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  1. Thanks for the tip, even if I'll most likely attempt to learn with VisualbB. I'll probably still give the Blockly based utility a look.
  2. Never thought I'd see code blocks be usable to make 2600 games!
  3. I'm trying to convert a SID file of Skate Or Die's intro music I have to midi using SID2MIDIw. It says the file loaded is not a proper SID file despite it working perfectly fine in Sidplay2 which I use to play SID files on my Windows PC. Only a few SID files I have will work in the to MIDI converter, and these files that do work I notice is a "PlaySID one-file format (PSID)", while the ones that doesn't are "Real C64 one-file format (RSID)". Trying to look up how to convert between these two different types of SID files leaves nothing, and was wondering if any of you know how to fix the issue. BTW this is the only program I can find that directly converts SID files to MIDI.
  4. I had this dream, thought you guys might find it interesting. "I was bored wandering the Wal*Mart alone. I noticed this mini game convention area that was showcasing games and such. I saw this one area that had a crt tv that was silver with an Atari 2600 hooked up to it. They were playing a homebrew port of Worms Armegeden and had the box showcased on the 2600. There were two people playing the game. The game itself showed this single screen stage with the two worms. It was made up of flo...

    1. jaybird3rd
    2. Flojomojo


      teh supar hackr can spell Armageddon however he damn well pleases


      H0W3V3r 43 dAmN w377 w4Nt5!

    3. GoldLeader


      And it was made of flojomojo?

  5. Thanks, I found out that there's supposed to be a led that turns on when I turn the console on, but when using the right power adapter, nothing happens, and it used to make this loud disc sound when I'd turn it on. I'm just going to get another one, found this listing for one that's around $25 or so. Annoying how I have to buy the same console twice thanks to how obscure it is. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vtech-V-Flash-Home-Edutainment-System-Console-w-1-Controller-A-V-Power-Cords/323629186186?hash=item4b59cd7c8a:g:T9UAAOSwPg9cKcVa
  6. It does look like it, and I can't find a pin out for it, and I can't find a way to disassemble this without breaking the console as I think I have to pry it open from the front. The rubber feet on the bottom leads to nothing, and I don't feel any screws under the sticker on the bottom. The only screws I could see is one for a rubber bit to prevent scratches from the lid, and 4 for the magnet that hold the discs when it spins. Is ther a way I could make a pin out just from having access to the port itself, and not the board inside? Here's some images of an unboxing of the console, if this helps. https://games.multimedia.cx/unboxing-the-vtech-v-flash/
  7. it did'int upload, and I don't know how to edit posts, so here https://games.multimedia.cx/wp-content/uploads/16-v.flash-back.jpg
  8. It did'int upload, and I don't know how to edit the post, so I'll just add the image here https://games.multimedia.cx/wp-content/uploads/16-v.flash-back.jpg
  9. I bought this obscure game console for $20 with everything in box, except the video cable. The cable is hard to find online, and the console itself normally goes for $40. I don't want to pay $20 for the cable as I already bought the console for $20. I've attached an image of the port I'm talking about. It's the one on the left, and I thought it was an S-Video, but noticed the slightly different pin layout. It could be a din connector, but am unsure.
  10. I got done modding my NES Frontloader to disable that annoying CIC chip so I can play my Famicom imports through the adapter without the flashing light. The adapter ether has a fake CIC chip that crapped out, or does'int even have one.

    1. DragonGrafx-16


      I had the same problem with mine. I did disable it. I installed a Blinking Light Win later on for the better 72pin even though it would have disabled the CIC as well. Oh well lol


      Next mod is the expansion audio mod.

    2. teh_supar_hackr


      @DragonGrafx-16 I've been wanting this expantion for your NES that actually uses the Expansion port on the bottom that lets you use Famicom extensions and controllers on the nes, I'm wanting to test it out with the Famicom Keyboard, the Famicom Cassette Tape, and a copy of Excitebike that's NTST to see if that version still has the saving to audio in tact.

  11. I agree that Atari should do that. Kind of reminds me of EA with Dungeon Keeper, Command & Conquer, Sim City, Populus, ect, and not using them, or making some crap game in the series. When EA announced Command & Conquer game with two dick weeds trying to be popular, I knew that it was going to be a bland mess with micro transactions, like how that Dungeon Keeper mobile game apparently turned out, never played it, only knew about this crap shoot mobile game from LGR.
  12. I've always liked the Roller Coaster Tycoon series, and despite the backlash to RCTW I'm still interested in the series, and dare I say am willing to try RCTW. I don't have PSVR, nor do I have a ps4, but plan on getting one soon. Is this game any good, or should I just stick to the track riding feature from RCT3, or just play Planet Coaster. I'm also curious on the RCT4 that was only on mobile for some reason, and Tycoon Park, that game from Bullfrog studios. I'm also a little hyped for that Night Driving remake on mobile, but I feel like it's going to be iffy.
  13. I recently got a huge lot with mostly playstation related stuff. You can see this on my Twitter post here: https://twitter.com/teh_supar_hackr/status/1098438241081012225

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    2. teh_supar_hackr


      @RJ also there were more than one image in that post, not sure if you saw or not.

    3. RJ


      I saw 3 images

    4. teh_supar_hackr


      @RJ Oh, probobly all those empty cases making it look bigger at first glance.

  14. I never even heard of this place, but it sounds kind of like getting something from Ikea, but with games added to the mix and with the item you want not being in-store most the time. Do you have an image of a white label A2600 game? I think I may have seen an example or two on eBay.
  15. Does anyone here have a GBC In-Store Demo Cart for sale? The model number for the cart in case there's multable gbc demo carts is "dis-cgb-adme-usa".

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