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  1. For those who just received Kraut Buster, I hope everyone is enjoying this game, it's by far the best NGDEV Team game ever made for MVS/AES. It's well worth the wait (6 years), look at how much you'll need to pay trying to get it on eBay now, this is not BIN item, but actual auction with 6 more days to go. https://www.ebay.com/itm/154685105002
  2. Check the updates from BB. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1676714319/xeno-crisis-a-new-game-for-the-sega-genesis-mega-d/posts/3331960 Final Vendetta will be the next Neo-Geo title from BB, curious how long this will take until we receive the actual game.
  3. Tony, yes I've been out for a while with health issues and still do. Playing games is one of few things I can do now so I'll definitely support anyone making a quality title for AES (although this is subjective). Also Kraut Buster AES RE will be shipping out next week, let's hope there's no issue getting to US.
  4. I'm late comer to Xenon Crisis and just pulled the trigger. Hope they'll have my AES game with sound issue fixed.
  5. This is old? At neo-geo.com I bumped a LaserActive dedicated thread last posted in 2010, yup, it was when I got my Time Gal. Many of those games are just so hard to find and it takes time to build them up.
  6. I broke down and bought Goku LD-Rom2, the last game published for NEC's PC-Engine(JP)/TurboGrafx(US). http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-GOKU-LD-ROM-LASER-ACTIVE-LASERACTIVE-PIONEER-JAPAN-IMPORT-BRAND-NEW/222503723588 I have not seen this game for sale, let along new and under $1000.
  7. Just received Metal Slug MVS cart to play so I don't have to tamper with my AES cart, what a blast and this game never gets old. IMHO, this is the best Metal Slug game, if not the best Neo-Geo game. Sequels don't do the justice as most are just rehashed.
  8. I looked at my Paypal receipt from my previous Razion MVS CE order and it was exactly $650 USD (at the time the exchange rate was less favorable).
  9. There are additional 13 units available. They all need to be sold by Oct 18th or none of them (13) will be made. Please support the project, again, here's the link http://www.neobitz.com/crossedswords2
  10. Got mine too, both MVS and AES. Wow, this feels like a new release back in the 90s. Now back to playing more of this.
  11. A reminder that Kraut Buster AES CE pre-order will begin shortly after Memorial Day, check for email notification and/or ngdevdirect.com and act quickly if you must have it for your collection.
  12. A quick update to Crossed Swords 2 AES: It's almost gone, get iit while you still can. http://www.neobitz.com/crossedswords2
  13. I ordered the MVS copy. I really want to play this game and this will at least endorse Jeff's and Razoola's efforts in certain ways. Without saccing the AES carts I would've endorsed this project by buying an AES copy but both cart shells and snaplock cases will be used so there's really no point getting one by destroying existing games. In fact, I would've paid more for brand new cart cases and shells, didn't Jeff just find ways of getting new ones?
  14. This game, along with Fight Fever and Gururin in 1994 was when SNK start skipping AES releases, realizing the high cost of making AES games and they were concerned that those games may not sell well, if at all. I like the music in Zed Blade but graphic wise there are some flaws in the background setting.
  15. I am shocked it's nearly identical to Metal Slug, I hope they have consulted with lawyers about the similarities.
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