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  1. This is so cool! I made a picture to go along with this, enjoy!
  2. I really can't imagine. If it is, they've got a horrible social media advisory group/team. I mean look, there's a lot of stuff in these here godless 720 pages that is on the scale from "not particularly funny" to "downright-tinfoil-hat-conspiratorial". But there are tons of companies that receive genuine hate day to day and their social media teams are still out there, doing their best. And that goes for individuals, too. Maybe they're quiet because they're busy as bees working on the unit. Maybe because they aren't comfortable talking in general. I don't fault the individual engineers for being quiet either way. But I don't think the silence is because of this forum. Besides, I like Atariage. Lurked here for years. Still lurk mostly but comment from time to time as well, and there isn't a bigger site in the Atari community. But I don't think we should delude ourselves about the size of the 'classic' Atari community, the one that still cares about their products or history or whathaveyou. If you have an internationally recognizable brand name that is so iconic that it stands separate from the actual products you once made, the occasionally nasty (but usually milquetoast) commenting of a few thousand enthusiasts on a forum should have very little sway over your corporate affairs. Unless, of course, you don't have anything to show except a box that relies on the nostalgia or enthusiasm of those few thousand - a product with limited mainstream appeal. But that's a whole separate enchilada.
  3. Honestly if they don't have anything working at E3 what is even the point anymore. How hard was it to make what could have effectively been a PlaystationTV in a nicer box? Sure, it isn't something most of us could whip up in our garage but c'mon they could have just hopped on a plane to Taiwain and gotten someone to pump the damn things out for them. Contract some desperate third party to make a cheap rollercoaster tycoon game, license the PS1 centipede reboot, make sure it launches with Netflix. They're getting to the next console gen which means that they won't JUST be competing with the full-priced PS4, Xbone, Switch, Apple TV, Roku, etc in the "streaming and maybe play some games" category. They'll be competing with the PS5, Xbox 4, Apple TV's new game roll out, Google Stadia, AND bargain basement PS4's and Xbones, which are sure to have some major price slashes when their successors roll out. It would have been nearly impossible to convince someone to buy a $150 limited (though cool looking) box when they were competing against 6 year old $300 playstations. I genuinely don't even know how they THINK they'll be able to compete with $150 7 year old playstations and $400 brand shiny new ones. Its just a level of incompetence that honestly makes me sad. If there was a window for this thing - and I count myself on the more "optimist" side of this forum - that window is all but closed this E3.
  4. Jeez man, I already loved the soundtrack but hearing these makes me think you're some kind of musical wizard!! Come payday I've got to buy a copy! (and of the game of course but I do love me some electronic music)
  5. Over something so stupid. Whether you love it or hate it, I can't imagine having this much passion for the AtariVCS/AtariBox. If you love it and you're excited for it then you have, what, $400 invested in it? Max? If you're really confident in that investment then awesome and good for you! You should be confident enough to, at the very least not have a complete meltdown and start doxxin'. This is nuts.
  6. New thread reported, downvoted, etc. I want /r/atarivcs to succeed and be a more laid back place to talk about this stuff, so seeing this on my front page makes me positively sick.
  7. Gotcha. Thanks! Let me look at the ol' bank statements and see what's up. If anyone else is interested though, definitely go ahead. The OG xbox is an amazing addition to any collection.
  8. Does the internal clock keep time, or does it ask you to set the time constantly?
  9. Good question. I guess there's always the outside chance that it just doesn't, but that would be a little nuts. Who knows.
  10. Thanks for saying this, it keeps me interested and confirms some suspicions. Edit: mostly good suspicions.
  11. It looks really cool. I don't even mean that in a disparaging way, but their market is people who want a streaming box with decent specs by streaming box standards that looks really cool. Not a bad market, for sure, but they're not really aiming for most atariage users. They're aiming for folk like me who were born after Atari released their last console, who want a nice looking roku that plays some games and starts an interesting conversation when friends are around. That doesn't make it worth the money and it doesn't make it less of a sketchy/tedious process to get the dang thing made. But we shouldn't pretend there isn't a market. Just a very small one, with very little crossover here.
  12. Don't want to be too off topic, but something like this? Apologies for the clunkiness, I make fake carts as a hobby but you would (not) be surprised how hard it is to find good late 70's-early 80's curling paintings. Love the game!
  13. To be fair, I've definitely seen worse crowdfunding updates. Although I wish they had been more upfront with backers about not having a prototype or, better yet, actually waited until they had one. Still, this brand new fad of "drop one massive update every blue moon" that seems to be sweeping the kickstartin' youth of a nation has to go. The easiest way to not look incredibly sketchy is to just give quick, intermittent updates.
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