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  1. This is fantastic MacRorie! ... Just seen your Rolling Thunder video earlier, and I sent it over to one of the developers who did the last iteration of the game.  He's confirmed that the prototype you have is the earlier abandoned conversion by Matt Markwalder. Brilliant to see his version saved.


    Vindicators will be very interesting to see up and running.   Look forward to checking them out and thanks for the great work!

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  2. Hi all, I hope this is ok to post here (Admin, please delete if not and my apologies in advance - especially as this is my very first post)


    I've been running the Games That Weren't archive for just over 20 years over at https://www.gamesthatwerent.com, and today pre-orders have opened for a book on the subject of unreleased games to mark the milestone. The Atari is covered quite a few times throughout (Arcade, Lynx, Jaguar + ST - including a lovely wireframe spread image of the Atari Game Brain), but overall it is a multi-format book and covers a wide range of titles from 1975-2015.


    It's been written by just myself over the past 7 years or so to try and keep everything consistent, with many fresh quotes from those directly involved on the various games covered. I probably won't be doing another one in a hurry! ;)


    If you're interested at all or might know of anyone who might be, here is the link:

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