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  1. That's an understatement, jeez. I'm always interested to look up the end result of games that started on the Jag then moved to other consoles... Cheesy looks like shit.
  2. This SD cart is making taking the plunge and finally buying a console more and more appealing...
  3. Remember when the internet was littered with those banner ads made with flash that tried to disguise themselves as games? Usually there would be something that popped up that you've have to aim your cursor at and click. That's what this reminds me of and it probably has about the same replay value. The visuals look nice at least, but there have been so many simple games where you mindlessly shoot at things like this that not even visuals with a $1m budget could make that kind of gameplay interesting at this point.
  4. A friend of mine owns a gaming lounge and he's a really inspirational guy. The lounge started as a tiny, cramped, rented room a few years ago. Since then it evolved into larger rooms, and now it's in a giant building. He has networked computers and consoles for all the fancy new shit the kids play, arcade machines (including CoJag's Area 51), and some retro consoles. He does good stuff for the community like offering free gaming to kids that do well in school, stuff like that. Whenever I go somewhere that has various retro consoles set up for freeplay (like PAX), I'm always disappointed that they only have the most popular consoles available. Fuck that, I have enough gamer friends so I can play NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, Playstation, etc at their houses if I wanted to. I want to play consoles that I never have before, consoles that would be a poor financial decision to buy myself... and there's no console that I want to play more than the Atari Jaguar. I'm thinking of crowdfunding the purchase of a Jaguar for this gaming lounge. I'd like to buy the console with all necessary wires, 2 controllers, and a decent assortment of games: the main essentials, and some multiplayer games. I'm aware that certain games go for ridiculous prices, let's leave those out. Two questions: • How much should I expect to spend in order to buy what I described above? • What kind of video output did the Jaguar mainly ship with, RF or AV? If RF, what do I need in order to get better video output? A CatBox/ScatBox/etc? Last I heard those were rare, what are my cheaper options? - Less important bonus question: • I'm putting together a project of playing drums over a medley of retro game songs. The finished product will be roughly 2 hours long with a short break, and the first place I'll perform it will be at this gaming lounge. Are there any songs from Jaguar games that you'd recommend I check out to see if they're worth including? Songs that might be good to play drums over. If you aren't a drummer, up tempo stuff usually works best.
  5. Jimmy Hart might take issue with Track 3: https://youtu.be/ZNL8CRRunhU?t=7
  6. When I was 14 years old I was a part of an animation community and my creations suffered from two issues: Grandiose ideas and impatience. I would think up big ideas, but halfway though I would realize how much work was involved and end up releasing something shitty and half-done. I briefly returned in my early 20s and the quality of my stuff improved greatly simple by virtue of being an older person with more patience. I am reminded of that with each of his releases. It's too bad the same mistakes keep being repeated and it's happened often enough that I don't expect anything to change (but would love to be proven wrong). The other issue at hand is I've seen him say several times things like "this is my last game for the Jag" only to turn around and hype up his next big release shortly afterwards. Such emotional outbursts were also true of my younger years. If more people were willing to put time into making Jag games with rB+ I don't think these games would be getting any attention.
  7. Was this port (very) unfinished? I saw some video of it and it seemed like a big downgrade from how I remember the arcade version - even though the Jaguar could easily handle everything the arcade version did.
  8. Question for my curiosity as I am unfamiliar with the platform: roughly how many ST games could fit on a single Jaguar cart?
  9. Last year I became fascinated with the Jaguar and started exploring all there is to explore on the internet about it. I've never touched a Jaguar controller in my life, so playing an actual machine is on my bucket list. Something today reminded me of a Jaguar-related dream I had many months ago. If you've never heard of Stuart Ashen he's a British YouTube personality that reviews poor quality items and food, often from 1£ or 99p stores. In this dream I was an internet personality of some sort myself and agreed to do a crossover video with him. I flew overseas (I'm from the USA) and introduced myself. In our video, we were to visit several 1£ stores. I bought all sorts of stuff, mostly food like every brand of cheap candy that I didn't think we had back home. As we entered the last 1£ store of the bunch, I saw something I couldn't believe... The Atari Jaguar Mini Classic Edition. There were tons of them. Boxes on top of boxes on top of boxes of tiny little Jaguar systems that couldn't sell in the main electronics stores and ended up at the 1£ store to be dumped off to the masses. "Includes the classic Cybermorph!" was written under the Jaguar logo (probably should've been Tempest 2000, eh?). I shoveled as many of them as would fit into my cart and bought them all. I wasn't just going to experience the Jaguar myself for the first time (albeit in a tinier form), I was going to bring a bunch back for my gaming nerd friends back home. I was hoping to play it a bit when we returned to the hotel and maybe get in some multiplayer action with Stuart, but we'd run out of time and I had to catch my flight back home. When I finally got back to my house I excitedly hooked everything up and was ready to finally play... ...but I was trying to play a PAL console in a NTSC country. Nothing showed up on the screen. It wouldn't work at all. Have you had any Jaguar dreams?
  10. It's always very interesting to see footage of unreleased Jag games, but especially one that's 3D like this.
  11. I had assumed that VJ's emulation quality was too shitty to test homebrew with since, if the emulation itself it buggy, how can you debug your code and figure out if it's you or the emulator? Then I realized that it's been many, many years since I last fired up VJ and it's probably much improved since then. What is rB+ actually? Just a means of writing simplified code that converts into and accesses deeper Jag assembly functions? Is there a list of completed games that were created with it? The only games that I know were created with rB+ were made within the past year by a developer of, let's say, dubious quality. I'd like to see some good examples of rB+ games.
  12. You're posting it because it gives you an excuse to post yet another image/video in this thread. Your pattern of behavior is very consistent and clear to anyone who's seen more than a few of your posts. If you want mindless replies of "Wow, looks great!" then keep spamming Jaguar Sector III on Facebook as often as you can get away with like you've been doing. If you want to impress the people here then you need to do the difficult thing and shut up, spend the time you would've spent thinking about/writing these posts instead working on the things people have suggested, and release a bug-free game that's fun to play. You have all these people writing these long posts with great advice that's clear and specific and instead you argue with them, pretend to understand when you have no other option and move on as fast as possible so you can get back to posting another picture and reading another positive reply. Somehow it doesn't matter that only 10% of them are positive , just keep drowning out the other voices and repeating the same behaviors. People love a good redemption story, they want to see others overcome their problems - that's why you're getting comments like "Not that you're going to listen, [...] but have to say it anyway" people want to think that their expectations of you are wrong and that this time the things they're saying are going to get you to realize what you need to do. You seem to have written everyone here off as if no matter what you do they'll never be happy, their expectations are unreasonable... No. Their expectations are very simple and easy for you to achieve. Wouldn't you like there to be more than one positive comment per page?
  13. This is pretty cool, and it would inspire me to give rB+ a try myself if I only had a Jaguar. All you have left to do now is start selling carts of this for $60 a pop on eBay!
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