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  1. That's a prompt to create a RetroHQ account, PayPal login comes after you've done that
  2. Plus it's always nice to play the 'will the Jaguar CD work' coin toss when you reconnect it 😉
  3. Saint might have our only profitable export after
  4. 101 which is hopefully a good omen, second batch I presume (so don't any of you first batchers have any problems)
  5. There's just a pre-pre order list, where you can order the pre-order list
  6. We're taking the mickey here but without a good interface how are we going to navigate all those games that were released for the Jag ... ohhh
  7. I think it's a valid concern for some people, the CD is a (relatively) rare item and, as such, would be a prime reason to buy it. I think the posters question is more is this something that can be patched in and is it definitely going to happen. Two valid concerns which i'm guessing are nearly impossible for SainT to answer at the moment (given the nature of the problem).
  8. Yeah the docs seem to suggest that the address might be a little odd if the GPU Interrupt code hasn't run. But I think that's fairly well known
  9. I've got no problem with a 3D printed case, it's what's inside that counts. The worse problem you get with a well printed 3D object is layer lines, and if they're genuinely a huge issue you can just get some epoxy and scrape it over to make the case smoother. I'd certainly rather a 3D printed case than an extra £20 - £30 on top for an injection molded one.
  10. Have you looked into Cold Casting? It can be quite good for mass producing, especially if you produce a good initial model
  11. Good point, it's (relatively simple). In terms of how the consoles are arranged there's a couple of overarching rules, but there's no ordering based on manufacturer, age, era or anything like that. Any systems that work best on old fashioned CRT screens (including the Atari 2600) are on the left hand side, any machines that need some weird screen modes or refresh frequencies are on the right, with my OSSC unit. Other than that, There are 9 units, each with 3 shelves. The units are named A to I and the the shelves 1, 2 and 3. Obviously, I only have a couple of screens (ignoring the CRT). So each unit is connected via a video switcher, and then three of those switchers are connected together. Breakdown of the units Unit 1 Atari 7800 Casio Loopy Sega Pico Unit 2 Atari Jaguar w/ CD Microsoft XBox Panasonic FZ-1 3DO Unit 3 Mattel Intellivison Sega SG1000 Mk2 Amstrad GX4000 Unit 4 Sega Mastersystem NEC Supergrafx w/ Super CD Fujitsu FM Towns Marty 2 Unit 5 Nintendo Entertainment System Sony Playstation 2 Super Nintendo Entertainment System Unit 6 Sharp Twin Famicom NEC TurboDuo SNK Neo Geo CD Unit 7 Sony Playstation Sega Dreamcast Nintendo Gamecube Unit 8 Apple/Bandai Pippin Sega Saturn Bandai Playdia Unit 9 Philips CDI-450 Commodore Amiga CD32 SNK Neo Geo AES Unnofficial Unit 10 MB Vectrex Atari 2600 w/ Romscanner NEC PC-FX Nintendo 64 w/ N64DD NEC CoreGrafx Sega Megadrive 1 w/ Mega CD 1 and 32X Sharp X68000 Super HD Sharp X68000 Compact XVI Sammy Atomiswave SNK Neo Geo MVS 1-Slot Fujitsu FM Towns Marty 1 Atari 2600 Jr NEC Turbografx Fujitsu Ten Car Marty Sony PSX Mist FPGA Handhelds NEC PC-Engine GT Bandai Wonderswan Bandai Wonderswan Color Sega GameGear Sega Nomad Sony PSP Sega CDX Tiger game.com Nintendo Gameboy Nintendo Gameboy Color Nintendo 3DS Nintendo DSi Nintendo VirtualBoy Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP Atari Lynx 2 SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color
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    The contents of my gaming room, NerdHaven
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