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  1. I disagree. I think he respectfully took over the project when no progress was being made. People on this thread might be confused about the two efforts, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense for two separate efforts to work on this problem. I appreciate everyone’s efforts!
  2. I remember with new batteries I would have to turn the contrast down and then increase it as the batteries drained.
  3. I would opt for non-backlit. I want to play these like they are brand new... I've seen gameboy backlights that require "biverting" (inverting) the image, which I would not like to see on the Microvision. Better to stick with the original display and play in a well-lit room. This isn't going to be in heavy rotation for my gaming so I don't need it to be versatile with backlight. This will be more like, "kids, come and see my favorite old games" and immediately afterward they go back to playing on iPads, while I play on it a little while longer.
  4. April fools! I hope not. I’m fired up to get my microvisions working again.
  5. I would commit to buy 5 screens. I originally posted to the older 2017 thread and just found this one. I'd love to get these old games working again. Thanks.
  6. Count me in for at least 3 of these. I've got a big Microvision collection... several with bad screen rot and others slowly advancing towards the grave.
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