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  1. Is there a good source online for the rubber feet for the bottom of the TI99/4A ? Which brings me to the subject of why people feel the need to pull them off in the first place ? I've bought a few with missing feet .. do they drop off or were they pulled?
  2. I have 4 of those TNCs sitting on the shelf... You never know when you'll need them.
  3. Does anyone happen to have an error code list ? I acquired a 1000 TL/2 with a 40Mb Hard Drive. It seems to spin up on boot, but a 1701 error code appears and then it boots from ROM. The hard drive does not appear as the C: drive, ROM does. After 5 or so minutes the machine seems to lock up. If I remove the Hard drive and associated card, The computer boots and does not lock up. I'm wondering what the 1701 code means ... other than "hey your HD is knackered" TIA
  4. I won this one .... I have my fingers crossed the PEB works!
  5. Nice I'll add that to my retronet instance... Thanks for asking them. I posted in the general chat before about TI... But a dedicated area will be nice! Pepper
  6. Feel free to try my BBS. It's mostly message boards and Door Games, and not running on TI hardware. Cosmik Debris BBS Telnet://cosmikdebris.ddns.net:2323 Pepper
  7. I happened to have a PSU that needed the LED replaced. So I made a terrible video showing the replacement. My mic was apparently not working, so there's no audio. I will add that later. https://youtu.be/Ztcp4WSLvrE
  8. Yes, just make sure you get the polarity correct. At the bottom of the plastic part of the LED there is a flat. This corresponds to the the Cathode (-) lead. Make sure you place this in the same orientation as the current LED. If you can't find a flat on the LED, you can also look inside the LED. One leg looks like a post (+) and the negative side is much bigger. You can match to the current LED.
  9. No I've not tried replacing it yet. It's not socketed on this board.. (My working TI99/4A is lol). I'm going to do more poking around before unsoldering the beast...
  10. SIP pin headers will work nicely, they are very handy ! Finding a 64 pin DIP that is 2.54mm pitch seems to be hard on eBay, but Mouser has them. I need to go through troubleshooting this spare board that I have again, before I start unsoldering everything. The -RESET line is set high all the time... which makes me suspect the TMS9900.
  11. I know reliability comes to mind. But what are the pros and cons of when replacing the TMS9900 that you bung in a DIP socket to make life easier the next time ? Inquiring minds want to know
  12. Yes, I have the PiDP8/i running a Mystic Telnet BBS. I also have the "blinkin lights" going I occasionally play Adventure on it also. I'm looking forward to building his PDP11 clone when that comes out.
  13. Yeah, I tried all of the above. New CF card, reformatted and loaded the vol1 back onto it, etc. I ended up returning it to the person I bought it from. I suppose, It's not beyond the realm of possibilities that it's my TI that's the issue. Not the NanoPEB. As I only have one working TI99/4A, I did not have anything to test against. When I get my spare unit working then maybe I'll purchase another NanoPEB. Until then I have plenty of other projects to keep me busy.
  14. I took my 12v regulated Bench power supply and dropped the voltage down to 5V with a DC-DC Buck converter. Still the same symptom. So that rules out the PSU as that's been 3 different sources. Cleaned the sidecar board contacts with some fine sandpaper. No joy. It's not going to beat me ... well hopefully not ..lol.
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