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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?V...item=1315932648 For those of you that know more about the chip sets than I do,look at this auction.Anything special there or just common stuff?
  2. I've been reading 'Game Over Press Start To Continue'.The chapter about Nintendo of America having the meetings with Atari to see if Atari would sell the Nintendo game system in the U.S. sums up how messed up Atari was under WB ownership.The attorney for Nintendo could not believe how many useless vice executives Atari had at these meetings.With that many 'important' employees it is no wonder that old obsolete games were released-all these people had to do something to justify thier job titles!--even if that something was stupid.
  3. Yeah, Cart Commander is a little tough,but since I have not even read all the instructions,it doesn't seem too confusing.I still have all my atari lists(and other collecting lists) on this computer and backed up on another computer.These lists are just WordPad text files-simple but effective...The website was also done without reading anything.My theory of computing is this;push buttons until you get the desired effect,or crash the whole deal--whichever happens first.
  4. My goal for 2002 concerning this Atari 2600 'hobby',is to slow way down on the amount of money being spent,and take the time to catalog everything I have bought and figure out just how much it has all cost me--or do I not want to know? As for the rest-I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do when I 'grow up' and 'get a life'.I'm starting to think of maybe going back to college after a twelve year lapse,but I don't know if I can stand those 20 year old know it alls.I was 20 once and thought I knew a lot, but didn't know crap.Make the new year a good one folks. "My plan of doing nothing was everything I always expected it to be and more"--Office Space
  5. my atari web page Hey Broncoman--go to the photo album of my website to see the cart commander charts.This is hours of work,but well worth it, since I found out that I needed three rather common carts that I had overlooked.Please be patient when the images load...Also, only the home page,history/background page,photo album page and links page, have content now.
  6. dwh

    Fatal Run

    How dare you put the word 'logical' in the same sentance(or anywhere near it anyway) that the word 'government' is in!!!The US has already done the 'Kilometers/Miles' signs;they used to be everywhere,but now only on big interstate signs.People lost interest and lawyers put more laws on laws,and the merry-go-round goes 'round until you get dizzy and sick...but let's not let that get between the atari machine and us.
  7. dwh

    Fatal Run

    This Metric discussion is cracking me up.The first 'metric' laugh I got was when the U.S. teachers attempted to teach metric at the schools.The teachers did not quite 'get it', so the kids never got it.The only thing I remember that is metric, is Mork saying "Nano,nano"(Geez, is this generation getting that old!)--now back on topic--Pal is a pain,but if you want to collect the last red label games,without selling your car,you will break down and get a PAL copy.
  8. I agree with ze-ro.I have only seen Stargunner on Ebay twice in 1 1/2 yrs;I believe I won the last one listed,unless there were more I did not see.Frogger II was rarer a year ago(when I paid too much for it then),now it seems to get listed on ebay 2 or 3 times a week.So,yeah it's just a name thing now for Frogger II and good luck getting Stargunner...
  9. It works!Well worth the hastle too!Thanks for the help.
  10. I had a hunch that this had to be done in ms-dos,and made a feeble attemp at it late last night.I'll try again tonight and let everyone know if I am able to learn any new tricks...
  11. It is strange how some people only got the white label copy.I found out about this when putting in data for the Cart Commander program.Since then I have won an ebay auction for Space Shuttle with the inst's and overlays(I think I threw away my overlays years ago),so all is right in my little atari collection world now....
  12. All I can say about the handheld games is this--about a year in a half ago,just two months before I hooked up with E-bay and got nastalgic over all these electronic games of my youth,we threw away about 5 mint shape handhelds--DOUH!
  13. O.K., I'll just sit on my hands here and try not to mess up the computer till the update is released!
  14. I physically plugged the cart in and it works just fine--I wanted to make sure it was not Pal.I'm sure Activision was cutting corners-I guess white labels would be cheaper than black labels,or maybe they just had a lot of white labels sitting around or ready to print for PAL carts and used them on the NTSC carts.Near the end there, they probably tried to use up all stock(comp chips,plastic cases,labels).
  15. Activisions Space Shuttle-White Text Label-ID# AZ-033-04.Does anyone else have this?I do not see it listed on this site.What would the rarity be for this item?I would guess it to be a late release.The cart does work on NTSC sets(I just double checked)
  16. I can see it now--ET II:The Bottomless Pit!
  17. Looks like I will be switching to StellaX.I do not understand why I would have to make a diff shortcut for each cartridge setup type,so much for "user friendly"--about as good as "paperless society".Computers are only as smart as the people using them, which doesn't say much for my IQ!Thanks for the help anyway.
  18. no luck yet--here is what I did--I have all the roms in a folder named 'z26',the program 'z26' is also there in that folder.I also have a shortcut to Z26 on the desktop(is this O.K.?)So I doubleclick the z26 shortcut and it starts,then I typed in 'z26-g3.z26lordofthering.bin'(you can not see this typing,which 'really helps')All that comes up is a few lines of black and orange pattern with a buzzing noise.(I also reloaded the rom,but no difference)So what am I doing wrong?
  19. Help! How does one get the Lord Of The Rings ROM to work in the Z26 program???As proof of how little I understand this, I do not have the list of games come up when Z26 first starts(at least that is what I think it is suppose to do?)I know that this site has posted that you have to reset the cartridge format to G3--my question is how??I have read the readme file and seen the F1 help file, and I do not get it!So please any input will help.
  20. I agree that the prices are a bit high(especially for items that have no pictures),but it can be a good deal if you are sick of losing auctions.I checked out the Odyssey 2 items,they have some cool items,but you would have to pay...
  21. As the saying goes,'the third times the charm'.Once you play Jr. Pac-Man you will not go back to Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man or any other knockoff variant game.The strange thing with Jr.Pac-Man is the fact that the first screen seems to be the hardest,I loose a lot of lives there.I'm repeating myself here,but it seems that the game plays better on 'attract mode' than I do....
  22. Be careful here people,you might go from dreaming of 'shrinkwrapped games' to the 'shrink'.Don't do this,you will waist a lot of money on a shrink that can not help you find any Atari games at all!!!
  23. Towering Inferno is the one!Nothing like running around flames--The closest I came to this in real life was about 7 years ago when I was learning how to ride a motocycle and did not stop in time thus going thru a pile of burning tree limbs!!Firefighter is just a pain..
  24. dwh

    Qb arrived!

    For nastalgic reasons I like to buy the handmade cartridges,so I can play the games in the 2600.I only recently got Z26 emulator working,and only use that to download rare games I do not have,and to look at the prototypes.And just to piss everyone off,my Qb cart is copy #1!(I ordered it months ago,and Randy at Hozer Vidio had to wait on labels to get to him)My score on Qb has gotten better--60,000 at level 9--level 10 and beyond starts to tire me out!
  25. My copy of Qb from Hozer was cart #1,since I ordered it a few months ago.I am also on the waiting list for the Deluxe Edition,just because I think it's cool that there are people that can make these Homebrews out there--and the only way that is going to continue is to buy these games..I also second what Chad wrote.
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