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  1. I agree with StanJr, since I just paid $118 for combat 2 on ebay(that was the only way to get a CGE copy without going there).This Incoming project looks like a 'hack' of Artillary Duel,but unlike most it looks like the game is being made a lot better.Can't wait to get a copy down the road...
  2. Wow!Level 20 is excellent!I have gotten to level 10 with about 65,000 points.
  3. dwh

    Where's your 2600?

    My Atari is always hooked up to the t.v.,ready to play;and only I know how to switch from the sat t.v. over to the regular antennae t.v.,then to the atari.These game setups can get confusing...
  4. dwh

    I got my games

    For some reason, it took me getting four copies of 'frostbite' for 2600 before I got one that worked sort of well in the VCS.Anyone else have this problem?,or was I just unlucky on ebay purchases?
  5. MattyXB mentioned having no money in the bank--I did one better-the bank had to cover a $250 bounced check for an order from Best Electronics;it cost $15 more, but was worth every penny!I had gotten my first homebrew 'Alfreds Challenge' and some boxed red label games.That bounced check was before I started using ebay--I've been hovering above the poverty line since! "in debt for atari games"
  6. great pictures from that ebay auction!The fiberglass cabinet is so cool.Emulation should be a priority for this piece of gaming history,I would really like to see how this game played...
  7. dwh


    "Who says you need hamberger in hamberger helper?"--Vacation If you can stand your friends or relatives, then eat there--it costs nothing.But seriously, a large pot of pasta can last all week.
  8. Out of all the carts I've gotten from ebay only 4 have been DOA.Considering how old these carts are getting,it's amazing that most of 'em work. one ? concerning dead carts-shouldn't everyone keep them to reuse for homebrew games someday? or are they too far gone?Even the plastic cases can be reused,right?(O.K., so it's really three ?'s) never thought I would be part of a 'wake' for an old game cartridge...We will all in a small way miss your basketball cart.
  9. dwh

    I love Ebay

    Maybe writing this will break my luck, but I have gotten about 130 auctions from ebay without any problems..I am kind of picky with who I deal with-I do not use paypal or any electronic 'instant ripoff' transfer->I send a personal check--I also only bid on items that have a picture that I can tell is not a copy from a website.So I can not complain(yet).Not only have I got a lot of atari stuff,but also got very educational Beavis and Butthead vidios & books.
  10. The 1982 calendar with 48 titles & the 1989 Atari Atvantage red poster seem rare to me,but I could be way off....anyone else know?
  11. dwh

    sears exclusives

    Here's what is really confusing--trying to play Stellar Track..
  12. I think these homebrews would have sold well- Thrust SCSIcide Alfreds Challenge Oystron I like these puzzle games,but wonder how well they might have done back then- Okie Dokie QB Jammed Crazy Valet These unreleased games might have been good- Xevious Sinistar(if completed) Shooting Arcade(if Atari had really wanted to push the lightgun) LOTR
  13. I like all of 'em, but really like when I get in the 'zone' on Millipede,somewhere after 150,000 or so...
  14. Why don't you send me a 'free' copy of this cart. and I'll check it out!
  15. The first copy of Kool-Aid Man I got from ebay ended up in the garbage--douh! That's allright,I got a boxed copy now!
  16. I've been watching ebay for two years now and can say that the price of game systems(with or without games)is going up,and I predict will cont. to go up--the same for boxed and sealed games and controllers of all types.Those of us on "fixed" incomes are just jealous that we can't afford to get stuff as it cont's to go up in price...I know I am.
  17. Sounds like a great idea.Maybe the format could be split between 'dummy programming' & 'advanced programming'.Also,since we all are using the computer,maybe this can be on a cd-rom--I don't know which is cheaper;printing a book or burning cd-roms.I do know that Digital Press has a hell of a time getting their rarity guide printed on time,within budget.
  18. Because Atari Games was not allowed to produce ports of their arcade games for several years after the Warner Bros. split up of Atari,they created Tengen(=the central point of the board in the game of GO)to become a licensee of Nintendo.They make 'Pac-Man', 'RBI Baseball' and 'Gauntlet', until Nintendo "claimed" a chip shortage to control their licensee's cart. output.So Tengen/Atari Games lawyers stole the lockout codes to the Nintendo system and sold their games with their own chips;and got sued.See page 241+ of 'Game Over,Press Start To Continue'
  19. This discussion got me thinking back to 1983 or so, when I purchased a boxed copy of Slot Machine from a former classmate that I had known in elementary school.This purchase was what started me collecting these games for the 2600...even back then the game was somewhat scarce, so now you will be paying a bit..and, of course, like a lot of rare games, Slot Machine is lame-o.It's been a while but I think I paid $5 for this.
  20. If I am remembering correctly, this site gave up on listing all the release dates of the red label carts..just too damn confusing!
  21. If you put an ear really close to your computer speaker you can almost here the sound of me still kicking my ass for belonging to the atari age club and not buying all the club exclusive games...I did get crazy climber though!
  22. dwh

    sears picture label

    Um, don't tell Paul, but the Pong Sports is the rarest sears pic label.... label variants can drive one crazy in this hobby,but I just keep plugging away on these sears carts.Usually the ebay auction gets too rich for me, or I lose the auction by .50...This latest auction was just pure luck.
  23. I just won an auction for 'breakaway IV' sears picture label cart.(only $5.41!),bringing my total to only 14 out of 32 carts. in this catagory.Anyone else got more than this?It is very difficult to find these;after two years of looking, I have not found very many...although I must admit, I am only looking at ebay..
  24. How about deleteing title screens or number of options--anything to get those paddle controllers!
  25. dwh

    Off The Wall tips

    From another 'off the wall' peasant, Can games that were made to use the joystick, but would work better on the paddles, be 'hacked' to use the paddle??'Sprint Master' would also be a good one to change over...
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