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  1. I totally understand wanting to complete a full set of something (all SG games), but paying more for a less than perfect port of an arcade game, then the actual arcade game? That seems off to me! Same for GnG as well, but that seems to be super cheap on SG (or at least use to be). Also, isn't the most expensive game the mail away version of Darius? Or am I remembering wrong?
  2. Yeah, but "eventually" and already done two times is the difference. Maybe they won't release a Mega SG CD, but it's more likely as the next system than a PSX. IMO anyway. I think the PSX is coming, just that the Mega SG CD would be first. This is great news, congrats Kevtris!! I'm glad he's getting help! That being said, if the team has grown THAT much, then it's a no-brainer that there are more cores coming, and hopefully some fixes for the old cores!
  3. Damn, that's interesting. If he's NOT been spending time on it, what HAS he been doing? If he didn't do this core, what did he do for the Pocket, if anything? Does that mean there may not be a JB for this, since that was Kevtris' personal thing? Now it's getting interesting...
  4. That's fair too, I just think the Sega CD FPGA implementation is easier (it's been already been accomplished by TO and Krikzz) than the PSX, which no one has done yet.
  5. I'll respectfully disagree. Sega CD is the next easiest thus logical step. I would tell you to not hold your breath on a PS1, after all, even Sony has decided they are passing on it. I would venture a guess that Kevtris might be trying to come up with a 32x solution as well, but this might be a reach!
  6. Hopefully Kevtris gets this core a little closer to perfect and I'm guessing after the MSG sells out, they will do a new run with a CD ROM attachment (like this) with a new shell and, BOOM Mega SG CD is born...
  7. Gameye is great (I use it on my phone), but for different regions, it's terrible (for now). If a system or a game is currently missing however, you can go to the data base and add it. I've done so for about a dozen arcade PCBs.
  8. Kevtris, I assume you can't talk about future unannounced products, but can you jump back in here and give any sort of update on what you have been working on during the COVID shutdown? Maybe take a bit about NTmN? Or maybe the Pocket? Or maybe updates to older systems? It's been awhile man!
  9. Let me save you time. It's a plastic connector so the cart edges connect to the main unit and then download the ROMs to play on the emulator. You could save money by just loading the ROM on their system (once it's been hacked to do so). I guess it does give you the controller port too.
  10. I love how that "review" claims the beta units have "shipped all over the world". Yeah, they sure have, like, all 8 of them! If they are still doing hardware updates (as discussed in the "review"), then there really isn't any chance of this thing shipping in 90 days. Come on, HARDWARE updates? WTF man! This is what I hope happens at this point. The company is able to at least get the backers their consoles (not sue I think they will), then it does some updates before collapsing under its own mis-management. Then... The OS gets leaked or released and people can adapt it for PC use. I still love their UI and how it looks/plays. Sadly, I think this thing can only be successful if they can get it under $300. At $400+module price? No way.
  11. Agree, I LOVE the SNES, but the NES did it first and is so expanded because it was really blazing a new trail. Up to that point games were pretty simplistic on console, NES changed that. Sure the SNES is better in every way when it comes to specs, it was mostly improving what the NES did (graphics, music, etc), but NES really blazed the trail. Of course if you argue about the SNES controller, mode 7, sound chip... well, I wouldn't hate you for putting it first! For those of you putting other Nintendo systems first, I can only assume it's because you're not as old as me! I started with VCS, so I've seen the progression. I LOVE the Wii U (I have 3 of them!), Gamecube, yup, but as far as new and interesting... NES!
  12. I thought the Dogbone was good, UNTIL I used it for awhile. It has MAJOR problems IMHO. 1. The buttons are angled the wrong way, they should be slanted the other way. 2. The buttons are too far apart! Compare them to the original, they are off. 3. The D-pad is not as good as the original, but I'm not sure why yet. Believe me, I WANT to love the Dogbone, but it's really not a good controller. The BEST is a SNES controller with an adapter to play on NES. Now THAT is the BEST controller for NES!
  13. SegaSnatcher, You've made some great points, but really, until this actually comes out, we've only got their marketing to go on. We won't really know until some independent reviewers have a whack at this thing. And IMO, you're not trolling here, I think you're really enthusiastic about the Pocket and your posts have been fine to read by me!
  14. I'm really interested in the Pocket and want it to do very well, but I'm passing for these reasons: 1. Pay now, get it in a year, maybe? 2. Probably a cool limited edition coming, they did it with all the other systems. 3. How does the plastic feel? Not so important on a console, but very important on a handheld. We only have their consoles to go by so far. 4. How do the d-pad and buttons feel? See #3 above. 5. Does the screen really perform as they claim? It's easy to claim it, but I need some actual hands on reviews first. 6. Orientation does suck worse than horizontal, but I made do with the GB and TurboExpress, I can make do here, but again, need a review first. 7. Price. Actually, I think the price is good for what you get! I think I want one, but I'm not willing to pay now to get something mid-next year. I'll wait, I'm sure if it's popular, they will do a second run. Probably fix a lot of the bugs (hardware wise) if there are any. To those of you pre-ordering, GOOD LUCK ON MONDAY! AND, I'm jealous, I hope it's as awesome as it looks, enjoy it when you get it! I'm not a hater, I want it to be great!
  15. For anyone who wants to avoid a currency conversion fee, just use a credit card that doesn't charge you for currency conversion. Such as American Express. This saved me $50 on the NtM.
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