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    The "total amount of time spent worldwide by people playing Rob's games (estimated)" cracked me up.
  2. Nice! I'd live there! The law of the land at Atari City would be compulsory vintage vidio game playing. "If ya can't play vidio games, ya can't stay!"
  3. I have only used emulation to play around with really rare games and prototype games.So the answer is NO!
  4. dwh

    Made some 2600 magnets

    Just go to Staples(or other stationary store) and get their 'magnet sheets-gloss white' and download pics of boxes and carts from AA and print them onto the magnetic sheets(I downsized each image to fit six items per page),cut them out and put 'em on the fridge.Just let the sheets sit a few minutes after printing to let them dry.Mine were printed on an inkjet printer so looking at then up close you can see the lines that are made when printing,but it is cheaper than going to some print shop.
  5. Here are some magnets I made today.Sorry for crappy picture, this was the only good one.The picture is also rotated to the left.
  6. WTF indeed.How do you simulate getting pissed off and throwing the game at your friend,with the cheap plastic 'marbles' flying about!
  7. I have all the Paks, but not all the games in the white boxes.So yes a 'complete' set does get more money.
  8. I got some Atari Redemption Certificates(ARCS) to invest!
  9. N.E.R.D.S. is just a shooter style game,and The Last Ninja is a bit better;even though it has pretty basic graphics at least it is a maze game in which you have to hit different enemies one time,two times or more to get rid of them.I have been meaning to play this one a bit more because there are power ups and more levels to figure out. So The Last Ninja is worth getting, but if you are a 'collector', you will buy both;especially if you did not get to attend CGE07.
  10. It's a long shot but...How about Topps cards/boxes?I'm looking for the fourth series box.
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/SHOT-REMIXED-LIMITED-E...oQQcmdZViewItem The auction doesn't say much.Anybody know more about this item?
  12. I'm dragging this post back, kicking and screaming. I found my Pesco magnet, or so I thought.There is no magnet on the back.Oh well, it's on my magnet board anyway. So what's the list of magnets?So far we have-- Atari Age Adventure II Any other different kinds? And of course, More, we all demand More (different) magnets!
  13. If it had the third screen, back in the day, it would have been 1/3 more crappier! What the homebrewwers are doing nowdays is pretty awesome, and getting this game fixed would be great.Almost anything would be an improvement over the original.
  14. Quote,"The jpgs are suitable for printing and putting on your chrono-corkboards that I'm certain each and everyone of you have hanging in your living rooms by now. You may also use them to make chrono-t-shirts or even tatoo them onto the backs of your children for use as handy and mobile references." Sick!, but funny.Lets just hope nobody sees these printed out and on display at a tatoo place. Keep on chronogaming, I still enjoy reading it.
  15. You will have to watch the movie Idiocracy to understand this-- Thanks to the wild color schemes in this game I would like to re-name it- "Ow, my eyes!" It's still a great game ,never the less.(whatever the hell that means)
  16. I've got a Pesco magnet from a while back.Sounds like I have another magnet waiting at the post office. Now I have to wait until Monday to find out....
  17. I can not find this book at Amazon.com.What the hell! Somebody please leave a link for this computer literate idiot, thanks.
  18. The Atari Age Club also sold posters.I just got a copy of the Phoenix poster that I had lost many years ago.What other ones were there?(Yeah, I'm too lazy to go look at the AA magazine on-line archive.)
  19. Just set up the recorder.Had to check and see if it was a repeat or not; it is brand new.I watch so much History Channel I couldn't remember if I had seen it or not.Thanks for letting us know.
  20. I gave up on ebay a while back;although I got pretty lucky in the two years I was buying games off of ebay.Buy games from an online store that is honest and shows pictures of the item.You will be able to buy more games this way due to lower shipping than e(vil)bay.
  21. Well, I'm glad I got my boxed copy off of ebay for 99cents a few years back!
  22. Gloat all you want, that's impressive! Now you can de-bug some of the worst 2600 titles out there!
  23. I must agree also.Just played it this morning.Or more accurately, got my ass kicked;a very difficult game indeed.Sometimes I can get to level 4 with two lives left, but usually lose them real fast just because I start to get mentally tired.
  24. It would be cool if someone took one up to the space station.I'm just afraid that the RF interference might make the station crash.Oh well, the astronauts would be highly entertained on the way down.
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