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    You're welcome to charge whatever you'd like. But there's enough half-finished, mediocre bB games out there, that a game without a demo or screenshots, from a relatively unknown developer, isn't likely to get a lot of purchases.


    Good luck though.

    Thanks for the idea! A free demo (mapless version of the same game, actually...) is now on the same site link for those who are skeptical to buy it!

  2. Yeah, I was looking at the wrong one. Most of the things I mentioned could still apply, though. If you are going to use that yellowish background, the sprites should probably be a little darker.

    Yeah, I'll darken the sprites. I'm going to leave out the title screen because back in the 80s a two player game on the atari didn't have one (Combat, for example). And then there's animation; i'll add some of that for the ghosts, too, and probably make the actual player 12 or so pixels high to incorporate a body animation, but other than that i will probably also add a "winner:" screen.

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  3. Besides adding sound effects, you could limit where the player can go. For example, the player can go off the top or bottom of the screen and disappear sometimes. The game could display the current score and high score at the end. You could have some kind of title screen. The sprites could be animated. The color orange used for the playfield pixels doesn't look that great on the gray background that you've chosen. You could try this tool that can help you find colors that might look great on top of each other:



    You're looking at the wrong game, silly ;) the game is Jukes Battle, not just Jukes. That version you are talking about i lost the source code for :(

  4. Thanks for putting in the work on this! :thumbsup:

    I notice some other games on your page.

    Any info on what those are?

    Since they may also be of interest. :grin:

    Well, as it turns out, the game was originally for windows 32-bit! You can play any of those versions, too if you want; if you have the money. The current price on the fullest version (includes music, fonts, and 256 levels with possible powerups) is $1.49 USD. Edit: this version is called Jukes - Redux.

    The older atari version (that doesn't have the word "battle" in it) is the same style as jukes redux, except 32 levels, no music, and no sprite acceleration.

  5. Yes you can replace it, but reprogramming it would require removing the uveprom and placing it on a serial programming board. Dont know if there is any of those anymore...

    Anyway, in the US, you cant upload a game's actual rom again from a website; that's illegal. You will have to make your own game if you want to go the route of programming.

    Oherwise I recommend buying another entire cart on a website that has it for the actual console. This is because the glue logic might be your problem, too. So if you dont feel like buying the same game twice, try replacing the 74LS first.

  6. The code is attached. I made another version on gamejolt.com/games/jukes/281986, but i needed a multiplayer edition. this code doesn't work very well, as TWO ghosts pop up when the WRONG controller fires, and the ghost spawns in the INCORRECT spot.

    I need it like this:

    Two players flash on the screen. Once one and ONLY one gets the ball that spawns randomly accross the same row, they can fire a ghost at the other player that follows them at half their speed. The ghost, however, must spawn 10 pixels away from the player fired at.

    The .bas file is linked below.jukesii2600.bas

  7. I don't know if your issue has to do with what version of bB you are using. Bankswitching is supported in this version. Without seeing the source, my first guess would be that you are missing a line like this:

       set romsize 8k

    Alternately, it may be that it was installed incorrectly, and you are missing the appropriate environment variable for bB to find its dependancies,


    I do recommend that you get the latest RevEng build if bB in any case - it has a ton of enhancements and bugfixes over the 1.0 release:




    Here is more info about installation:



    This version works! I originally got the files from bataribasic.com, so yeah, it was my version.


  8. I found this weird bug in bB 1.0 after compiling an 8k bank switching program, it assembles with three unresolved symbols:




    Why is this? Do I need an older version or a newer one? Or is it my program? I don't think it's my program because bank-switching examples don't compile either.

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