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  1. I am not really sure, lol. I bought it during the Mega SG pre-order and wasn't really thinking about a jail break at the time. I didn't jailbreak the Super Nt and didn't jailbreak the Mega SG so I just hadn't considered it.
  2. I bought a Gamegear everdrive in anticipation of the adapters so I am hoping they are available soon. If they are in manufacturing that means maybe it won't be a pre-order and a long wait like the consoles and they will be available to ship close to when they announce them.
  3. How does it work if the Mega SD isn't passing the info through the actual CD connector? Like on the PSIO it requires a modification inside the Playstation like to intercept the signals moving around inside the Playstation. I assume that isn't the case here but it is still not just software emulation, right? It is actually emulating the Sega CD hardware even though it isn't routing through the connector?
  4. Might be worth the cost with how (un)-reliable the Sega CD can be and how expensive they have become (especially Model 1). The instant loading and not hearing the drive might be kind of nice if it is supported and works the way I have come to expect FPGA things like the Mega SG or Mega Everdrive to work. I'll probably pick one up when SAG carries them as I like their Deluxe kits they sell and I am guessing they will have a shell that matches the Genesis cartridges really well. Also, how is the company with firmware updates? I see they lock downloads behind a registration but is that it or is it like the PSIO where they really don't distribute the firmware unless you have proof of purchase from an authorized seller?
  5. Yes, except that is just like one layer further out than I need or the way it was before. I have several threads bookmarked so when I visit the topic I see this (attachment) so there isn't a button to press. In the old forum there was a text link just like that one you highlighted around the area I circled that you could click and get to the first unread post: It's not a big deal though. I just thought maybe I was missing something. Thanks!
  6. Yeah, like before when you would visit a topic on the right hand side it said something like "Go to first unread post" or something like that? I can't remember the actual wording. Clicking it would take me to the last post I saw from the last time I visited that thread. It's nice for bookmarked threads.
  7. Is there a way to do this with the new redesign? I am not seeing a link or dot that will take me to the first unread post of the topic I am in. The "Unread Content" button at the top seems to bring me to all unread content on the site or seems to encompass more than just the thread I am looking at.
  8. Awe, no I missed out on the $5. I often forget to look for coupons and discounts...
  9. One kind of nice thing if you get the DIY kit for the Playstation Classic controller is that the controller is built in such a way that you are not replacing the actual button contacts like you do with every other 8bitdo DIY controller. You are only replacing a small board in the controller that is separate from the actual button contacts. So, if you are happy with the diagonals and everything on the Playstation classic controller that should't change with the DIY kit on that particular controller. It's pretty cool I have been playing Spelunky with it and it feels just like a Playstation controller. I know some people have strong opinions about the diagonals and contacts of the 8bitdo boards It is only the PS Classic controller that has this new setup inside. The DIY kits for the old PSX controllers are like all their other kits. I only bought the PS Classic because of the controllers, LOL. They are only $40 right now and come with two of them. They do work wired on PC as well... I kept one wired and one I used a DIY kit. Here is the install video to see what I mean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXxYoQAJzBY
  10. All we know is the DAC is 2019 based on the manual. The cart adapters are referenced in the manual as sold separately but that is it. The lack of communication about the cart adapters and the DAC is disappointing.
  11. I feel like a cheaper, HDMI only version of the Nt Mini is a no-brainer at some point. It would work with the DAC they are releasing and they could release a Gameboy cartridge adapter. I'd imagine the people selling the AVS hope they do not do that...
  12. No I meant for the original Playstation. I have a Playstation classic but I only bought it for the controllers to use on my PC. I would like to use them with the PSOne (PSX I guess it is abbreviated) console.
  13. I wonder if they will release a retro receiver for the Playstation? I wouldn't mind using the DIY classic or a PS4 controller on my original Playstation. I just recently purchased the Genesis controller kit. Wish I could have grabbed a couple of these at the same time.
  14. I wonder how much input lag game designers just factor in now days due to displays and Bluetooth? There must be a target as people would get pretty frustrated if they designed games with 0 in mind.
  15. This goes all the way back to the SupeNT for me as well with the DAC. I really want the GameGear adapter and the DAC. I thought the DAC was coming relatively soon after the SuperNT but Analogue has hardly even mentioned it. They mentioned it like twice in 2018. Once in July confirming it is still a thing that was almost complete but put on the back burner (probably to switch to developing the MegaSG). Then again in October just saying it is still a thing but no release date.
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