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  1. okay, so instead of desert bus, how about 1942 for nes?
  2. I am sticking to Sinclair Basic for now. I have a workshop to teach on October 2nd but my teacher has the java security to too freaking high for me to do anything. and the one sprectrum emulator I want to do (qaop) has no sound support for windows 7
  3. if you were trapped in hell and you had to choose between Ghosts n goblins or desert bus, which would you choose to play? for eternity. and no, you can't use game genie
  4. so do I paste the code to altirra? can someone send me a tutorial or something?
  5. @TMR this thread was simply about an experiment I wanted to do. there's no need to be rude
  6. what I want to do I write a dummy program that can be easily pirated but as soon as its loaded, the text turns upside down and it freezes. an example would be to make a game for Sega cd, save it as a zip, post it to the pirate bay or some other P2P site and when its run, the text becomes corrupted and the file freezes. if its copied to an actual cd, the system's data becomes corrupted. (that last one seems unlikely)
  7. 2 questions: 1. i have an .ASM file with the ZX spectrum code in it, how do i convert .ASM to .ATR? 2. would it be feasible size wise?
  8. then can someone give the source code? i have no idea what to do with disassembled code
  9. and despite being on the 32x, its somehow worse!
  10. just got it to work. worst zombie costume ever.
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