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  1. The O2 basketball! looks horrible.The ball is not even dribbled,good thing they did not have fouls/freethrows.Nothing beats the Atari version(from this time period anyway).
  2. I got 25.Not all Atari though.I've been setting up fav sellers list via ebay so that is sending some email my way everyday.
  3. Ditto! And, yeah I got mine from Telegames a few years back.
  4. That's bizzare.I'm surprised ebay allows such auctions at all. Pretty carry case for your 10 Combat cartridges!
  5. Since it is vidio jogger, maybe someone should go door to door signing up their neighbors to "sponsor" so much a mile for jogging.Just don't tell them that the 'cause' is to collect money to buy an expensive ebay item.
  6. Elevator Action is also on ebay every so often.
  7. dwh

    Atari artists

    The artwork of yesteryear had to hype the game,and nowdays the artwork looks worse than the actual game.
  8. For better or worse(and certainly for a lot of money) I discovered E-bay in the year 2000.But now days I buy a lot of stuff from independent sellers,because the prices are getting crazy on ebay(like the $200+ empty box mentioned here). My advice to a new collector is to look at all the sellers links on AA here, and shop around.This is the only way I am plugging in the missing pieces of my collection.I mostly "watch" e-bay these days, just as a "sport" of sorts.
  9. NICE! I wish I had a MAME machine. Must not use my $4k ,stashed away as an emergency fund, to buy MAME cabinet!!
  10. dwh

    My name is Earl

    So what was the game playing on screen,in this new episode??
  11. http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...=gatefold+boxes Hope this link works for the "upside-down box".Here it is
  12. Wow! Too much time on your hands.But I can't say much either, since I have all my boxes in order of product number/order of release. There is another post here where the guy had 'one' box upside-down,in a row of boxes, with the writing going the other way;it bothered a-lot of people.
  13. I voted for Pac-Man, because my father made a big deal out of buying it for my brother and I ,back in the day,and we both did not have the heart to tell him the game sucked ass. At least there is an alternative to Amidar; Demolition Herby
  14. dwh

    Mega Force

    Luckly I already have my boxed copy of Megaforce.I agree that it is much harder to come by than MASH.I'm still on the look out for boxed copies of Spacemaster X-7, Crash Dive, Earth Dies Screaming.I've seen them on e(vil)bay, but have not bid agressively enough to win them.
  15. Cool item.I have never seen it before.Picture #3 shows it is made in England,that must be why I've never seen it in the states.Not quite as big as the Imagic selector, but the same concept.
  16. It would be cool to have Save Mary on cartridge. I guess we just got lucky getting Saboteur on cart before Atari Interactive took the rights away from everyone.
  17. So this Easter Egg is two years before the Adventure Easter Egg.Looks like the Adventure info page needs to be updated... Some of these old games are just so simple and bizzare that they are good to play. Keep on "Chronographing"!
  18. Random Terrain wrote; I got my first Atari 2600 on March 27, 1982, so I didn't have too many games during the period you mentioned. By the summer I know for sure that I had Combat (came with the Atari), Pac-Man, Yars' Revenge, and Defender. If August is still summer, I know we got Berzerk when it was fairly new. I think we also bought a few cheap games, but I'd have to spend more time going over the list of games to remember. I also got Berzerk when it was new,but pissed off the clerk at toys-r-us by paying for it with loose change!
  19. Welcome aboard! Your story is heartbreaking. At least you did not throw away boxes of stuff like I did, in my dumb 20 something years. Enjoy the games--again.
  20. dwh

    1973 End of an Odyssey

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your picture of your Odyssey hardware is worth $1700! I really enjoyed reading the Odyssey entries.It is amazing what they did with only four elements on screen. Keep up the good work!
  21. I'm going to wait until my backorder is sent,and also wait to see what else is released in December.The option to make multicarts is great.
  22. You are right..How about Empire of the Ants
  23. I second Logans Run and The Jerk.("I don't need money,fame,or women, but I need this stapler")There should be a bonus for catching his dog, named 'shithead',because it always ran away from him. How about Mad Max?A driving screen and a thunderdome screen?
  24. http://cgi.ebay.com/Qb-Special-Edition-Rar...1QQcmdZViewItem Not my auction and I already have my copy.Pretty cool collectors item with the replacement chip and literature.
  25. I'll give a second vote for, Allia Quest. Alfred Challenge and Power Off are both platform games,but are very "unforgiving" when jumping or using ladders;so they are both good but not excellent.
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