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  1. Just downloaded Stella and the ROMs.Now I have to take the copies to my computer down at my house tonight to test the joystick out.
  2. Can anyone hook me up with these games without having to pay with paypal?Three are sold out but I will list them anyway... Videopak 63+;Flash Point (sold out) Videopak 64;Shark Hunter (sold out) Videopak 66+; Route 66 Videopak 67; Martian Threat Videopak 69;Play Tag Tutankham Spider-Man (sold out) Robot City Night Hunter ------- Please add to this list any other new O2/Videopak games I don't know about,thanks. This whole topic is in response to me not keeping tabs on the marketplace forum here at AA....
  3. That's a lot of money for a piece of cardboard....
  4. Ordered some stuff...even though the topic was 'hidden' in the 2600 forum.
  5. The first Atari home product for me was in 1976, playing the first Pong system at my aunt and uncles house.Played Space Invaders(and heard AC/DC's Back In Black, all on the same day!) at a friends house in 1980.We got a VCS/2600 on christmass day 1980.Been hooked since....
  6. There are also seven tokens from this worlds fair...seen any?
  7. dwh

    Atari Undies

    So that's what they look like--I never did open the tin.
  8. I already bought two...just wanted to remind everyone how rare it is that these plastic pieces that make the joystick are being made in the US.
  9. dwh

    Terminator Salvation

    Turn on the closed captioning...once you do, you will be hooked.I'm so lazy now, the CC is on all the time. As for the movie, it was OK.The special effects and stunts are worth seeing.The different kinds of terminator machines are interesting.The end is confusing;I assume the terminator/human regrows its heart? As for the whole methos of terminator, if the machines rise up, humans are basically boned...it's as simple as expodential math.Once the machines are making machines, it's over.
  10. Looks like Leno is cancelled...And, you are right, Conan makes NY jokes that the LA idiots just can not get;it's almost too agonizing to watch.
  11. I got two female kittens from my neice a little over a year ago--then about a month later I look and notice that these two cats are NOT female at all.They are still great never the less.
  12. Kind of ironic that paypal advertises itself as a fast and easy way to send money--unless they owe you money and want to make interest on your money in their bank!
  13. After looking at Mark Oberhauser's site and seeing all the boxes, wonder if AA store could sell the reproduction boxes? As for Chunkout, I have only finished the game(matched all the tiles leaving none left)once getting 99,000 points.It is very addictive indeed....
  14. dwh

    Mean Santa

    That childrens version cracks me up!Santa pointing a gun at a kid, too much!This would have kept the Atari attorneys busy for years back in the day...
  15. PM sent.Would like to get that EDS,it's the last boxed item I need for 20th century fox games.
  16. Since I can not program for the 2600,any new game made(or old game made better) is of interest to me.
  17. I think the final answer to these whiners should be,"If you don't like it, program a better game."
  18. I'll take a cib copy.Since Telesys was in my home town of Fremont ,CA, I can't help but wanting a copy.
  19. I guess the other forum topic that asked the question if there was going to be a holiday cart for 2009 has been answered.
  20. Once again thwarted by lack of a pay-pal account...Oh well I'll buy it when it is in the AA store or at auction.
  21. Got my copy.Thanks. Now I'm totally hooked....Got all the way down to one square left once, and a few times with four squares left.
  22. OK, sign me up and let's see how many years my name stays on this list!
  23. dwh

    Atari Box Repros

    Nice! I do not see the games listed here in the 2600 section though....
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