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  1. Lavalamp


    Thanks that did the trick, noticed BCX website no longer exists? Quick start needs to add run as administrator for the very first step otherwise you get a access denied error. Oh, just realised I put it in the Programs folder...
  2. Lavalamp


    Sorry I'm bit of noob with Jap development, so I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at here. There's no installer or IDE that I can see. Is this aimed at a different level of developer? I found the BCX Help file but displays no content...
  3. Lavalamp


    Would be nice to have Visual Studio Code integration like the awesome Atari Dev Studio for 7800 Basic.
  4. I would like one for my 800XL PAL, thanks.
  5. Yes same issue, had to place tape to the underside of the keyboard to prevent any shorts.
  6. Thanks CPUWiz for your support of the 7800 BTW Looking forward to purchasing one of them.
  7. Sorry if this is a silly question, but when you peek a tilemap to identify a tile, at the moment I directly address the map like so: tileID = peekchar(level_1,tileX,tileY,20,12) I want to be able to reuse tile/map code, to instead of using level_1 can I point it by doing this? level = level_1 ... tileID = peekchar(level,tileX,tileY,20,12) Update 22/11/2020: I fixed the above by using memcopy to move the ROM data into RAM Turned out I had just to look at the samples
  8. Update: Graphics been tweaked all the time, got my movement finally sorted, map 2 added, still lots todo. Also discovered if you reduce images to 4 index colours in GIMP you can than use Paint.NET (I prefer its interface) and save with its new support for 2-bit colour PNG.
  9. Is there a definitive guide to moving this to a real cartridge? Or a test PCB/cart so I can fit an eprom/SSD to test?
  10. I had bit of a set back with my logic for moving so in the middle of rewriting those routines.
  11. Thats right not a step, inline maths. Fixed a number of issues for me as you can imagine. Surprised it was running at all
  12. To be honest spent no time on those titles, so hopefully will be original. I want to put some surprises in. I also need music, haven't tried the tracker yet. Building a cartridge now to test it on real hardware, these are all uncharted waters for me...
  13. Took me a long time to find that this -1 doesn't work in 7800Basic For Check = 0 to numEnemy - 1
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