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  1. Anyone smarter than me know what was wrong with the original GameGear adapters and if they could be retrofitted with the proper components to make them safe?
  2. Yeah, I remember being able to see vertical lines much more than the big horizontal lines that the fake scanlines seem to emulate. Or maybe it was just because each pixel or whatever was really big with a lot of space around it. I am sure it was a super low number of lines or "resolution" (like how PVMs are really high at 600 or 800 lines). I am not sure how low CRTs go but mine were probably the minimum number of lines they could use. I used really cheap Sharp or RCA TVs though and have no idea what technology was used or anything, I do remember the blooming being really bad on one of them...at least I think it was blooming.
  3. I'm still going to guess a plastic NES or Nt in 2021.
  4. Mine was delivered today as well. I am at work but my wife says she got it.
  5. Analogue responded to someone on March 6th about the Game Gear adapters being on time and shipping soon.
  6. How did you diagnose and fix your problem?
  7. I can't see why they wouldn't do an NES similar to the Mega SG and Super NT at some point. It just makes sense to have those three always available (along with the pocket and DAC but they say the Pocket is limited as well). Or, maybe they have a deal worked out with the AVS people not to make one 🤔. Not sure why they would ever do anything like that though.
  8. I agree. I think it's going to be late 2020. I would say not even 2020 but it still says so on their site so I guess I will give them the benefit.
  9. I will use wireless for turn based RPG games but wired for everything else. I do have a dogbone for the nes but I never use it because it doesn't feel genuine to me. It feels like I am using a controller not meant for the system, lol.
  10. Apparently the technology means it can happen like on a plasma or a CRT where as it shouldn't be permanent on a normal LCD. However, looking around at various forums people don't seem to have issues with it. I am just so anal about stuff that I would constantly worry about it ALL the time knowing the potential of it happening is real especially since I keep my TVs for so long.
  11. I know the TCL 5 series TVs have low input lag (mid 10ms) and the price to features ratio is really good on TCL sets. I am not sure about some of the other things but I would start my research with them if I was buying. I am also one who doesn't want anything that will end up with burn in since I keep TVs for like 10+ years and video games tend to have static images on the screen for up to hours at a time so I would avoid OLED even though people on forums in large don't seem to have issues currently. I would just always be worried about it. This site show a bunch of specs for various TVs. Here's the input lag charts. https://www.rtings.com/tv/tests/inputs/input-lag
  12. I wonder if they are actually using images from the Pocket or Nt Mini? It wouldn't surprise me if they weren't I guess for the purposes of a Twitter post.
  13. I hope the Pocket is just as limited 🙂
  14. Still let's me get all the way to payment method.
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