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  1. I checked out the link to 'used arcade games for sale'--too bad I don't rob banks for a living!But seriosly,the astreroids deluxe looks great.For games over $1000, I would have to say 'I,Robot',but I know it's rare...

  2. Finally,Odyssey 2's "Smithereens" on the 2600.It really suprises me that this game wasn't done in the heyday of the 2600.Your screenshot got me thinking-how about having a few sprites of medivial army guys storming/running over to the opposing side that has lost the match(i.e.,when their castle is gone).

  3. I hear ya,it took me months to win an auction for the atari picture label version of basic programming,as a bonus it ended up having the international instruction manual.I got so sick of losing the auctions that I bid rather high to get this game,and ended up paying about $35.

  4. I sort my collection by company name.I put the games in plastic boxes to keep the dust out.I thought I had a great system going until Sylentwulf posted those pics of his filing cabinets;guess I will be buying some new plastic cabinets soon!...

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