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  1. It aint original unless its got cocaine in it! Voted for the original symbol, although I do like the ST rip off too.
  2. I can't find a good boxed copy of Tunnel Runner.Got one off of ebay that had writing on it,and was a bit beat up. Also having a hell of a time finding Beany Bopper,Deadly Duck,Fast Eddie;these games in the box get pretty high in price on ebay,and since I do not sit on the computer trying to win them,I don't have 'em yet.
  3. The arcades died just about the time I(and the rest of the people my age)started high school,bought home game systems or computers,got too lazy to go out/and or did not have the time, had to grow up and get a job.Still enjoyed going to movie theatres arcade every so often,but by then the arcades were gone.As far as the arcade owners being taxed out of business--Imagine that!Typical govt,"Look this is making money ,lets tax it more."Later,"Hey where is our tax base?""Hey, why is our state 200 billion in debt??" After checking the classic arcade game location list, I found the theatre I use to go to;there are less classic games than the last time I checked ;The slow sad death of the arcade continues...
  4. I just got a HDTV a few weeks ago, do not see any problems.Maybe I will get one of those s-vidio mods and plug it into the front of the unit,that would probably look even better.
  5. you and a LOT of people! i'm still looking for the 1st newsletter by Atari AGE.. sorry No extras Rick 939141[/snapback] Also missing the first newprint edition.Saw it once on ebay,but it sold for over $200!I also got other copies of the AA magazine just to get the complete paper inserts,since I had sent then in to buy games.
  6. Great site! Between this site and one of your competitors site, I will not be using ebay much.Just sick of getting things that look good in the pics, but are crap when I recieve them.
  7. I'd pay $85 for it,but maybe $100,just because it is unique. I like this Anti-Auction that has a price that just keeps getting lower.
  8. Cool item. What about the Phillyclassic edition sitting next to it??
  9. I have the silver label games in one plastic box & the red label in another box and the older games in yet a larger box.So, I usually play whichever box I have out that day. Some days I really like to play the silver labels, because the most arcade conversions are in this lot. Enjoy
  10. That is a cool site. What the heck are these titles?; Hole Hunter Advertisement Cartridge Duck Shoot(pal?) Gran Prix--what is the diff between old and 16k version? IQ 180-what is the premise?(is my IQ that low?) Multi-Sprite Demo SALT Diagnostics(using the 2600 to verify your enemies nuclear missile reductions?) Virtual Pet
  11. E.T. - If you thought E.T. was futile before, wait 'til you play the fried version. The only zone that appears is the "Call Elliot" zone, which means you can never summon the mothership, and eventually poor E.T. will die, alone and stranded. Truly heartbreaking. Not much different than the regular "un-fried" game.
  12. It could be worse, the seller could have "really" been in an accident,and shipped the crushed item to you.
  13. You should have had the optinon of "both" in the poll. It is just cool that either one was made at all 25 years later.
  14. Based on my disassemly of Pitfall! it should be no problem to create many different map layouts. 925567[/snapback] But a random Pitfall would be impossible to complete, as you couldn't know which tunnels to take and which to avoid, and there isn't enough time to visit more than about 3/4 of the screens (if even that many) by staying above ground. 925673[/snapback] How about making the map(s) half as big and adding more/different enemies or prizes with the extra program memory.
  15. dwh

    Once Upon Atari?

    Thanks for the link.I went ahead and ordered it.
  16. dwh

    M.U.L.E. 5200 rules!

    Me too. I'm kicking myself now - this was still there in the store when I found out about it and I didn't buy. I didn't realize there were only ten. 913034[/snapback] To sell only "ten" in the store seems 'cruel and unusual' too me.It was just pure luck that I was not too busy the day it was offered and I got my copy ordered.Now we will see a mad dash for the AA store whenever a new product is offered.
  17. Between the attorneys,marketers,and translators, instruction booklets are getting more and more useless with time. But if you do not know where to position the x-box("near a T.V."),then I guess you need to buy this item. When this seller does not sell this useless booklet, it will go into the garbage where it belongs.
  18. $280??!! At least I do not feel too bad about bumping it up to $89.
  19. I knew the political comments were in jest and snickered a little bit,but could have done without 'em.It's still a cool "free" publication never the less.
  20. The movie theatre had an arcade room with an I,Robot game languishing in a corner.I played it every time I visited.The game was very "different" in the day;who can forget that creepy eye following your character around.They also had a Qiz game that sat empty;it was just too difficult for most players,but I liked it.
  21. Yeah, I saw this one too.Was interested in getting better looking "paks" and that frogger II, but over $300 is too rich for me.
  22. We could always get that old guy from Soilent Green to petal the bicycle to keep the batteries charged,so we can play Atari.
  23. What year was this Frog Pong released by Hozer??? Also, the Hozer christmas tin was cool.(I saw it in the forum link at bottom of this page)I was not collecting yet, and totally missed that one. :sad:What year was the x-mass tin??? Thanks in advance;I had made a Hozer cart list, but, obviously, I had missed some.
  24. Still not available at Amazon.com..?? Did I miss buying it (as in they are out of stock) or does anyone know when it will be for sale at Amazon. I have be impatiently waiting to buy both I & II, and a couple plug and play games. Can we say,"more credit card debt".
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