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  1. It's insane how much longevity the footage from many of these games had. Night Trap for example was shot in 1987, first used in 1993 (Sega CD), then better quality in 1994 (3DO, CD32x), Director's Cut in 1995 (PC). Then 22 years later it pops back up in 2017 (Windows, PS4) and 2018 (Switch, Vita). All this for a game based around the mere novelty of FMV, something we quickly got sick of - yet we won't let it die.
  2. I'm not understanding what warrants such an aggressive, confrontational response here. ...anyway... I have a small handful of novelties that I poke around for every so often looking for a deal. Over the years this patient approach earned me a nice, but modest collection of Dreamcast hardware. I got the official arcade stick for $30 ($100) and Samba de Amigo Maracas for $50 ($125+) among other stuff. There are some things however that you've just gotta bite the balls and pay the price. I spent maybe a decade waiting to find a decent price on an ASCII Pad FT but they're too in-demand. I eventually just paid the $100 for one on impulse. Jaguar stuff definitely falls into this category. Sellers are aware of the high prices this shit sells for. They know what they have, and buys know what they're looking for. The odds that I'll ever encounter one in the wild is slim to none, I don't ever see even common retro-gaming stuff in thrift stores anymore. Back in the day I'd almost always see some obscure old gaming stuff on my trips to Savers. I don't have a Jaguar and never have, it's just been a morbid curiosity for a few years now. The price of entry is waaay too much for a novelty, especially given my budget. But maybe if I feel like scratching that itch in a year or two and haven't touched my aforementioned Dreamcast stuff in a while, I'll see if selling it could fetch enough $$$ to live my Jaguar fantasy. Once the GameDrive has CD support, the full library of games will be about as accessible to me as they've ever been (or will be anytime soon).
  3. I don't have a Jaguar and doubt that will change anytime soon, but it will eventually. So I just want to say: please keep making games! However, here's my take on the genre: I grew up with the original Castlevania so while I enjoyed Symphony of the Night, I was disappointed when they started designing ALL the sequels like that. Plus as I get older my time/patience for games isn't what it once was. I often find myself looking for linear, short(ish) games I can blast through in a few hours. My gaming sessions only last about an hour each time now, I'm not laying in bed with Dreamcast controller in-hand for hours every night. I want to be making progress, seeing action rather than exploring a lot. I'd imagine it would take a lot of creativity to design a Metroidvania with all its backtracking, so I'd be very interested to follow the development process even if I don't have a way to play it. That's why I started following the Jag scene a couple years ago, to watch its fanbase making cool shit. It's a popular genre, obviously! and it would add something new to the Jag library. I love the look of the demo, very authentic.
  4. Pardon me as this isn't Jaguar-related, I've just seen multiple devs here mention using Jasc PSP7 and have no where else to ask. It's also a bitch to Google (just pulls up Corel PSP results). Sometimes I will layer a raster image atop another with similar colors, requiring a shadow effect around the topmost layer. For years I used a plugin called Eye Candy 4000 for its Corona effect, it did a good enough job of that. Here's the effect of applying Corona in black to an image: To see Corona in-use including its options, [CLICK]. Here's a couple examples of how I've used this effect in the past: [ONE], [TWO]. So, my question: Unfortunately I lost my copy of the Eye Candy 4000 installer at some point so I can't use it on my current laptop. I can remote into my old one when it's absolutely needed, but it's a pain. How else can I achieve this type of effect in PSP? Do it have any similar effects natively? Are there any PSP7 plug-ins you'd recommend (if any still exist)? _________________________ If not possible with PSP7, I also have GIMP installed and am open to using some other lightweight image editor to achieve this. Any info is appreciated, thanks in advance!
  5. I had a dream about finding loads of unsold Atari Jaguar Minis at a discount shop in the UK with Stuart Ashen a few years back, if that counts for anything.
  6. Nuon... A couple weeks ago the topic of light synthesizes came up in conversation. I mentioned how long it took Minter's VLM to gain widespread appreciation. In its earlier forms it wasn't really understood, then he had the misfortune of it being on Jaguar CD. ~30 years passed since his earliest ones before such a thing was exposed to a wide audience and appreciated thanks to Xbox 360. . I completely forgot about the Nuon... so that makes two kicks to Minter's crotch before the 360! I'm surprised to hear Nuon players/games haven't become as expensive as other retrogaming hardware, especially obscure stuff. I assume that might not be the case if controllers weren't prohibitively expensive. Speaking of, I just took a look at eBay sold listings to get a feel for prices and yikes, usually $200+just for one of them! Not just that, but the majority of these are Logitech controllers which suffer from input lag according to this review. Apparently the input lag was a known issue reported to Logitech in testing, yet they did not fix problem before release - despite assuring testers that they would. Interesting... so what we've got here is a rare game on a rare console with rare controllers? I've been involved in enough niche hobbies over the years to know that wherever these enthusiasts with a Nuon and controller are, they probably thrilled to see the news of this re-release.
  7. Fuck whatever this Adventure 16bit thing is, I want someone to make another game with this cat in it.
  8. I haven't played it, but! While writing that post I knew I had seen other games that are very similar. Only Landstalker on Genesis was coming to mind, but it wasn't that. Couldn't figure out if I was just making it up, but you might've solved the mystery.
  9. I'm in the USA so neither of these were released on platforms very accessible to me. Never heard of Head Over Heels so I looked it up on YouTube, looks a lot like Solstice on the NES. Solstice was released a couple years later, so maybe it was inspired by Head Over Heels. Impossamole I've heard of thanks to Turbo Views which I highly recommend if you're ever interested in a TG-16 game but want a short video review before buying. He's been at it since 2009 and it's the most consistent show on YouTube, if you showed someone the 1st and last episodes they wouldn't be able to tell which was which. It's still a small channel after all this time so it must be a labor of love.
  10. When I'm laying around half brain-dead I gravitate towards familiar topics like video games, so off to AA I went. This thread's title caught my eye so I ended up reading through all the Jag Programming forums, never really poked around in there before... and wow. The mere fact that something like rB+ existed as an accessible entry point to virtually anyone makes this scene special enough, but it's so much more. I didn't know there were so many underlying pieces from so many different contributors. Everything's open and free, nobody's keeping their toys locked away. There's seemingly perpetual active support/additions. Just one example, I knew U-235 is a sound engine but did not know it was released in 2011 and Linkovich is in its thread keeping things rolling to this very day. Above all else though... I thought I was a patient guy. Nope. Receiving a bug report in the form of "it didn't work" alone takes a bite out of my patience. I have no idea how many of you, ggn in particular, remained so helpful in such a timely manner despite many discouraging things going on. There's the aforementioned "it didn't work" (continuously, even after being educated why that's useless), complaining about the tools or referring to non-existent bugs within them. Whining, snide remarks, sample projects being monetized, unfinished works being stolen and sold... so much shit that would've made me throw in the towel a long time ago. On the other hand I did see the kind of positivity that makes you want to stick with things despite some headaches. The threads I enjoyed most were made by enthusiastic individuals persevering through all obstacles, making sure they gave it their all before taking time away from someone else by asking for help. It was fun moving from page to page, seeing ideas become reality, projects evolving. Everything's finally put together, the placeholder title/graphics are replaced with something to give the game its own identity, and just like that there +1 to add to the Jag's game library. In other words... cool beans.
  11. I don't have a Twitter account, don't browse Twitter. All social media platforms can be cesspools but Twitter's design makes it particularly bad. If I'm going to rot my brain cells scrolling down a feed for 5 minutes then I want to see things like inspiring travel photos, insightful comments, or funny jokes from friends I care to share experiences with. I don't give a shit about anyone's loud, uneducated, emotional opinions - be Twitter's specialty. Then I saw one of Jeff's "Morning Sheep Time" posts a year or two ago and I dug it. I've never been cut out for the responsibility of having pets of my own but enjoy a good meow or head-scratch once in a while, as long as I can go home after without cleaning up any shit. I'm not a morning person. I'd rather sleep in than have to wake up at sunrise to feed an impatient cat. I definitely would not want 15+ animals spread out across a large farm waiting for me every morning. I will, however, Google Jeff Minter Twitter every couple of weeks when I need something relaxing to chill out to at the end of my week. If social media must exist, this is how you do it right.
  12. A certain name caught my ear as I was listening to this earlier... start at 1:56, I've timestamped it. Cat DeSpira. I remember a bit of "Cat Who?" after Kieren thanked her at the end of his 19 pages of toilet paper.
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