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  1. When it rains it pours--great find!
  2. And to confuse things further, there are seven(7) vidio olympics end-label variants.Also, a lot of the auctions on ebay do not show the end-label,what a pain!
  3. The place I lived in last year was just a 630 square foot, 52 year old cabin.In one of the very small rooms I had my computer and atari stuff crammed in.Now all the atari,odyssey 2,and sw cards are on the top shelves in a walk-in closet and in bookcases on one side of the closet.Now that I am concentrating on getting boxed games, it is getting filled up;but I do have room in the bedroom for more bookcases...
  4. Thanks for the info.Of course I got RS Boxing to try out the game,then it rolled on the screen-damn!I will have to look on ebay again...
  5. I just got a copy of Star Wars:The Empire Strike Back by Parker Bros with just a box,but the back/bottom half of the box has a description of the game in six languages--unfortunatly the box did not come with the insert or instructions.One other thing;the side/bottom of top lid has written on it"made in USA by Parker Bros" and "Packed in the UK by the Palitoy Co"The game is NTSC. So is this a rare box, released in UK maybe?Or is it a mismatched set and should have had a PAL cart?
  6. I just got a copy of RS Boxing that is a PAL version.This came in a box with the instructions.Although the game 'rolls' on the tv, the insts are in english;I'm guessing the seller either put the items together to make a complete set or bought it that way to resell. So where is the PAL entry for this item?How rare is this one?
  7. Forget pricing, I'm still trying to figure out what I paid for everything;but it is fun to enter in $3.50 for a shrinkwrapped game!One day I'll have all the data entered into the cart commander program...
  8. I already got one looking for 'out of control' though...
  9. Wow, that urban legends site is great! More useless knowledge for me to read! As far as going to the moon, why should I care; I don't even have a car! "missing E.T. carts";just had to write that so this doesn't go off-topic;like it isn't already...
  10. Here is the only Ebay trick I use(other than just relying on blind luck)- sometimes I bring up the newly listed 2600 auctions and click on the 'buy it now' option.Sometimes you get a lot of cheap items(before anyone can bid on 'em).I just got an Atari logo t-shirt for $10 total;prior to that the t-shirt auctions were $25+.
  11. I just recently won 34 auctions for boxed and mib atari 2600 games that ranged from $2.00 to $9.50.I only increased my bids once about 6 hrs before the auctions closed,so sometimes you just get lucky without even hardly trying.One thing about Ebay is this;patience and persistence is what you will really 'win' in the long run...By the way, one of the items did go to $26,it was a very nice looking copy of Turmoil with inst's and box..sometimes you must get quantity, not quality.(plus I'm broke now!)
  12. You could always go to the bank and get a 'second mortgage' on the house and buy all the clasic gaming stuff you always wanted;but good luck explaining this to the bank manager! "You want a loan for what?" It's at $604; That's a lot of other boxed games that you could buy...
  13. http://www.cgexpo.com/newprod.html Here's the latest proto's that are slated to be released. Correct me if wrong, but aren't these protos on chips that degrade over time, and the games could be 'saved' by dumping them onto the internet?I wonder how many protos have been 'lost' this way?
  14. Without the game cassetts this auction won't go too high.The last one I saw with the games went way over $130.
  15. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1353559771 I got one of these 'upgrade' kits a while back and the picture quality got better.You do have to open up the 2600 and plug the cable in, but it comes with instructions(and I was able to install the cable without breaking anything, so it can be done!).
  16. In the last six months I have been fortunate enough to have gotten copies of Bugs Bunny,Combat II,Elevator Action,SCSIcide(in the antistatic bag),QB special edition (in wood box),Warring Worms,Secret Agent.Planing on getting Polo,Vault Assualt,Mental Combat & Gun Fight. Congradulations to all who made Bugs Bunny a reality;compaired to Secret Agent and Elevator Action(still waiting for that elevator) the game plays very well.
  17. Is it August 10th yet? Tomorrow-Is it August 10th yet? The day after that-Is it August 10th yet?
  18. If someone went back and helped Atari be as good a company as Nintendo and it still existed today, then this website and message board thread would not be here,and all the great people here would not have met eachother... "be careful what you wish for.."
  19. dwh

    Printing Labels?

    Someone could make a bundle of money printing up replacement labels for Activision (the glue see thru problem) and Parker Bros. (the not enough glue/no label problem)But doing this would make 'collecting' good label carts a thing of the past.I got a copy of Warring Worms and you can not tell it is a 'refurbished' cart.
  20. Seems like everytime I plug in the 2600 I play Jr. Pac-Man and Star Trek S.O.S...After that, there is the other 100 games I never had as a kid, and of course the homebrew games that did not even exist then.
  21. OUCH! Only a year ago these arcade games were going for $500, now they want $1600 reserve prices.If you know electronics and could piece these games back together, you could do it much cheaper;but if you are like me,and don't know jack,then you gotta pay for the fully assembled & functional game...You can piece together these by buying the electronic boards/inst manuals/side art/button overlays/joystick-button units/cabinets...then put it all together.Good luck!
  22. dwh

    Red Label Games

    Sounds like a new mold was made, thus making the carts slightly larger;or they were so cheap that they just 'retouched'/polished/ground-down the old molds, once again making the carts bigger.China has been making crappy molded parts since the early 80's.Companies are bringing their molds back to the USA from China to try to fix them nowdays;They saved/made a bunch of money going overseas and now they are paying big bucks to fix their mistake.Of course, the politicians that 'endorse' trade with China never 'lost' any money,as people lost jobs...
  23. It's no wonder that the E.T. carts are buried in Nevada;they'll take anything--gambling,above ground/open-air nuke tests,and now they are taking all the nuke waste!And they host the Classic Gaming Expo.What a state!
  24. Wow. 'Bump'N Jump' & 'Pong Sports'Sears version both put me back $40+.Living rural I don't even try the garage sales...
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