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  1. http://cvmm.vg-network.com/ntnv2.htm http://www.techtite.com/Features/Spec_imc.html Here is all I could find on the web...
  2. My top three games I play daily are-jr. pac-man,qb,star trek.star trek really gets going around 4.0;I've gotten to 6.1 once;the game is cool with the three 'windows' & all...The game usually ends with me yelling,"You Bastards!"
  3. I did send the $2 early enough to get a numb thumb membership wallet size card and two 4 to 6 page newsletters;unfortunately these items are in a landfill(next to all the e.t. carts!?).Anybody have the newsletters scanned?How many were made?I also had the first two atari age newspaper type newsletters.(there were two,right?)Anybody have these?I only saw one newsletter on ebay once;it was pretty expensive.
  4. According to AtariAge rarity,my centerpiece is a Bumper Bash (9 of 10)cartridge.According to me;a boxed copy of Espial,and the red label atari games in sealed boxes that I pick up every so often, especially Xenophobe (in box) & Radar Lock (in box)& Jr Pac-Man (sealed in box).My #1 centerpiece is a copy of Crazy Climber with inst's but no box(I threw out my boxes years ago,Douh!)As far a merchandise goes,the only rare items I've had to get again are copies of atariage magazines.
  5. Although I paid with a personal check and the game,box,ect. is being shipped from the other side of the globe--- "I can't wait to get mine!"
  6. The Official E.T. Collectable Shovel--"Hours of enjoyment digging your own pits, jumping in one and screaming for help"
  7. ..everyone will travel in flying cars.I just traveled 190 miles today,but could fly 80 miles in a straight line and get here a lot quicker.
  8. dwh

    SNL and the 2600

    And now, this just in, "Buckwheat is Dead!let's look at that footage again!" Our family also had a copy of this on tape,but I think we threw it out just this year...
  9. THX-1138 sounds cool!Just don't piss off george lucas!
  10. dwh

    SNL and the 2600

    That damn Comedy Central!, I'm getting hooked.Just got a dish system and can not miss Battlebots, ever....The old SNL's are cool too.Saw a little of the SNL tonight but missed that sketch;did see the captain and teneal singing about the 2000 election...
  11. Ah, atari gaming and food.Remember a long time ago hearing this,", dinner's ready!"Your response,"Yeah, I'll be there in a minute."I do believe the dog and the garbage disposal ate better than I did!
  12. {one game?} I agree,but this is what made the 2600/vcs so popular;the large number of great games.I have like a top 25 list of games,then there is a secondary list of another 25;sort of like the 'b' side lists of those old 45 records(hope I haven't lost you, newbies).Then there is the new games & or hacks that some people are talented enough to do for us all;so these new games get put in the list also. So to answer the ?.My top four games recently are jr. pac-man,star trek,QB,thrust and, if I want a nastalgic arcade trip, I get my box of silver label games out.Or if I am in the mood for 'adventure' type games I get dark chambers,montazuma's revenge,raiders of the lost ark,and lately lord of the rings on the z26 emulator. There is no simple answer....so many choices, so little time.
  13. dwh


    Emag=game spelled backwards--just a thought...
  14. Things are getting harder to find because a lot of the stuff is in my walkin closet,along with odyssey2 boxed games,star wars cards,and a few skeletons to boot!I have collected on ebay,and have seen weird prices.For example, I paid a lot for miner 2049er I & II,but every so often there is a glut of these and the price is really low;or you can bid on five copies and get lucky.The one cart I went round and round with was time pilot;I was outbid five times by a penny!I have bid on a lot of rare carts that are on my 'want list',but the bids just get way too high.So lately I have updated my lists and gotten common items that I overlooked,thus saving some money for the more expensive items.Keeping in mind that I am only getting the carts,not too many boxes or manuals,the "collecting" aspect of this hobby is not even near it's end.
  15. I'm glad to see that there are others that have to get their daily dose of jr. pac-man.This game is an example of why the arcades died--when the game is over you instantly push the restart button, without wasting quarters.Screen five is also the end of the line for me too...
  16. Maybe down the road we could have 'then & now' pictures of these buildings/sites.I'm afraid that the 'then' pictures will be a bit grainy, but it would be cool anyway.
  17. If Mythicon was a 'garage company', I get the feeling that they left the car engines running a bit too long!"This game's different,right?"
  18. Go to the 2600 section of this site(click on the '2' button at upper right)Enter in the following-company=atari--country=europe--type=PAL--label=RED There's your list!
  19. I will second Millipede,Jr Pac-Man,Gravitar and add Stargate/Defender II,Moon Patrol,Crazy Climber(for those of us that own one!) and Crystal Castles.If "Prepare to Qualify" were on Pole Position I would add it too.
  20. Just thought I would mention G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike as being one of the rare 1 to 3 player games--I did not see it on the 'Games by number of players list'--it's weird.one player uses the joystick and the other two use paddles...
  21. To Moycon--Yeah, I'll email the auction winner this Friday to see if he got the items yet.He informed me that he does have a testcart,so maybe we will get to find out...
  22. Is there a difference between these two games?I know there are two different authors/programmers,but the gameplay is about the same,right?
  23. dwh


    Doh! Defender II uses BOTH controllers!No wonder I die when the planet blows up and I can't get the smart bombs to work.I'm getting that game out today....
  24. Wow, those items are in great condition!I'm watching these auctions.I have crappy copies of Solar Storm and Laser Gates,just so I could play them.If these auctions stay at a low price,then I'll be bidding.
  25. I just contacted the winner of this auction and let them know about this website and this message board topic.Once the auction winner gets the items shipped to them and figures out what all the chips are,and is willing to share that info,then we will know just what the items are.I learned something new via this topic--those testcarts are cool!
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