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  1. Sorry for digging out, but I've had the same issue, and looking into the help screen, well, helped. For all of you anti-rtfm kind, it's Shift+Shift+Ctrl+Q. Under Steem it works with the right Ctrl.
  2. Apparently it works fine under Nox (android emu) with Android 4.4.2
  3. About compiling HARDBASS tracker... Including a compiled binary (courtesy of b00daw) File I/O seems to be borked under Android 7.1.2, works fine under 4,4,2 com.hardbass.hard.apk.zip
  4. I'm also having issues with the tracker: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: A problem occurred configuring project ':app'. > Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':app:_debugCompile'. > Could not find com.android.support:appcompat-v7:24.2.1. Searched in the following locations: https://jcenter.bintray.com/com/android/support/appcompat-v7/24.2.1/app compat-v7-24.2.1.pom https://jcenter.bintray.com/com/android/support/appcompat-v7/24.2.1/app compat-v7-24.2.1.jar Required by: hardbass:app:unspecified > Could not find com.android.support:recyclerview-v7:24.2.1. Searched in the following locations: https://jcenter.bintray.com/com/android/support/recyclerview-v7/24.2.1/ recyclerview-v7-24.2.1.pom https://jcenter.bintray.com/com/android/support/recyclerview-v7/24.2.1/ recyclerview-v7-24.2.1.jar Required by: hardbass:app:unspecified I'm no coder, I just want some yoi and wub D: It wouldn't hurt to at least provide a compiled version of the tracker
  5. bump, been thinking of a similar idea for a long time. mushy XE keyboards arent too good for prolonged use
  6. Sorry for digging this out after 13 years, but the development of this tracker has apparently come to a screeching halt. But back in 2015, the source files (written in xasm) have been released for the tracker and are available here: http://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/projects/Synthtracker/ From what I gathered, at this moment it's failing to load files from disks (though it has been reported to work with SDX formatted floppies), and also lacks a player routine.
  7. Oh, didn't know about that you need to provide parameters, wasn't described anywhere works now, cheers! Also, how hard would it be to make a version for use with shorter mp3s that actually could be loaded onto computers expanded to 1MB?
  8. For the love of me I can't seem to make anything with this thing. The furthest I got was to get waveform.bin, and some form of .obx, but that crashes in emu (duh) I could make a cart on my own with supplied tools, but there's no bank0.bin
  9. He said he doesn't, but he pointed me to someone else. So far no response.
  10. I hoped someone at least attempted to reverse engineer/disassembly it in the years...
  11. long story short, I've been looking far and wide for the RMT source code for a possible rewrite (I am not going to do it, but maybe if someone else got such a brilliant idea they've had an easier time). Before you ask, no, Google did not help. So I'm turning to You, fine people of AtariAge.
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