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  1. Fuck whatever this Adventure 16bit thing is, I want someone to make another game with this cat in it.
  2. I haven't played it, but! While writing that post I knew I had seen other games that are very similar. Only Landstalker on Genesis was coming to mind, but it wasn't that. Couldn't figure out if I was just making it up, but you might've solved the mystery.
  3. I'm in the USA so neither of these were released on platforms very accessible to me. Never heard of Head Over Heels so I looked it up on YouTube, looks a lot like Solstice on the NES. Solstice was released a couple years later, so maybe it was inspired by Head Over Heels. Impossamole I've heard of thanks to Turbo Views which I highly recommend if you're ever interested in a TG-16 game but want a short video review before buying. He's been at it since 2009 and it's the most consistent show on YouTube, if you showed someone the 1st and last episodes they wouldn't be able to tell which was which. It's still a small channel after all this time so it must be a labor of love.
  4. When I'm laying around half brain-dead I gravitate towards familiar topics like video games, so off to AA I went. This thread's title caught my eye so I ended up reading through all the Jag Programming forums, never really poked around in there before... and wow. The mere fact that something like rB+ existed as an accessible entry point to virtually anyone makes this scene special enough, but it's so much more. I didn't know there were so many underlying pieces from so many different contributors. Everything's open and free, nobody's keeping their toys locked away. There's seemingly perpetual active support/additions. Just one example, I knew U-235 is a sound engine but did not know it was released in 2011 and Linkovich is in its thread keeping things rolling to this very day. Above all else though... I thought I was a patient guy. Nope. Receiving a bug report in the form of "it didn't work" alone takes a bite out of my patience. I have no idea how many of you, ggn in particular, remained so helpful in such a timely manner despite many discouraging things going on. There's the aforementioned "it didn't work" (continuously, even after being educated why that's useless), complaining about the tools or referring to non-existent bugs within them. Whining, snide remarks, sample projects being monetized, unfinished works being stolen and sold... so much shit that would've made me throw in the towel a long time ago. On the other hand I did see the kind of positivity that makes you want to stick with things despite some headaches. The threads I enjoyed most were made by enthusiastic individuals persevering through all obstacles, making sure they gave it their all before taking time away from someone else by asking for help. It was fun moving from page to page, seeing ideas become reality, projects evolving. Everything's finally put together, the placeholder title/graphics are replaced with something to give the game its own identity, and just like that there +1 to add to the Jag's game library. In other words... cool beans.
  5. I don't have a Twitter account, don't browse Twitter. All social media platforms can be cesspools but Twitter's design makes it particularly bad. If I'm going to rot my brain cells scrolling down a feed for 5 minutes then I want to see things like inspiring travel photos, insightful comments, or funny jokes from friends I care to share experiences with. I don't give a shit about anyone's loud, uneducated, emotional opinions - be Twitter's specialty. Then I saw one of Jeff's "Morning Sheep Time" posts a year or two ago and I dug it. I've never been cut out for the responsibility of having pets of my own but enjoy a good meow or head-scratch once in a while, as long as I can go home after without cleaning up any shit. I'm not a morning person. I'd rather sleep in than have to wake up at sunrise to feed an impatient cat. I definitely would not want 15+ animals spread out across a large farm waiting for me every morning. I will, however, Google Jeff Minter Twitter every couple of weeks when I need something relaxing to chill out to at the end of my week. If social media must exist, this is how you do it right.
  6. A certain name caught my ear as I was listening to this earlier... start at 1:56, I've timestamped it. Cat DeSpira. I remember a bit of "Cat Who?" after Kieren thanked her at the end of his 19 pages of toilet paper.
  7. I was a part of a niche animation community primarily from 2000-2004, dabbled in it later. Our tools of the trade were PSP7+Animation Shop 3 which came bundled together. They're separate programs but were also designed to work in tandem. Since then I never had reason to upgrade since it does everything I need, and none of the shit that I don't. Anyway, sorry for the brief derailment. Watching the gameplay video, I'm finding myself melting into my chair listening to this relaxing music and seeing those colors... very relaxing vibe. Back when I was in college there was a time where I'd get home from my afternoon/evening classes exhausted and just lay in bed for hours playing puzzle games deep into the night. This would've been a great game for that.
  8. You mean I'm not the only person that's refused to upgrade to anything else for the past 20 years?!
  9. I typed what I just posted before reading this comment, but I agree - and fortunate timing for me to write that reply!
  10. I posted a few pages back with some scatterbrained thoughts about how the information accumulated here should be made useful in the long term. I've been pondering it since, have let the thoughts digest a bit, and here's what I have to say. But first: I've always had a fascination with scammers and fraudsters, I've been reading up on them for a good 15+ years now. A few things are common among all of them: these people will never change, it's all they know. You might throw them in prison for 20 years, you might publicly expose them to the entire world, but they will eventually be back to doing what they do. A couple of my go-to examples: Peter Popoff - Televangelist who was publicly exposed in the 80s to the entire world. He was smart enough to stay out of the public eye for a bit, but every decade or so he comes back with something new. His current thing, which I can't believe people fall for, is Miracle Debt-Cancellation Water. You drink this water and one day wake up to find all this extra money in your bank account, just enough to pay your debts. Praise Jesus! Kevin Trudeau - Like Popoff, he made a lot of money. Unlike Popoff, he wasn't smart enough to disappear between fuck-ups. He got into legal trouble every year or two and is now in prison. These guys are at the top of the fraudster ladder. At the bottom of that ladder are the Kieren Hawkens of the world. But regardless of success or cunning, the thing they all have in common is they're going to keep doing what they do until they're in the grave. When everyone started coming together and sharing their experiences here, it was like an eruption after years of rumblings below the surface. It's always hard to imagine at the time but these things always eventually settle down and life moves on. So what purpose has this thread had, and what purpose would we like it to continue having? In my opinion, 3 things: 1.) Long term - Warn Would-Be Employers As I said before, someone needs to write a clear, concise summary for those outside of the scene - future employers, book publishers, event organizers, etc. They need to know that he's going to provide shoddy work and damage their brand's credibility, but more importantly he'll leave them with a big mess to clean up afterwards. Many of these Retro-themed publications and events are a labor of love, they aren't the most profitable thing in the world. They're the result of passion and Kieren will kill their passion... then as they're left to clean up the mess, trying to undo the damage to their brand, Kieren will be using your brand to add credibility to his name a la Retro Gamer. 2.) As an archive of the nitty gritty details For people that are connected to this scene enough to want to read every single page of this thread, they can use this as education as to the scope of the damage he's caused. A lot of people who normally keep quiet about things have come out of the shadows to tell their stories now. 3.) As a sort of group therapy, showing support for each other These hobbies are supposed to be fun, a positive experience. People aren't here for the drama, but it's a testament to their passion for retrogaming that they've stuck around in spite of it. Tragedies are... well, tragic, but they can bring communities together. As everyone has come together here to share stories with each other, it has made the community tighter - and therefore, further blocking Kieren out of it. By now it appears the most damning evidence has already been presented, yet the replies still have enough momentum for the pages to keep piling on. Some have suggested people refrain from commenting on particular things or that separate threads should be made. This would require mass cooperation which us humans aren't very good at. For for what I proposed, there just has to be a few people - or even one person - to achieve the long term benefits of #1. Otherwise this thread can continue to play out as it would. I think everybody here wants the same things to result from this thread, there's just some disagreement on how to achieve it. Those are my 2 cents.
  11. Here's a zip with the assets I used if they're of use to anyone. I lazily and quickly ripped everything off YouTube. Video Video Thumbnail "Alarm" avatar Description texts for both YouTube and BitChute (I added the bits at the top) http://www.mediafire.com/file/x9dl9yq99e3e26u/lairds-lies.zip/file Mirrors: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqwLCMcnU2BAgi6g5lnMj4aqXnCr?e=lwSlcg https://mega.nz/file/KuwGlajT#Ml5b8hnfu0L8lT8_vLVteaSXXw7YYAUay7RkkJvgEds
  12. I'm in the USA. Here's a YouTube mirror: and BitChute (still being processed at time of posting this): https://www.bitchute.com/video/E7SfOfDgrhKT/
  13. I'm not close enough to that situation to know either way so I believe it, but could see others in the future having difficulty separating fact from fiction. Also, couldn't figure out to quote you into an edit so I'll reply now: Indeed, a lot of people haven't had that luxury... you being the best example I know of. I had to deal with swarms of 4chan kids as a moderator/tools dev for this online game earlier last decade. I thought they were bad, but I'd honestly prefer that to this shit. I should have made more clear that I'm fully on you guys' side - this dude is a total piece of shit and I'm fortunate that I haven't had to deal with him. I've just been meaning to mention this for a while speaking through my psych lens. If I was in a similar situation back in ~2012 about those 4chan clowns, I definitely would have overwhelmed the listener with too much information as I was too close to the matter. I would like to see this thread result the community coming together as a united front against this douche, while also remaining useful years down the road when he tries to pull this shit on new people. He won't be changing he ways anytime soon - it's all he knows.
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