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  1. It's a repeat,but was sure a cool show.I kept saying,"I remember that",throughout the show.
  2. I agree, it would be totally pointless, unless you do it purely for monetary purposes (like opening a museum with an entrance fee). What would be the entrance fee at this museum be in order to recoup your $1million dollar investment? $10 dollars , $1000? Would you take credit card payment?
  3. Raiders of the Lost Ark just blew me away back in the day. Then there was the Swordquest let down.
  4. dwh

    Two-Player Pac-Man

    I can see this game listed at the AA store; "2 player Pac-Man, 2X the flicker, 2x the agony" But what is really sad, is that I would buy it!
  5. Quote dusk2600 "I found a huge bookshelf in the dumpster at my storage during the summer, soon i hope to bring it home and covert my collection to it. thing is like 7 feet tall I can see the headline now,"Atari collector stuck under weight of 1000 games over the weekend."Be careful with that bookshelf. :!:
  6. Call me crazy, but I have most of my 2600 games loose AND boxed. Am I running out of room, you better believe it! (could I have put about $10,000 in cds for retirement,instead of buying old games, well that's a whole other topic) I guess the box/no box question depends on just how far you want to take this thing called "collecting."
  7. This is a noble idea until there is an accidental fire and the county hazmat charges you $200,000 to clean up all that toxic plastic waste!
  8. I played the hell out of this game "back in the day".The Odyssey 2 was able to show all those planets and the players ships without flicker;Atari couldn't come close to this game.
  9. What if I played an Oddysey 2 first, does that screw up the results? I still remember playing the first killer ap's Space Invaders and Adventure at a friends house.The background music was AC/DC's Back In Black album, so it was around 1980,that made me 13 years old. (You can put the calculator down, I'm 40 this year)
  10. The real problem is finding a person who is a tool and die mold maker in the US.There are only about 3000 left....
  11. The 2600 needs more pinball games...period.
  12. Sent order in. It did not take long to reach $100 to get the free cart, nor did it take long to get to the free shipping either!
  13. dwh

    Holiday Tease

    Of course, you do know that as you put more holiday items at the AA store, less and less people are going to get other gifts from me, and/or I just go into larger debt on the credit cards. With that said/written, I can't wait to order 'my' holiday presents!
  14. Yeah, that's what I was thinking.You should have grumbled something about winning a multi-million dollar lotto and nowhere to spend the money and left.
  15. You could always find a junk parts auction on ebay.... You know, those listings with 10 ataris that do not work.
  16. The short answer is no. I blew it and did not get more stuff from Hozer Vidio Games a few years back.I am always outbid on ebay, so I figure it will be next to impossible to finish this collection. I am only missing the first x-mass cart from Atari Age. I have not gotten all the hacks that have been offered in the AA forums, but that's another topic....
  17. What is this; Final Destination 4? If so, I want to at least die in some freaky accident way involving the Atari 2600, with a high-score on the screen...
  18. I might get the Sea Battle/Swordfight, just because one of the two I got from the original run don't work(plus the new instruction booklets would be cool to have).
  19. My dad made it a point to go and buy PacMan for my brother and I. Needless to say, we both did not have the courage to tell him how much it stank.Like the rest of the people here, when Ms PacMan was released,we wondered why that game was so much better.
  20. Millipede on the 2600 is crazy.Sometimes there are so many things going on that some of the enemy sprites slow down and stop moving vertically.
  21. Mine is just my initials, but 'room34' on the forums here wrote that it stood for 'diabolical world hypnotist' which I guess I am a member of but have been hypnotised to forget...
  22. These used to be more common on ebay a few years back;should have gotten one then...
  23. It's the gameplay, with the random elements of the bat and dragons coming thru walls from other parts of the kingdom. Later games were just linear-go here do this, then go there and do that, every single time;the only improvement over Adventure was the save game feature.
  24. I believe it was called "80's tech" on history channel;they kept showing milipede being played...
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