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  1. Yes - very easy build with minimal parts. I had problems pairing the bluetooth keyboard and controllers - went with the IR options and they work well.
  2. Yeah, if not using it with other devices I'm not sure you need to do the 74ls07 fix on it. I think that one would work for the tf card - it looks very similar to the one I used. I can try to look for the eeprom file if you have trouble.
  3. I had a working SDRIVE MAX and had to use AVRDUDE to read the EEPROM since the firmware requires you first calibrate a screen, which this one does not have. So I was "borrowing" the EEPROM from a working traditional one. I can't recall the AVRDUDE commands but they were not that hard. If you can program an Arduino on your computer, you should also be able to run AVRDUDE. I just bought a TF adapter from Aliexpress which has some level shifting built in and wired to the same pins that the SDRIVE MAX does - look at their schematics. I did make my own 7407 fix board under it like you see sold with the SDRIVE MAX so you don't have to do the diode fix. Same schematic you find at the SDRIVE MAX manual site. Overall I really like it being internal and one less thing to haul around. It still can be a little weird with other devices on the sio chain but I rarely use other things with it.
  4. Found a bad wipe (or 2) in the POKEY socket on the 400 motherboard - new socket fixed it - thanks!
  5. I just put a TK-II v2 into a 400 - did not hook up the console keys yet but in Memo Pad all I get is the 3 lights on the PS/2 Keyboard flashing every few seconds. Any ideas on my error? The keyboard works with the TK-II built into by 1088XEL Thanks!
  6. Thanks - yes 249k seems to be the calibrating resistance
  7. Can anyone provide a schematic or at least a picture of both sides of the board so it can be recreated for POKEY adjustment? Thanks!
  8. So I did the RevEng one wire mod and my controllers will pair and work with Combat, but when I try my Harmony Cart they do not. I can get a transient move of the cursor down then it goes right to the top of the list on the cart. When I used a CX40 with my Harmony Cart it worked well as expected. Can anyone try this with a Harmony Cart please?
  9. I would take two sets as well Thanks!
  10. What is the power supply to the capacitive IC? Is it 3.3v from the Incognito? Where did you pick it off? I'm afraid of the capacitive IC output switching between GND and 5v if the 800 power supply is used - flashjazzcat talked about how sensitive the Incognito is to 5v with his own LED / ATR switch mod. Thanks!
  11. Installed my Incognito in a later model NTSC 800 this week. Noted a few things if it's your first one: As others have pointed out - don't trust the wiring colors for the wiring harness - look at the points you are connecting. Pin 1 of the headers has the square solder pad. My "CPU Board" is a very different layout than seen in the tutorials - the chips are in a different layout and the pin 1 end is at the connector side of the board... So count your pins on ANTIC to find 9 and 15
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