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  1. Mine flashed and seems to be working with the improvements too! One of my 2600s seems to have a problem with it - it starts then gives some rolling and then loss of video. Plays regular ROM carts fine - think the power supply is dipping based on the higher demand? (I'm sure it's the 2600 not the cart at fault - works on others)
  2. Will the 2.1.0 firmware for the PlusCart work with the PlusCart(+) +SD unaltered or will we need a separate update? Thanks!
  3. LAACE was the Los Angeles Atari Computer Enthusiasts - attended several meetings BITD...
  4. Found it! PlatformIO is not as scary as I thought. I have an 8mb board but had picked the 4 - and that has bluetooth off in platform.ini
  5. I'm trying to build this for the 4mb WROVER and when I build in PlatformIO I get: Compiling .pio\build\fujinet-v1-4mb\bootloader_support\src\esp_image_format.o src/main.cpp: In function 'void main_setup()': src/main.cpp:96:9: error: 'fnBtManager' was not declared in this scope fnBtManager.start(); ^~~~~~~~~~~ src/main.cpp:96:9: note: suggested alternative: 'fnLedManager' fnBtManager.start(); ^~~~~~~~~~~ fnLedManager *** [.pio\build\fujinet-v1-4mb\src\main.o] Error 1 ================================================================================================== [FAILED] Took 19.99 seconds ================================================================================================== Environment Status Duration -------------- -------- ------------ fujinet-v1-4mb FAILED 00:00:19.985 ============================================================================================= 1 failed, 0 succeeded in 00:00:19.985 =============================================================================================The terminal process "C:\Users\cbelc\.platformio\penv\Scripts\platformio.exe 'run', '--environment', 'fujinet-v1-4mb'" terminated with exit code: 1. Look familiar to anyone? I'm following the guide at: https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-platformio/wiki/Board-bring-up-for-FujiNet-Platform.IO-code Thanks!
  6. Thanks to @-^CrossBow^- above I did work on a test board for the 5200 but went a different direction. I wanted to be able to use the keypad and fire buttons - so included those. Also included a couple of potentiometers but can switch to 249k resistors for POKEY calibration. These would work well with the Bohoki adapter and the Wico sticks to replace an original controller as well, I think.
  7. Yes, shortening the name did let the SD card file work.
  8. I'm getting some ROMS off the SD card fail with "ROM failed to download", but they do work from the Plus store. I used the ROM images someone posted that mirrored the Plus Store... Seems to be specific ones, other ROMs load fine. For instance: Public ROMs>Classic Roms > NTSC > BY ALPHABET > A-G > Activision Decathalon.bin will work from SD card or Plus Store but Public ROMs>Classic Roms > NTSC > BY ALPHABET > A-G > Activision Decathalon [fixed].bin fails from the SD card (but the bin works in Stella) and works from the Plus Store Several other titles are like this. Will keep testing and try to pin this down. Has anyone had to put a pull up resistor on D0 with this board? I've seen that with the UNO cart on the 8bits
  9. Ha! Tried wiping off the flux remover and apparently brought hair into the mix! Or the board is growing up... For the SD card I didn’t use pin headers. I just soldered some old component leads through the small board holes then onto the module and some tape to prevent shorting (but it didn’t look like there was much chance).
  10. Another successful build! Will do more testing today
  11. Yep - did this mod a week ago with the Longhorn Engineer mod - I think it may actually be nearly identical... But at least you can follow wires for the labels to the points on the board. Start here: https://longhornengineer.com/deprecated-static-pages/diy/atarivideomods/2600-searsva2-ntsc/ And the all important missing picture from that page is here: They are pickup points for the TIA pins as well as 5V and GND. You can try following wire colors from the other photos but safest to confirm with a multimeter on continuity mode between the resistors / diodes and the TIA chip pin numbers - which you seem to know.
  12. Mq. Would it be possible for you to convert the 1Mb files for the VQFP package as well? I can find a 1Mb SDX image to put on your cart. Thank you
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