. When I get sick of looking at e(vil)bay and I have tucked away some money I end up shopping at Atari2600.com.They accurately describe what you are buying.The only way I am getting the items I am missing for my 2600 collection is through these guys.I will second that they are a bit pricey, but sometimes it ends up being cheaper than some crazy auction on ebay.
  8. Chase the Chuckwagon had a box, I believe there was an auction on ebay in the last week. Tooth Protectors just came in a stryrofoam shell. Most homebrew games and hacks,, until recently, were cartridge only or with just a manual.
  9. Usually the toilet seat is cleaner than most peoples kitchen counters(info from Mythbusters), so I do not see much of a problem with this set up.
  10. The real catch is that the prisoner has to first use their low wage prison labor to buy a $300 TV, then they can get the $35 game controller.
  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4818128.stm Oregon state prison system has incentives, one being the purchase of the $35 classic game system to play while in prison.
  12. My top two games are Jr Pac-Man and Millipeed.
  13. I traded 'tapes' as well, but mostly remember going to different friends houses to play Atari.Each friend seemed to have a different collection of games by different companies,so that helped to be able to play something different.
  14. I know this info can get confusing,with that in mind, could you somehow put on the website which of these games are 'original' and which are just 'pirates/rip-offs'.
  15. Demolition Herby is the other game that you 'capture' areas of the playfield.
  16. This is what happens when you buy the cheapest, ugliest plastic available to do the job!
  17. dwh

    Finished ACTIVISION!

    I only need a boxed copy of Cosmic Commuter to complete my collection.
  18. dwh

    havin a good time

    Unlike back in the day when I used pencil and grid paper, you can now "cheat" and go online and find these maps.
  19. Just did my banking and was reminded that I recently got Quick Step boxed for the 2600 for $34 ;it's not perfect,but it is mine! Also about 3 years ago I got a boxed copy of Espial for .99 cents!, and it is in mint condition. Got my copy of Boing! for about $40. And via email, got Starpath/Arcadia Frogger for $40.
  20. Ditto. I've got two or more of everything(for the 2600,sorry I know I'm on the wrong forum, but I do have 5200 stuff too) Those pack-rat photos are hilarious.At least there are not any rats in the garage too.Or maybe they are, and they are very computer literate!
  21. I got my copy for $40 a few years back.
  22. $126 for C.I.B. Subterrania off of e(vil)bay. I have been paying over $100 on each item I am missing for my 2600 collection.As you can tell, I am getting down to the nitty-gritty(i.e. expensive), that is, very few things left to get that do not cost something crazy like over 4 or 5 hundred dollars.In the last week, I have basically blown my tax return money.
  23. I think I would have fired the idiot that said this about 2600 games, "I could put s**t in those boxes and still charge $60"(PAC-MAN was crap) This is why Atari got stagnant, too much greed by a few people;the usual BS.
  24. Looks like the site is up and running just in time for me to blow my tax refunds there!
  25. Great, now try finding the Flight Commander unit--it took me three years.
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