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  1. Just a little more info. --you have to factor in the cost of the plastic & --factor in the cost of paying whomever is going to mold these with an injection molding machine--it will be cheaper to make 2000,5000 or 10,000 units in one production run(or until the aluminum mold wears out..).It will not be economical if you only make 500 cart cases at a time--the molding company will charge you for every time you have to set-up your mold into their machine. --As far a the different colors go--make the clear ones first,then put the diff. colors in; after the colors are switched(without stoping the machine), you would get weird combinations of colors in between diff. lots of colored plastic, but it looks cool.(besides, you will not be able to afford to throw them out anyway.)If you want to make clear parts again, after making colored ones, you have to clean the screw/barrel on the plastic injection machine-or once again you could just add clear and have a milky not so clear product for a while. --the bottom line is time=money good luck with this project...
  2. I can not even get my brouser to go to ebay today--anyone else having this problem(around 1:15pm pacific time),or do I need to take this computer to get a tune up.
  3. Nothing better than Chopper Command at high speed(without any flicker);this game still mesmerizes me to this day...
  4. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1364490474 Somebody need 'cats'?!I got one demanding cat already;that's enough.
  5. Odyssey 2 rules!(a little tiny corner of the vidio game world)
  6. dwh


    Maybe someone can make a bowling II and put it in special packaging.I'm thinking maybe grinding out a slot for the cart into a 20 pound bowling ball.(cart=$25 shipping=$45!)
  7. Yeah, was just over at ebay and saw your items.I'm watching a few of them,just hope the reserve/buy it now prices don't keep people away...good luck
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...&item=941385215 Is this really the MASH shirt packaged with the game???
  9. There's a Plateau!?But seriosly,I,m stuck on getting the last three sears text label carts that I'm missing.Also been looking for boxed/sealed games--for the last two weeks, nothing, then 'bam' I win a bin lot of Imagic boxed games
  10. Didn't 'Captain Crunch' cereal have an atari 2600 system promotion? Doh! forgot about the thread in the 'ebay auction central' Anyway, what were the rules of the contest?
  11. dwh

    Time Pilot

    Time Pilot is a 'keeper'It only took me 5 tries to get this game off of ebay--was outbid 3 times by a penny
  12. I use Cart Commander and word docs;backed up on 5 1/2 disks,cdr,and another computer--way too much work to type it all in again....I had my need list printed out the first year I was filling in the titles missing,now it's all listed on the computer.Keeping the lists staight is half the fun of this hobby
  13. hahahaha, where and in which century do you live ? Maybe Charles Lindberg will fly it over the Atlantic for ya!
  14. Has this topic ever been brought up?Could it be done?
  15. Cool! I already had that one, but got Rubiks Cube for $60(ouch,that's what it was going for on ebay at the time),and now see it on ebay for around $25
  16. So what exactly is the diff.?I thought it had something to do with the number of lines displayed for the diff. style/format t.v.s;though I could be completely wrong-I don't claim to know anything!
  17. Yeah, I got one too.Nowdays I do not think twice about getting white label,black label activision carts or red label atari carts off of ebay--you never know which ones will work on NTSC tvs.
  18. I have a copy of red label yars revenge and it 'IS' NTSC.The rarity listing here at Atariage is probably for the PAL version,and if not,then a 3 is too low,the NTSC red label version should be at least a 5;and this topic should probably be in the rarity topic area, but what do I know?
  19. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1361740919 Check this one;ships internationally...
  20. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1360059261 I have seen this auction about four times now-looks identical every time.Anyone bid and get the items shown?Thanks
  21. dwh

    Insurance worries?

    It's weird that this topic just came up.Two days ago I got the insurance increased on contents in the house I am currently living in.I should take digital pics of everything too...
  22. Here is something from News of the Weird- High school students in Palm Beach County,FL, needed only a score of 23 percent to pass a standardized state history test (55 percent is considered an A)<?!> --Also-- I saw on the news the other night, a latino man speaking to a group of latinos explaining that their children need to pass high school and go to college to get a better advantage--great idea, but he said this in Stockton,CA,in the state that is rated 50th in education(50 being dead last) --No wonder the high school graduates don't know anything....remember this when you are old and in a rest home, these are the ones that will be 'caring' for you--The nurse says,"Where did that blood come from?"
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