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  1. Looks cool! Venture is one of my favourites on the system.
  2. My biggest concern is the stick/D-pad. The controllers I've tried that use a nub/extension on a D-pad setup have all felt pretty terrible to use in my opinion. The ability to swap it with a conventional D-pad might be worth consideration. The shrouds around the buttons and stick-pad worry me a little as well. Depending on the amount of travel that the buttons have (or if a conventional d-pad option is offered), the edge of those shrouds might dig into ones thumb, or present an opportunity for binding. I'm keeping an eye on this though. I was considering the prospect of building a custom stick with an easily switchable 8-way/4-way gate, but I'd probably be happy with a nice pad option.
  3. That teaser image makes me think it might be some kind of table top MVS form factor.
  4. Is there any risk of equipment damage if tuning without an oscilloscope? I was planning on running composite mod out to a CRT and RGB mod out to my Framemeister feeding my LCD simultaneously, then tuning the mod board by eye using the CRT as reference until it's "good enough". If there's a chance of damaging the Framemeister I'll have to find someone with an oscilloscope before I can proceed...
  5. I just need to pick up a jack, cable, and an appropriate drill bit before I can install the one I received. Too bad there isn't a mod like this for NES.
  6. I'd be in for one of these. Also... I know it's unrelated, but have you taken over Wannado's work on an NES adapter for the Retrode? The thread over at the Retrode forums seemed to point in that direction. Just curious.
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