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  1. Well, I have finally repaired it by manufacturing some springs in the same way I had to imagine. Everything works fine, and I hope for years, without wearing out any original internal components. (By the way, I used a safety pin and needle nose pliers for the modification.) I hope this repair will help someone, but the possibility remains that someone will show us the true appearance of original springs. Cheers!
  2. Indeed, that was not the answer I was looking for, but ... thank you very much ! That gets a return of the lever surely for many years, true, but rubber is not "forever" (I know that nothing is forever...) I think I´m getting closer to the solution, but the part that internally pushes the lever has not been very defined yet. I think I will make a small plastic piece for that...
  3. Hello again, I've been doing some research and have been able to take a small capture from a video on YT. I'm getting closer to the actual shape of the spring so I can replace it. I renew the request: the best solution is that some owner of a heavy sixer can analyze this small piece and thus be able to correctly restore our machines. Thanks in advance... J.O.E.
  4. Hi pals, A few months ago I acquired this piece of art of technique ;). An Atari 2600 heavy sixer working perfectly except for the return of the select and reset switches. In my case I want to restore the V-shaped springs that surely (and vaguely seen in another post) I have been able to assume it have. I have to assume too that over time it detached and came out through the holes in the housing. I have disassembled this so that you can see the slot where the spring may go. And my request is ... could someone photograph these springs in order to reproduce them in the best possible way? Perhaps with a simple photograph under the reset switch (easy to do) I will have an idea to restore it. If you extract it and scan it to see all the shape and size it would be great for the community because it is sure that this failure affects not only to me. Thank you all for what you can do. J.O.E.
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