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    Best homebrews?

    Since I can not program any games myself, the answer for me is, all of the homebrews are the best. I keep getting amazed at the quality of the new/retro products being made;even some of the hacks.
  2. Sent my money also.$90 isn't much considering that a game back in the day was $69 without any 'personalized' items;hell we didn't even know who programmed them!
  3. It's too bad the crash came along and killed the third game they were planning a controller for. I've seen the ad for it somewhere on the forums here, but am too lazy to look it up...
  4. $100 sounds fair. My only problem will be if you only accept pay-pal, then I won't be paying a dime.
  5. dwh

    AA Magnets

    Maybe it's because I ordered too much and got all the magnets and three extra...sorry!
  6. I'm going to second this,for the back in the day game; the sound effects still ring in my ears too after all these years. As for the newest homebrews.Stella's Stockings intro/gameselect screen blew me away. Also Robot Tank and Enduro for the day and night and seasons effects were very cool back then.
  7. My hometown had two 'arcades',three movie theatre arcades, and all the other eateries that had games.And that was just the north end of Fremont,CA.I'm sure there were more that my ten-speed could not get me to.
  8. Just think!!! If someone seals them up....some poor fool will buy it!!! They may even leave the cart out of it....and he'll never know, because he'll never open it!! Now you know where all those extra Combat carts are going to end up!
  9. Wish I had PayPal.All the good auction items seem to require having paypal only payment option. I also did not get the original batch due to, you guessed it;not having a paypal account....
  10. I donated the scan for the picture label version of Gunslinger.I have very few boxes and am still looking to get about seven more picture label carts.I would not want to know how much money CincYnoTi has spent to get all those boxes!
  11. :rolling: This reminds me of a story from many years ago ,when I got up way too early to go to work and in a still waking up daze ,I said,"Step-headed red child".Of course my boss was on the floor laughing and never forgot to remind me of the foul up. Now back on topic.I am tempted to start getting Sears boxed games,just because of the different pictures on the boxes,but wonder how much it will eventually cost.I have to also agree with the Tigervision box art being very cool.About four years ago I got a boxed copy of Espial for .99!
  12. Don't temp me with that mission to kill the Tramiels....I voted to go back and get everthing on the cheap.
  13. Nice! Where did you get the Activision Kabobber?
  14. Yeah, that's the way it works out every year for me too.I already got my credit card bill for this order, and for a second there I was shocked about how much I owed, then I remembered what I had ordered from the AA store.Can't wait! I will also second how easy it is to pay with the credit card.Just makes it that much easier to spend a few hundred bucks...
  15. I am so stoked that I am actually going to buy a 7800!
  16. A big YES! I still remember going to a friends house just to play SI on the Atari VCS,before I had a system of my own.
  17. How did I not even here about this one? This will be yet another title very few people will get their hands on.
  18. dwh

    Eli's Coming

    Don't give up your day job! Pretty funny, reminds me of when I did 'flip-page' drawings in all my textbooks-you know the ones where you flip through the pages and it animates something lame.
  19. I voted 'other' for TELESYS just because it was the only company based in Fremont,CA, my hometown years ago.
  20. I missed those. Would have saved me the trouble LOL Are we sure the 2600 could 'handle' this simulation!?!
  21. dwh

    Holiday Qb

    Quote,"Holiday QB is the holiday cart for 2004. This was the second year of what's become an annual tradition here at Atari Age. Sadly I missed out on the first year, but I won't let that happen again!" So did I, but got very lucky on e(vil)-bay and got a copy.
  22. I'm having a hell of a time getting all the Zellers boxed games, does that count? (or will the Canadians just say that I live in the wrong part of north america!)
  23. Put me on the list for a boxed copy, unless I am too late, then a loose cart will do.
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