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  1. It doesn't seem like they sell very much stuff to cover the salaries of 12 people.
  2. The Nt Mini is releasing soon (again) but with rewritten cores or whatever so I would expect that system to get a fix in the months following, if needed. Then the Pocket will be releasing and will get priority after that. If Kevtris is the only guy capable of fixing stuff I wouldn't expect anything for a long time.
  3. Well, I decided to try it tonight and it actually works. The start and select may be slanted but they are in the same positions and work after the swap. The DPADs and the PCB thickness are the exact same so the button feel and everything is good. The mounting holes are the same as well. Even the micro usb port and the led lights work and are lined up perfectly. It is pretty clear that they fixed the dpad in the newer controllers. The contacts are the same style as original SNES controllers. Also, the new 2.4ghz controllers switched to Torx screws instead of regular Philips head screws for some reason so a set of Torx are needed. The bit I used was the Torx TR6/T6H from the iFixit set though it doesn't have to be the "security" style Torx.
  4. Yeah, the brick can be a thumb killer 😂
  5. It's possible on the SN30 that has the same shaped Start and Select so like the controllers that came out when the Super Nt were released work. I doubt the original 8bitdo controllers (now discontinued) with the angled Start/Select would work but I haven't seen it attempted. Yeah, the angled buttons kill it for me It's also a little small both in size and the A and B buttons seem small or something. Maybe it's because they are convex rather than concave. The rounded shape of the controller is really nice but I just can't get used to it. The nostalgia of the brick also plays into it a little.
  6. I feel like their newer controllers are pretty good. The Sn 30 Pro+ and the 2.4ghz M30 are both really good for me. I wish they would update their DIY kits with 2.4ghz receivers. I know their newer 2.4ghz controllers have different dpad contacts on the PCB than their older controllers so I think the diagonals should be fixed from now on (SN30 vs SN30 2.4ghz for example. The newer 2.4ghz is fixed and has different shaped button contacts)
  7. You can report those but eBay has so far ignored the reports. (When you hit report these are the categories: Listing practices>Inappropriate seller terms>Presale) I also question whether eBay would refund you, that your credit card company might not allow a chargeback that long after the fact and what does that do to your relationship with eBay. Also, Analogue probably won't give you warranty coverage on it which is a legitimate concern as we saw with the MegaSG adapters. There are so many shady things that could happen with these.
  8. I feel like Twitter is your quickest way to get notified of something, unfortunately. I hate that Twitter seems to be the main way companies communicate now. Analogue products sell out way too fast to rely on the email notifications of a website as those probably get sent out at a specified time rather than in real time.
  9. My order went through at 8:08AM after several minutes of shipping calculations. I am curious how many sold. For how short it was up it couldn't have been many. Hopefully they are just trying to stay on people's minds and will trickle out pre-orders regularly until next year and this will eventually be like the MegaSG and continue to be sold. (Though, I still don't understand how they can have a seemingly endless supply of those and the SuperNt goes months without stock and then sells out very quickly.)
  10. I think from past sales the people with their cards getting declined might want to check out your credit card site. It probably has to do with the place Analogue charges the card. I think it might actually be like a Hong Kong location or something which means it might get denied next time too. Some people end up with foreign transaction fees as well.
  11. I modded a GBA with the funnyplaying IPS V2 screen and it is so nice. You will like it a lot.
  12. Remember the Game Boy Micro? Best screen of the GBA series...if you could see it 😂
  13. I don't mind the size so much as I wish they would have made it in the form factor of the original Game Boy Advance. That wider system is much more comfortable to hold for me. It will not stop me from buying one, though.
  14. All of their 2.4ghz controllers come with a receiver that is pre-paired. If this is true they would need to tell us how to pair those to a different receiver which would be cool.
  15. If the dock is just a pass-through type device it might not be too expensive. Like if the HDMI signal is being formed inside the system and the dock just routes it to the TV or to the DAC there might not be too much to it. The Nintendo Switch dock is like $90 new and seems to do about the same thing. Also, the DAC is $80 and has a lot going on inside of it. If the MegaSG cart adapters are anything to go by it is going to be very limited along with the cart adapters that are supposedly going to be available. But, I suppose with shipping it could easily get to $150, LOL.
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