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  1. Boom, this is amazing. Haven't been on the forums in awhile due to life. I see listings and never really delved into who was behind them. Those controllers are awesome my man, the controller i made was a task to get to a "final product" had issues with sourcing, which created delays and weened interest. Had someone mentioning they needed the PCBs I hobbled together a few years ago with little PCB design experience. They are making cnc aluminum shells, now im thinking about getting some more ordered.
  2. Yup, finally got Bentley Bear for christmas this year and love it! I have an A/V modded 7800, mono split to to both channels and it sounds great. Could be a channel issue with the mod?
  3. I've done a conversion of an SNES controller to 7800. for a 2 button 1 D-Pad controller it was too many buttons doing the same thing. This could definitely work, easiest way to start is by drawing a rough schematic of all controllers and "combining" them. then hack the controller apart, remove anything connected to the chip on the board and wire from scratch like below... Or you can abandon that idea altogether like I did and just redesign a PCB and make your own controller drop in...
  4. It got pretty serious too! I think my total was around 200 controllers sold. I think I sold around 40 DIY kits as well, after putting together kits i quickly realized it takes about the same time to just assemble the damn thing .
  5. It was a bowel movement. Its moved now. But yes a situation happened and I now have two full time jobs, I'm getting "overtime" at both as well. Needless to say I've been hammered, I've had three days off in two months now. It will all be worth it in a few months but I wont be very active. in about 4-5 months I'll be right back on my original schedule and start making more controllers. On a bad note, I had a shipment (albeit small) of 10 "prototype" controllers... they were the same controller, just fully assembled in china. I hadn't come up with packaging yet, I may have sold a few but they truly were for testing. They went missing during shipment, I decided to cheap out and send it by sea to save $$$ on shipping. It takes a month or two to arrive, if it arrives. The printed labels were garbage though, nevertheless money I didn't want to lose. I may try and get some PCBs printed in the meantime. You can buy black nes controller on ebay and build the thing, might not be cheap, but its something right?
  6. I've come up with a pretty good solution, but i'll label that version as 7800 only. I'm going to extend the cart a bit so the board doesn't interfere with the top screws.
  7. Those labels on the carts look incredible! I'll have to adjust the screw holes up top for sure. what about the middle part where the PCB sits on the plastic, does that deter installation at all?
  8. I've got another cart on the way, I need a good above view and side view shot to edit the model a bit. I wont need super exact measurements, more of a general understanding.
  9. "Remember: Giving pro-line controllers to kids is child abuse" -gorfcadet I smirked at this comment, but it should be law. Thanks for the shout-out! looking forward to more videos and games!
  10. This plastic is very malleable, easy to trim anything doing with an xacto knife. I personally would try to keep all four screws in. shoot me some photos of the effect and I can alter the model.
  11. This... It is a larger spacing which makes it a bit uncomfortable. Other then designing a new controller from the floor up i'm not sure what controller would be the perfect fit for the 2600/7800. I put some more goodies in the shop. check it out.... http://www.itsallgeek3d.com
  12. Yes I have, i'm just not entirely sure I personally could pull it off. It would need to be a simplified xbox/ps controller. I can do this with an snes controller where the 4-buttons can act like a directional pad, but it is not real comfortable. dual d-pads or toggles would do the trick. I personally couldn't afford get custom shells made, ATM i just get NES controller shells in black and slightly mod them(aftermarket shells are not identical OEM). I would have to confirm 100s in preordered to cover the thousands of dollars to manufacture. This next batch of controllers are going to be fully assembled from the factory, and that cost a fortune. See for real world costs: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/271862-brand-new-atari-jaguar-pro-controllers-production-campagin/page-1
  13. I'm sure it's possible, but the circuit for the nes vs atari controller are completely different. You are better off playing with the controllers that are compatible with it already.
  14. I haven't played Battlefield 1 in a few weeks, waiting for the trailer to come out for BFV or bf5 or bfvietnam or bfww2 or bfouterspace. WHO KNOWS. I just need the competitive juices flowing from the hype train.

  15. Thanks again Fingolfin, I really appreciate that! Hope your Revenge of the Fith was excellent!!
  16. I am waiting on a huge shipment of colors before I post it. We were running low on filament, i'll have that listing up ASAP.
  17. Have a few fully assembled controllers in stock. Still working on a listing for custom 3D printed label. Getting a large shipment of filament soon so we will have a TON of colors.
  18. This is what I got as well on the other cables. Used my instructions as reference too Here are the updated ones once again Atari 7800 Controller Assembly Instructions (2).pdf
  19. Okay here is an updated instruction set with the correct pinout for the DB9 cable!!! Do not use the one above! Atari 7800 Controller Assembly Instructions (2).pdf
  20. Oh no! I need to fix that in the diagram!
  21. Thanks for the kind words! I wanted to be thorough but I may have "over-explained" a few things.
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