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  1. Agreed. Before now I only went through the first stage without smashing cars just to get the extra life. After that it was smash city! I knew the music would get to some people. I hear that song in my sleep now that I’ve played it again.
  2. 205,456. That jump off of the bridge at the end of winter always gets me! You have to get to 220 and hit the jump at the very edge to make it.
  3. It is! It sometimes would just pop into my head even after not playing it for years. Whoever came up with that little tune definitely knew they had something!😂😂
  4. It just happens like that. You’ll be climbing windows like crazy and then the bombardment of lost lives happen.
  5. I have a bit of extra time tonight. Here’s my first entry. 5.10 - 13,800
  6. Yes indeed! This and Burgertime were the ones I played quite a bit of back in the 80’s. Not to say that I’m good at them but enjoy them immensely.
  7. I love Bump n Jump. You’ll be hearing the soundtrack song in your sleep though. I can hear it now......
  8. 😂😂. It is my favorite model to play on for sure. I love the way the TandyVision looks though.
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