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  1. Thanks for releasing the information! Could you please post the installation instructions / modifications for an Atari 400? Thanks!
  2. First time trying this device - it's an SD to IDE adapter from AliExpress - and it seems to be working. I know people had some luck with the SD to CF adapter that then plugged into the CF to IDE carrier. This is one step simpler and I'm not sure anyone tried it yet (although electonically, it's probably very similar). So if you're allergic to CF it may be worth a go...
  3. Hey! That sounds a lot like the behavior I reported earlier in the thread... Try setting the jumper on the CF adapter board to slave mode, then turn slave mode on in the U1MB setup AND in the loader. Reboot Do they see the drive as slave now?
  4. Would like to try swapping the XEL CF with yours tomorow and see if we get the same result. Would go a long way to troubleshooting. Yeah I will be in the next dog house over. The girlfriend doesn't think it's a good use of my weekend
  5. Yes - I was planning on running by with the 1088XEL and a homemade hand wired SD2SIO
  6. I'm still working this problem - on the bright side, the CF cards seem to work with jumper off or in the 2-3 position - away from the 44 pin connector if slave mode is on in U1MB and the XEL Loader. - I can load files in the loader and I can see APT partitions in SDX under the U1MB. Still frustrated by it, however since I seem to be the only one unable to use the XEL-CF in Master mode. Reflowed all the solder points on XEL-CF and CF adapter. I checked continuity of pin 1 of the Master/Slave jumper - goes to pin 39 of the CF card (/CS) and pin 2 goes to ground on multiple pins of the CF and 44 pin connectors. Ground is carried to the XEL-CF. Tried multiple CF cards of various sizes and manufacturers. (see below) Two 8MB cards were recognized as Master - but seem to be erratic. I verified that in the CF world - taking pin 39 (/CS) to ground will put the card in Master mode. I may just build a second to see if it exhibits the same behavior - pointing to the CF cards or mobo. If anyone has built one around Indianapolis, IN would love to meet and try a working XEL-CF and card. Any other thoughts from anyone?
  7. I bought mine from China and it flashed with HxC just fine!
  8. So I asked FJC about this behavior - he pointed out I should have Slave Drive turned off... It was - so I turned it ON, with the jumper on my single CF board set furthest from the 44pin cable connector - and FDISK can now see the CF cards - all of them and format them as APT. If I change the jumper - No APT Devices, and if I turn off slave in the U1MB bios - No APT devices. Does this point to a short somewhere in the master/slave pins?
  9. Thank you Dr. V, Unfortunately, I can see the (now 3GB) FAT partition in the XEL loader, but still running FDISK v4.5 I get "No APT Devices found" even with the about 1GB non partitioned space. Do I have the right version? Using FJC's toolkit v5 which has FDISK v4.5.
  10. I need some help with my newly built 1088xel and the XEL-CF adapter please, and sorry I haven't been into this since my Atari800, 810 drive and DOS 2.0.... The 1088XEL seems to work well -I read files from the SIO2PC and RespeQt. I also set the PBI bios and device 0 in preparation of the CF Built the XEL-CF adapter and FDISK saw my SanDisk Ultra II 4GB CF card - but not knowing what I was doing I took it over to the Windows PC - formatted in FAT32 and put some ATRs, XEX and other files on it. Went back to FDISK after watching FJC's tutorial about partitioning and - "No APT devices found". Tried to format as FAT, FAT32, removed the drive name on Windows- no luck, same error. In fact I could not get 5-6 other cards from 16MB to 256MB (including another SanDisk) to work except a SanDisk 8MB which is recognized by FDISK and partioned and then formatted in SDX... Touched up my soldering, reseated the ICs and the cable. Any ideas ?- I have a feeling I may be missing something obvious. Thanks.
  11. Another newborn! Made from an 800xl with bad memory and keyboard and a lot of parts from my junk bin (+ U1MB and UAV) Now onto learning to update and use the U1MB. Thanks for the help!
  12. Thank you for checking. It's an old US 1040STF - rev C motherboard. Will replace the caps and see - very strange. I even verified the ROM chips I burnt vs the files and they checked out...
  13. This is the original "hack" mentioned above - with the combined 1.0/1.4 (to be burned into a 27c512)- I can only get the 1.0 to boot when selected, the 1.4 bombs And the 1.4 that I split from a web image on the emulators (to be burned into a 27c256) - it bombs thanks! dual_tos (1).zip TOS 104 split.zip
  14. I dusted off my old 1040 STF - TOS 1.0 and was hoping to upgrade to 6 chip TOS 1.4 to do so some work with ASCI projects. TOS images have been easy to find ( http://www.avtandil.narod.ru/tose.html), and I have split them using various programs in the emulators - but I can't get an upgraded rom to boot - it always bombs out with 8 or more. Funny thing is I can boot to TOS 1.0 on a 27c512 with the dual boot modification ( http://atari4ever.free.fr/hardware/zip/dual_tos.zip), but when I switch to 1.04 (before booting) it bombs out. Also burning a split set of 1.4 roms to 27c256 and being careful about their sockets - I still bomb out on boot. The ROMs verify on the burner and apparently I can do well with TOS1.0... Any ideas? Anyone have a good 6 chip set of ROMs or some advice? Thanks!
  15. So my build has been going well - almost done with the board - my U1MB finally arrived from Lotharek and ... has right angle headers. I did note on my order to him I was building a 1088xel. Looks like I'm going to have to replace with straight headers -but where has everyone been getting their U1MB's from? So - if you're building - MAKE SURE YOUR U1MB has straight or no headers.
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