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  1. Yep, only the PRINTED IN HONG KONG version: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-super-football_14071.html
  2. AtariAge, AtariMania and AtariBoxed to name but a few.
  3. Excellent information. Many thanks! Really appreciate it
  4. Many thanks for sharing. I wil add the VCS ones to our database.
  5. No, prototypes without ~ are prototypes of released games. Prototypes with ~ are the latest known to exist prototype of a non released game.
  6. Very simple: the ones with a ~ behind their name are the true originals (and yes, in some cases that's a PAL version). In my collection, there's also the PAL only map, the NTSC only map, the sorted by alphabet maps, sorted by company map, the Harmony Cart ROM maps, etc. And if you really want to be creative, you can sort the Paddle games, by searching for 'Paddle' in the map, you can sort Prototypes by searching for 'Prototype', you can sort on serial numbers, programmer, release year, company, format, WIP name, whatever. In short: if you're looking for the best 1977-1992 era VCS ROM collection, you need not look further: http://www.atarimania.com/rom_collection_archive_atari_2600_roms.html Enjoy.
  7. Here's Engesoft: http://www.atarimania.com/pgelstsoft.awp?system=2&type=G&publisher=89&step=25 Here's Conector: http://www.atarimania.com/pgelstsoft.awp?system=2&type=G&publisher=103&step=25 AFAIK the Angelica game was never realized.
  8. Thanks for clearing this up. I'll check all SEGA PAL and NTSC end labels and fix this.
  9. Top 100 hits since 2003: http://www.atarimania.com/top-atari-game-atari-2600-vcs-_G_2_H.html
  10. There's no differences in gameplay and the differences in boxes you already explained. The non-illustrated version came first. Here are two other versions, btw: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-donkey-kong_8097.html
  11. I'm trying to update our Holy Grail list. Of which of these carts are more than 3 copies known to exist: http://www.atarimania.com/pgelstsoft.awp?system=2&type=G&cartridgerarity=10&step=200 Anyone?
  12. Thanks for sharing. Any games on it that don't ring a bell? Xevious is Espial, right?
  13. Thanks for sharing. Any games on it that don't ring a bell? Xevious is Espial, right?
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