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  1. Awesome! Looking forward to hearing your new compositions! Do you still keep in contact with Mr. Price?
  2. GARY! How are you? I haven't seen you since our time together at Monolith Productions. Did you move back to Hawaii after that? Jace
  3. Wait. Are you Gary Gilbertson or Philip Price? From your post it sounds like you made the original song. Is that accurate?
  4. No its not designed to be pure pokey. Just supposed to capture the complete feel of the intro when I head it as a kid.
  5. That's some challenge! Perhaps if I ever get more time I will attempt it!
  6. Hello everyone. Thought I would share this: I've always thought that the opening music the Alternate Reality on the Atari 8-bit computer was one of the best pieces of music ever created during that era. I recently took it upon myself to go listen to it again, and while it still was amazing, it did not have the same impact on me that it once did back in the late 80's. It just didn't sound as EPIC. So I looked and looked all around the internet to see if anyone had made a version of the song that was worthy of the original, and unfortunately I couldn't find anything that satisfied. I then decided to re-create the song to be as close as possible to the original using modern technology while at the same time enhancing it to what it sounded like to me (or how I actually perceived it) when I first heard it in my younger years. I think I got pretty close to the actual sound of an Atari computer - of course, this "Atari" has stereo fields, so... umm.. yeah.... Anyway, the intro is kind of long, so I am only presenting the last half of it. If you want me to provide the whole intro with the spaceship I can do that later no prob. If you have a good sound system / headphones you will be able to hear everything - your phone speaker wont really be able to do express the full range. If you have any questions you can reply here, but it will be faster if you tweet me at @jacehall Hope you enjoy it. It was very fun to make. Video is here:
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