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  1. I need help finishing my Excel Atari Age price list... TITLE PRICE Thrust Ver1.2 Berzerk(VOICE) Missile Command TB Missile Command TB Missile Command AM Venture II COMBAT ROCK Okie Dokie Skeleton Asteroids DC Testcart Synthcart Jammed Marble Craze Thanks in advance. The total is already at $2556!
  2. If Carol Shaw ever reads this forum topic, she will never ever respond....
  3. How about the apocaliptic end sound on missile command. I have to second the demon attack sounds too,the graphics and sound were just so good when that game came out.
  4. Also at a friends house in 1980, playing space invaders without dropping all of your allowance into a coin slot was a very cool feeling.
  5. "F" the copyright owners.I want one! I would like to see Taito or Atari send someone way out where I live to remove this box from my collection, which is alarmed and armed! What's next,a whole new line of work for repo men to remove old classic game items? How can even 200 of these boxes that will just sit on someones shelf hurt the income of these two companies? Did buying Saboteur stop me from buying the flashback unit it ended up on?NO.
  6. I just tried to email this website http://members.tcq.net/video61/main.html in hopes of ordering a copy,but got an email error message. So I guess getting a copy of this game is not easy,or next to impossible.Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Wow! you got a lot of special boxes for some of those homebrews and protos, that of course none of the rest of us could even think of getting now. I have been at this for 7 years and your collection is better! I curse you.... to enjoy Atari games for all eternity!
  8. "Now I get the 'No refunds' clause of the skydiving contract."
  9. It would be sad to have any proto die due to bit rot before being copied in any way. Just like us collectors, these protos ain't getting any younger....
  10. Awesome! I just bought a copy of this game off of CTCW. Now, how much whining and sniviling and pleading do I have to do to get a copy of the box too?
  11. Money sent today...impatiently waiting.......
  12. dwh

    Enigma 2600

    This item WAS listed at CTCW auction site a few minutes ago...Yeah, I bought it.
  13. Wow! Where is the retro tv to play the games?
  14. How about a contest at your funeral. Set up the 'ol 2600(VCS),and insist that anyone wanting to pay their respects must play a game first. High scorer wins the collection! Since my Atari collection will probably be the only thing of value that I ever own,my relatives are going to have to prove they want to inherit it. Of course, you would have to weed out a lot of relatives by having them play the worst ,most flickery games first.
  15. When I started collecting atari 2600 games I got all the loose games and a few boxed games,so all those loose games are in plastic storage boxes,while the boxed games go in a bookshelf area with their game and instruction manual in the box.So, eventually you will end up with two copies of almost everything, if you bought like I did.The games I would want to play are in the plastic containers, while the games with really good labels are just sitting in the boxes, hopefully gaining value...
  16. The insurance is real cheap.I was quoted $50 a year, although after reading some posts here, I do have to make sure the policy says "vidio game collectibles." I knew about game manager, but my new computer doesn't have the software I need to run it right, so I might use MS Works. I forgot about Digital Press;I guess I could print out those price lists for the insurance guy. Thanks for the info.
  17. So where can I find a current list of the value of games I do not have receipts for? An online source or a book source? Thanks in advance.
  18. Alchemy! Forget gold.Buy a shit load of lead, then use alchemy to turn it into gold.Maybe this is why lead is "outlawed"!?? I have bid on a few items.Thanks for the heads up.
  19. I've got way too many to list here.But I can tell you that Atari Age released games now fill three plastic boxes! Thanks for the link to Atariguide software,I'm going to download it and use it to get my atari collection insured;I need to know just how much it's worth so I can insure it properly.
  20. I just closed my paypal account.It worked for a while by using my credit card.Then they wanted me to be "verified".That meant linking to a bank account or getting their credit card, neither of which I wanted to do.It was conveinyant while it lasted...
  21. Wow, sold out already! Let me know when you make more....
  22. "Cow Tipping" would be hilarious. The game play would be like this.. 1)you tip a cow 2)which causes a stamped,so 3)you have to move your guy to avoid being ground meat,which leads to.. 4)Another quiet field full of sleeping cows.(goto step 1 with increased speed)
  23. I will second Star Castle, since it is only on one other classic game system(the Vectrex).
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