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  1. This was solved by using Atari Dev Studio for VS by Mksmith
  2. I get the palettes now 😋 Latest for you to try... Morf.bas.a78
  3. With regards to the sprite editor, how do I get it to export invidual PNGs 7800Basic requires? Or am I missing something? Cheers.
  4. This worked perfectly, no problems at all! 5 Stars
  5. Just discovered this, will be trying this tonight. 😁 Did RandomTerrain ever get integrated?
  6. Your were 100% correct works perfectly in A7800 emulator, this appears a lot harder to setup cant just double click the .A78 file to run it, it has to sit in a specific folder then manually select it to run. So I might use that one occasionally to verify things. Haven't tried BubSystem yet...
  7. Good question, this level was just to see what I could do with 7800 Basic, and so far so good, I need to sit down and map out the levels and goal, I would like to add a light element, but not sure how to do this, my original concept was to have the map dark with lights here and there.
  8. Ahh, I am using ProSystem, so I should be using A7800 emulator? I havent tried to run it on my 7800, need to source EPROM for my burner and a I assume a doner cart? Is there a better way? Cheers.
  9. .a78 file attached Morf.a78
  10. Thanks, this helped, made a little progress on colors. Some have come right and others have now changed. T he sprites still break up on vertical movement, will look into the memory location issue once I have the palettes sorted.
  11. Hi guys, I'm working on a 7800 platformer called Morf, but hitting a few issues maybe you can point me in the right direction. Having trouble with sprites inverting their colors In the above image: - The main character Morf is inverted, green/black - The second tile set should be using a blue color palette for the water at the bottom of the screen. - Recently for no obvious reason the sprites break up when moving vertically like the drip from the pipe below. Also you can see the left moving sprite has the correct palette. Any help or advise would be awesome 😄
  12. Thanks for looking into this, I tried the posted version above, but get: ### ERROR: couldn't find dasm binary for Darwin(x86_64). Exiting. Cheers.
  13. Hi, After following the latest install instructions I get the following error on MacOS Catalonia when attempting to compile the simple example: ### ERROR: couldn't find 7800basic binaries for Darwin(x86_64) Any suggestions? Thanks.
  14. Unfortunately my 1088XEL project failed, may revisit it next year. Below is the link to my case designed to be 3D printed if you want to give it ago, I did print the rear IO ports and this fitted perfectly, and the breakouts for the port covers did too. https://www.tinkercad.com/things/3MTwi9fbOTT
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