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  1. Hi AtariAgers Just to let you know, bounties are being offered for the 'impossible' scores of 5.54 and 5.51 on Dragster for the VCS. Please have a look at this thread at Twin Galaxies for full details: http://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/176503-Cash-for-revs-Dragster-5-51-bounty-bonanza The bounties currently stand at $605.51 for 5.51 $130 for 5.54 It would be tremendous if any of you guys over here fancied contributing to the bounty pot, or indeed had a go at getting either of the scores. (Though you may need a cosmic ray to hit you at exactly the right moment for the latter). If anyone does feel like throwing in some cash, and isn't registered at Twin Galaxies, please feel free to PM me here or at the Donkey Kong Forum and I'll have it added to the pot. All the best Spaceman
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