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    Save Mary

    BlackJax System Failure website is cool!Oh, so is the Save Mary proto too.I figured out how to use the Z26 emulation last week,Save Mary was one of the better protos.
  2. dwh


    The only thing microsoft did wrong was to steal the operating system(changing the prompt from a> to c>)Apple computer was worse,they stole everything Xerox Corp. had invented in Palo Alto.But in both cases the people that had invented the items to make the personal computer work did not know how to implement these ideas.If I recall correctly,the O.S. came from a university from a 'professional student' who knew nothing of business,and Xerox CEOs just could not 'get it' when shown the new technology.
  3. This is a timely topic for me since I was just entering the info for this company's games into cart commander last night.I have one copy of Gangster Alley with 'Spectravision' on the end label.Is this cart rarer than the other,or just a curiosity?
  4. http://www.winzip.com/download.htm There is the website to get winzip 8.0,just follow inst's--if I can make this work,anyone can!Now I got to get to bed before I mess something up on the computer....
  5. Thanks--I don't have that,but I will find it
  6. One dumb question--What program do you use to unzip/run this file?
  7. dwh

    Homebrews and stuff

    I have spent well over $800.00 buying homebrew or 'dumped' games from Hozer Vidio.It is well worth the effort to get these 'dumped' games, Quadrun,Halloween or Kabobber,and last but not least Boing!As for the homebrew games these titles are great;Thrust,Oystron,Alfred Challenge,Edtris 2600,SCScide,Venture II.The two newest carts. ,that I have not ordered yet, are Combat II and Gunfight--now lets see who does not deserve an x-mass present so I can purchase these games....
  8. I'm glad I already have my copy of Xenophobe,now that everyone wants one.As for SSSnake--do not have a hammer nearby when you try this game!Also, I wish WingWar was NTSC,it looks cool.All the good last few games made by Atari in the early 90's were mostly PAL.The European collectors have it made...
  9. dwh

    Qb arrived!

    I just got my copy of the Qb cartridge from Hozer Vidio.It is an excellent puzzle game.I have only gotten to level/maze #8 or 9 with 20,000 points.Anybody else get a copy?What kind of score are you getting?
  10. dwh


    One of my first auctions that I won on Ebay was a .99 copy of Atlantis in box w/inst's-also got a copy of Espial in box w/inst's for about $16.So if I get lucky on the auction,I'll take the box,but I agree that this hobby is about getting the cartridge in order to play the game--although I am starting to think of getting boxes/inst's for companies that had a few games-if I see the items for cheap...the last boxed game I got on auction was Radar Lock-probably paid too much for it too...
  11. I will second that--the original is best--just get some joystick repair kits.
  12. dwh


    There are a few Atari red box/label games I got shrinkwrapped that I just had to open to try the game out.(I still have not figured out the emulation programs,and would rather plug the game in and play the way it was meant to be played--but that's another topic)The games are Road Runner,Off The Wall,Sentinel,Xenophobe.Nine others are still shrinked.
  13. An Atari production worker forgot where he/she put their stash of used up pot butts..OR.. there is bits of E.T. carts in there.(that's one way of getting rid of all those 5 million carts!)
  14. Usually the game is Jr Pac-Man.I can't seem to tire of this game,even though I could swear that the game plays better in 'attract' mode than I do!As a change of pace I played all the Apollo games this morning...
  15. I just have my manuals in large plastic bags for now.Here is what you should NOT do--do not put rubber bands around a stack of manuals.This is how I found mine out of storage.I had to replace the top and bottom manuals due to sticky rubber residue.(I'm still writing about manuals,really!)
  16. dwh


    Ebay works great for me,since I live rural and can not get around to thrifts,garage sales.The golden rule for ebay is this--if an item costs too much,do not bid on it;the auction will end and the seller 'might' learn from their mistake.I agree that a lot of items have start prices that are too high,and there they sit without anyone bidding on them...basic Capitalism 101.
  17. dwh

    Gravitar Tips?

    Actually, you need to think 'way back' to Lunar Lander.In Gravitar,anywhere you see the colored 'land' gravity will pull you down,including sideways or up--in whichever direction the colored 'land' is.The gravity in this game seems to be different from level to level,sometimes you need to tap the thrust little by little to get where you are going,other times you can't use enough thrust and get sucked into a wall.It's a tough game-I can only do well on the easy settings(I got to the anti-gravity level the other week) Good Luck!
  18. Just to confuse things further--there are also pal format Atari red labels carts.I got a red label yars revenge a while back that I figured was pal,but it worked!?
  19. Cool! And yes,the airmen did drop single bombs from the bi-planes in WWI("The war to end all wars"!?)I started off with no Sears carts a year ago,and now I am very close to having complete collection of both picture labels(hard to find) and text labels(easy to find);it can be done with some patience and luck.Now I am starting to look into getting the instruction manuals for the games too,for the reason you posted---the different artwork...
  20. dwh


    I bought a "dumped copy" cartridge from Hozer Vidio.The gameplay is kind of slow,in the beginning,and eventually picks up a bit.It is a pretty cool high-res vertical scrolling game.It is almost like a driving game in which you avoid things that are stationary(rocks,trees,logs) and things that move left to right and visa-versa(tomohawk hatchets,more rocks,'others');you even make 'pitstops' at a 'cowboy?' every so often to get more time to continue.All in all, Gauntlet is a 'curiosity collectable item.'If I am remembering correctly,this game is a prototype,so it will not be in 'the wild' to find.
  21. About ten years ago,when I was twenty something and Stupid,I threw away my box of atari game boxes.unfortunately,my copies of Atari Age & Numb Thumb magazines, and the membership cards, were also in that box.What few boxes I do have,I just store in a bookshelf.It costs more to get the boxes,so I have been collecting just the game cartridges lately,but there is always the Lottery!...
  22. Here is the link for a review of smithereens http://www.classicgaming.com/o2home/gmrevi...les/smither.htm
  23. dwh


    I checked out the link to 'used arcade games for sale'--too bad I don't rob banks for a living!But seriosly,the astreroids deluxe looks great.For games over $1000, I would have to say 'I,Robot',but I know it's rare...
  24. Finally,Odyssey 2's "Smithereens" on the 2600.It really suprises me that this game wasn't done in the heyday of the 2600.Your screenshot got me thinking-how about having a few sprites of medivial army guys storming/running over to the opposing side that has lost the match(i.e.,when their castle is gone).
  25. I recently picked up a complete copy of 'War Room' for Colecovision by Probe 2000(the same company that made Odyssey 2 games),and I don't even have a colecovision yet!That is how rare the game is--Great find(s) for you..
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