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  1. Figured I'd chime in to say that the Atari Flashback 2 controllers are very nice. I've tried the Atari copy joysticks online and they tend to have a brittle ring that cracks during minimal use. I've purchased a number of FB2's just to get the joysticks. Hopefully the later FB models use the same vendor.
  2. I bought this product at Walmart. Being a Pong fan of old and a 2600 paddle fan, it looked cool. $18 at Walmart. I was shocked at how poorly done the software part of it was, which led me to the video then this thread via google search. The paddles felt good. Breakout played pretty well and looked nice. The menu with all the button clicking was terrible. Circus and Warlords had chopped up graphics. Pong paddle had a weird delay then accelaration which made it very difficult to play. Stunt Cycle is broken, just like the rom in Stella. Acceleration is full-on and not controllable. The only way I currently know to play Stunt Cycle properly is the 1977 SC-450 console. In the YT video the host must not have been familiar with SC, as it was broken as I describe but he didn't seem to be aware during the brief review. It amazes me that they put enough engineering into the product to make decent paddles and packaging, even the menu LOOKS nice. But the software experience is terrible. Weird, weird, weird.
  3. Lovin' it! The grouping of files sent were awesome and the ones I tried worked like a charm. Thank you guys a ton. Awesome product. One and done!
  4. Cool. Pretty awesome. I'm going to be a fairly light user of the 400. It is mostly here to physically show the kids that computers weren't always iphones. I presume this is unmodified, I simply bought it on ebay a few years back out of curiosity. I had a trs-80 color computer, but I'm learning that the cool kids were in the C64 camp!
  5. Great! Thank you. The .rom files from AtariMania are working at least for Galaxian and Pac-Man. What is the keystroke to exit a game back to the cartridge menu? ctr-shft-arrow keys doesn't do it on the Atari 400.
  6. Hello, Multicart noob here. I received my cart some time back and just now getting around to trying it out. Could you please direct me toward some help, I've read the pages that came with the cart and did a bit of googling but I'm unclear on what I'm doing incorrectly. --put some ATR files in folders and they don't show up. --put some XEX files in folders and I can select from them. When I select any item, it goes to a blue screen rather than start the game. --I am familar with using Atari 8-bit emulators from Raspberry Pi, so I know I have working files. What am I doing incorrectly? thank you.
  7. I think that the lack of NES on the shelf has helped energize the sale of those little LCD arcade machines at Walmart. Those are getting a lot of interest from retro groups on FB nowadays. #GoFrogger
  8. Really happy to see you are doing another run. Signed up for Atari Age just because of this thread. Just paypal'd for a cart to the US. Recently pulled the Atari 400 out for the kids to experience, so this cart will be awesome addition. Thanks again.
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