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  1. I hear ya,it took me months to win an auction for the atari picture label version of basic programming,as a bonus it ended up having the international instruction manual.I got so sick of losing the auctions that I bid rather high to get this game,and ended up paying about $35.
  2. check this out; http://www.tripoint.org/games/literature/c...s/catalogs.html This link should work,I was just there.I have spent some money buying these different catalogs.Collecting the printed media for Atari 2600 can be a job in itself...
  3. Track & Field is excellent;especially if you have the track & field controller.There is nothing like pounding on those buttons;reminds me of playing the arcade version.The only drawback with the controller is that it will eventually wear out...and I have not seen one listed on ebay for ages.
  4. I sort my collection by company name.I put the games in plastic boxes to keep the dust out.I thought I had a great system going until Sylentwulf posted those pics of his filing cabinets;guess I will be buying some new plastic cabinets soon!...
  5. This reply is not a where I bought a game, but how.When Berzerk became available for the 2600, I went to Toys-r-us and paid for my copy with all my spare change.Needless to say,the checkout person was pissed!
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