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  1. Shmups I don't yet have and the below: Anything Cave (except for the following ESPrade, ESPGaluda 1 & 2, Mushihime Same, Uo Poko, and Ibara) Battle Garegga Denjin Makai Godzilla Gunbarich Gunbird Gunforce 2 Kingdom Grand Prix Monster Maulers Ninja Baseball Batman Ninja Clowns Pacmania Rabbit Sailor Moon Pretty Soldier SegaSonic The Hedgehog Sengoku Ace Sorcer Striker Undercover Cops Alpha Renewal Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III Japanese Candy Cab (Egret 2, Astro, Blast etc)
  2. OK, well this system is available, I'd also trade it for an arcade PCB or open to offers.
  3. Why can't the pads be retrobrited? I can easily swap them out as well, they are just standard SFC pads after all. I can dig in my box and see if I have some non-yellow ones, but to be honest, it's probably better to take these and retrobrite them, as they really look unused. This is the Star Fox, Mario Kart, MAS set! I'll plug it in later to get a screen shot. No worries if you're not interested, I've has a few PMs about it. Worse case I just hang on to it. I'm just selling stuff to make room, for more stuff! I will also trades for arcade PCBs I'm after, but not sure this is the forum for that.
  4. OK, pics for those who asked. First, controllers are VERY yellow on the front, but after very close examination look like new. I mean the buttons have little to no wear on them at all. I tried to get a close up picture, they are still very shiny. I think a face plate swap or a "whitening" treatment and they would be very nice. The cables look like new with no wear or tear. The crappy thing, the movers broke the left side plastic. Grrrrr, this thing was very nice! I still have the piece, and I think with the right glue it won't be too noticeable, but I'll leave that to the buyer. The top is without any dents or scratches, but the plastic looks a tad scuffed. I think it will buff out, but again, with it being so brittle, I'll leave it for the buyer. If someone wants to buy it, I'll of course, plug it up so you can see it run... once I find some cables! Questions? Feel free to ask.
  5. Mine works, but when I was in Japan I grabbed 3 of them and I just can't remember which games this one has loaded. I'll plug it up and get confirmation of everything before I sell of course. Yes mine is open box and the controllers are pretty yellow, but they are just stock SFC controllers with really long cords, like 10 feet or something. I think my controllers are actually in really nice shape, just need the whitening treatment or swapped out. Based on what you said, I think maybe ~$500 is fair, I think the eBay one is way too high, and $550 from Japan is ok until you factor in shipping.. As for shipping from me, man I don't care if the buyer wants to pay it, I'm willing to box it up extra careful, but the front plastic is so brittle, I'd recommend insurance so there are no hard feelings. As for the ones in Japan a lot of them are also broken and people glue them (which makes it hard to tell in pictures). That plastic is just brittle as crap! It's a very cool piece, I just need to start selling stuff off!
  6. Hey I have one of these units, it was in very good condition, but the front plastic is brittle and the movers cracked the left side. It can be glued, but a quick look on eBay and it seems like they all broke on this spot. Anyway, It think my unit has the Mario Kart, Starfox, Mario All stars game cart and two controllers, no key. It's heavy as all get out, so a local sale in the Washington DC area is preferred. Any idea on price? https://ultimatepopculture.fandom.com/wiki/Super_Famicom_Box Not mine, but looks like mine: https://www.ebay.com/itm/195134753205?hash=item2d6ef009b5:g:ozEAAOSwQABinooQ I'd really like to get a firer optic Nintendo or Supernintendo sign, but realize they are worth more. Maybe a trade and cash?
  7. Ah, didn't read the whole 70 pages, but still, very cool indeed!
  8. Most of my super expensive SNES games are from a few trips I took to Japan before COVID and prices shooting up. Still, even loose, Pocky and Rocky and shmup games had already gone up in price a bit. Cheaper than the US, but still pricey.
  9. I saw this post bumped up and took a look. 10 years from the first post until shipping, that's got to be a record! Congrats to all involved, I love seeing projects coming to fruition!
  10. From what I read you should NOT run the pixel refresher unless you have too as it actually lowers the life of the pixels to even the out.
  11. I have no idea, it was a dumb game. For that matter, why is the stupid Geico gecko on every 30 seconds? It's even less funnier than Gex...
  12. More evidence that the rich are pulling away from normal people at a rate that is morally corrupt. They don't even know what to do with all their wealth so they are spending on stupid shit.
  13. From Kevtris this might be true (at least for a few years). But the actual closest is probably the MiSTer. I'm not making a "one is better than the other" post, rather, I like both but if you want the all-in-on system, then there is only one right now on that track.
  14. I don't believe he was being sarcastic, but rather saying SD card speed shouldn't affect NES core speed (as its fully loaded before the game starts). What could be the issue is the core has an inaccuracy that leads to slowdown in that spot. Please compare to real game and report back. The FPGA should be powerful enough that IF the core is accurate, it would not slow down while running NES. So, slow down could be 1. Core inaccuracy, or 2. Exists on the real game and hardware. Potentially 3. Something else we are not considering, such as a damaged FPGA chip, power supply problems, etc. Possible, but not likely. My vote is on #1 or #2 above.
  15. Well that link takes you to a picture that looks just like the email I got, but others (more recently) have gotten ones that say restock coming. Neither are true confirmations, so don't take it as gospel. I think the help staff on email reply really don't know.
  16. The latest word on Discord is that it (and the SNES ones) aren't discontinued, but just out of stock now. So, more later, when? No one knows...
  17. Also, where are you? If you're near Kansas City, you're welcome to come over and game a bit. It will give you a chance to see it in action!
  18. Maybe! Sorry! I think to me, and I am no TV expert so take this with a grain of salt the size of the number of times people say "just get a Pi" times 3... The fact that OLED can cut off light per pixel, and retro games have such sharp edges (due to the low resolutions), with the contrast, makes them the best panels visually to run retro games on. It honestly looks like the game is a print out on a glossy piece of paper when I pause and get up close. Yes the brightness, black crush, image retention, and price are the big negatives, but the above brings it all home for me. Scan lines look good too, but based on the game I fluctuate with them being on or off. If you want any specific game shown on an OLED, let me know. I have currently a MiSTer with arcade ROMs loaded and a PS5 and Xbox.
  19. If the difference between blacks and peak brightness is a factor, what does his or even my opinion mean? You need to go see for yourself. IMO peak brightness is stupid. I run my OLED at 60% brightness because any higher and it hurst my eyes when it swings from super dark blacks to super bright scenes, in HDR. That said, I run the screen in a relatively dark room. If you are running it with sunlight on your screen, maybe it's not for you. Room light is a factor to really consider. If your room is dark, peak brightness is not a worry with OLED. the black bars are 100% what I was worried about. I have them at the top and bottom too, due to movie aspect ratios as well as some games I run integer scaled which makes the image smaller. Yes, dimmer in the middle, super bright in the black areas was my #1 worry. No issues yet! It's only been about 6 months though. There is also a built in sensor that runs after like xxxxhrs of use and dims the pixels to be an even match. Supposedly it works so well you can't tell. I think I'm many hours before this kicks in. I just figure, well, if it's an issue in 3 years or so, I'll just get a new TV!
  20. There are thousands upon thousands of arcade games in the world. MiSTer currently plays a few hundred games. This will help with specific information: https://misterfpga.org/viewforum.php?f=25&sid=44b5756418ed04a2cf8cdeabdce0a2e4 This will help with cores if you are looking for a specific game (although it doesn't seem up to date): https://misterfpga.org/viewtopic.php?t=306 Finally, here is the wiki: https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/Main_MiSTer/wiki/Arcade-Cores-List
  21. Yeah, but if he can't tell because he doesn't have the ability to see the difference between OLED and LCD why listen to his opinion on it? It's a measurement that is easily done with equipment and many rating sites do it, OLED beats LCD in almost all categories. If YOU can't tell, then YES, save the money on an LCD. 1 hr a day or 3 hours every 3 days makes no difference on OLED burn in/retention. It's based on usage of the TV over time. LCDs can get image retention and you turn it off or run another image over it and it can clear up. In OLED, the actual pixels get used up and do not recover. It's added up over time, as in they have a finite amount of use as they degrade. That being said, many modern burn in tests indicate that it's probably not a real worry. I have a C9 for what it's worth. (I also have a Samsung 6 and an older Sharp 70"). The difference for retro gaming is worth it as is for modern games. If cost is a factor, I'm not so sure. I think some of the newer Samsungs are pretty close for a lot less money. To me, if money is no object, OLED, if not, just go to the store and look at them side by side.
  22. If you buy it from misteradons.com he will send you one in a case ready to go turn key. You add a script called "update_all" and it downloads all the cores and arcade games you can play. To get the console ROMs, you'll have to "find" them yourself, but it's pretty easy. I'd say turn key, but you'll need understanding of moving files to an SD card to really get it all done. I did everything (except set up a rotating wallpaper script) without a keyboard too. Just a controller.
  23. Don't listen to this guy man, IMO OLED is freaking incredible for retro gaming. I use a 65" with my arcade PCBs and have started playing them more on it than my CRTs or cabinets. Color, Contrast, Viewing Angles, Motion, yes they are all better on OLED. Burn in or image retention was my only concern, but 6 months in (with black bars due to aspect ratio of retro games) and still no signs or damage. I'd say about 1hr a day of gaming on average.
  24. Seeing as how fast their products sell out, I don't know if they'll miss you. Personally, I like to wait until the product is available, just to make sure it's not total shit, so waiting until the first round of Pockets actually gets released always seemed like a better idea than pre-ordering over a year in advance. I mean, it plays retro games that are 20-30 years old right? What's the rush?
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