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  1. thank you JohnE, never been so happy to die in that game before!
  2. Look for 'overscan' being turned on for that HDMI channel, that was my issue.
  3. Gotcha..... I was grasping for straws on some common issue I wasn't finding, even some curse of death level. Hoping for that due diligence time this evening with the tracing and checks. Thanks for the common sense advice to actually start with common sense!
  4. Very rusty on much of this so my apologies in advance. I have a regular 2600A and the right controller port will not go up. I have tested this with multiple sticks on Space War and Combat. The only thing I have not been able to test would be paddles on the right port (I only have one set). I took it apart the other week and I don't believe I had any continuity issues for Up on that controller. Pretty sure I remember that being pin 1 but I couldn't be sure. I have the field service manual download. Other than just flat out pin continuity how far down any particular rabbit hole could that issue go?
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