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  1. If I didn't have two of them already I would have ordered one. The music stuff doesn't interest me though so it would be for the color only.
  2. Although I don't have it, if the USB ports can output 2A then there is no reason it shouldn't work. If it doesn't work then it is defective or not reliably putting out 2A at all times from the ports. The Mega Sg wants 2A according to the manual. If it doesn't work I would simply return as defective and then you won't pay shipping fee to return. I think the only issue is how does it supply the power when a different number of ports are being used? "smart 2.0 technology that detects all connected devices and adjusts the charging output accordingly" Are they all 2A all the time or does that change if you have 1, 2 or 3 devices plugged in and being used? Maybe 2 of the ports are 3A and the other 2 are only 1A if you have 4 things plugged in and turned on at the same time? All you can do is try it out and plug a couple things in while you are using one of your consoles.
  3. My bets are that there will not be a way to bundle the adapters with the DAC.
  4. Plus it is probably quite a bit more rare than the others which partially makes up for the fact it looks so different from the renders
  5. I am surprised there isn't an Famicom to NES adapter that can use the NES pins in the AVS. You know those old NES carts that have an adapter built in? I am surprised no one has rigged up a 3D printed shell to put one of those inside so you could use it with the AVS lid closed. Unless an adapter doesn't work like that with the AVS? Or maybe it would still stick out too far?
  6. If it can do all the same stuff the Mega Everdrive X7 can do I don't there there is any chance it will be less than Mega Everdrive X7 price so maybe between $165 and $185 if we're lucky. I wouldn't be surprised if it launches at $199. If it is just an add on that requires the use of a previous Everdrive then I could see it being sub $100 but he would have said sub $100 if it was really going to be that low rather than sub $200.
  7. Kevtris seems to be the entire tech support and developer of the company and once they are onto a new project there just isn't time to go back to the older systems for stuff like that. They now have cartridge adapters for the Mega SG, the DAC, the Pocket dock and the adapters for the Pocket to develop. The odds they go back to the Nt Mini, a system that seems to basically be discontinued, is pretty low. It's pretty obvious who the person responsible for the jail breaks is as well so don't expect that person to have the time.
  8. Nope, and they do not respond to questions on social media at all. If it wasn't for Kevtris I would not support this company. The products they release are so good though (because of Kevtris). My guess is we just never hear another word on the adapters and they will never get released. This line from the Nt Mini manual is kind of funny "Audio Features Thes are experimental features that we will continue to develop for". Anyone think that is actually going to happen?
  9. So, if previous cores do somehow get ported to this (or even if other developers fill in the holes that would remain without the NES/SNES) does this product surpass the original Zimba 3000 eventually? Won't this basically make all of their previous products obsolete (if you own the full package of the Pocket, dock and DAC)?
  10. Analogue's DAC doesn't make use of normal HDMI signals though so I doubt it will be a standard even though they're using a USB-C plug. It will probably output the raw signal or whatever the Super Nt and Mega SG output when it is connected to the DAC (or Dock)
  11. Raphnet sells nice adapters like for using PS controllers or whatever over USB and they list the latency. Looks like maybe between 2 and 6ms for USB depending on the adapter. I would guess similar. If they're actually faster when designed specifically for USB then 1ms or faster for sure since those adapters already show you can do as low as 2ms. https://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/wusbmote_1player_adapter_v2/index.php https://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/psx_to_usb/index.php
  12. Limited quantity is a bummer. I understand limited time but limiting quantity seems weird on something like this. An open preorder would give them a good idea of how many they need.
  13. Darn, so much for this year... Wow.
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