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  1. Makes me feel like I wasted $65 on an ebay auction years ago to get all these comics...but cool to have on-line anyway.
  2. dwh

    Mean Santa

    Payment will go out tommorow...I'm stuck in the snow today.
  3. dwh

    Mean Santa

    Save one for me...check will be in the mail soon.
  4. I was totally hooked on Battlezone & Red Baron, back in the day.
  5. Got mine.The game is very retro, pre-asteroids game play.Very cool box and informative warranty card!
  6. Yes! The way combat was meant to be played. Maybe you could put a small tv on wheels too and the Atari has to chase it around....
  7. Looks like a great turnout...congrats to all that put this event together.I hope the retro pong living room got some use...
  8. I think I got a crappy copy of it from Hozer.That copy shown above would be nice to have though!
  9. Wonder how many people are still waiting for their prepaid Airworld game and t-shirt? The Berzerk T-shirt is cool.
  10. The games look great.I will have to wait until you reopen the store though, since I do not have paypal.
  11. Add me as another person that is interested in buying a copy even after the show...
  12. Proof that the owner could adjust the volume;I blew my first $73 dollars I ever made delivering newspaper on Berzerk, until it drove the owner and workers of the local 7-11 crazy....then they lowered the sound.
  13. Put me down for one also.I'd have to pay with money order or personal check though;I do not have paypal or other online payments.
  14. I have been interested in this for YEARS! So yeah I'd buy one.
  15. I like the show.Chum cracks me up.The old man is funny to in his own way.
  16. I just saw this and was going to make a new topic all about it, but AA members are way ahead of me. I have a x-mass tree that is a plant frame in a bucket with star wars and star trek ornaments strung on it.Now I want to make another one with just these cool mini-arcade cabs.
  17. I could easily spend $500 on that t-shirt site,but I'm poor at the moment.
  18. This is kind of a generational answer.So to prove that I am getting older.... Combat
  19. I also have CD with a lot of roms on it that I bought about 5 years ago.
  20. Wow, a lot of 5200 conversion games there that I just can't afford this time around.But I did get what ever I did not have for the 2600 and 7800.
  21. First of all, I'm just old enough to have played games at pizza joints,ice-cream eateries,7-11 stores.Then we got 'arcades'.The big one near me was called 'The Great Entertainer' in Fremont CA.
  22. Option #1 please. I will have to pay with money order though.
  23. Yeah I got one off of ebay,and it is prominatley placed in my bookshelves.
  24. That looks about like my need list.The problem is having to fork over $150-200 for each item,especially if it is boxed.The last 20 items seem to cost as much as the rest of the entire collection.And there is always other purchases getting in the way.
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