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  1. There are also small indie devs making games for some of those old systems which is another reason to have ROM support.
  2. Anyone know if Raphnet USB adapters work with the dock?
  3. I figured the plastic of the Game Gear cart around the label was above the level of the label or would protect the label somewhat. It looks like the label is in an indented part of the cartridge. I suppose if a label is already peeling or loose it will catch on the adapter much easier though. All I have is an Everdrive when it comes to Game Gear games and have only used it to verify the adapter worked..
  4. Do you think they would change the Pocket like they did with the Noir? Remember how Analogue made it seem like it would be the same Nt Mini (one final run) but it ended up having some improvements that were announced after they sold out.
  5. Ugh, tell me about it. I forgot to buy the clear case protector back in my 2020 order. Now, I wouldn't get it until 2023 even without buying a Pocket and would pay that much in shipping. I used the shower dust trick to install my Nintendo Switch screen protector and it worked great. Get the room nice and steamy and apply. No bubbles or dust.
  6. I tried finding a Game Boy Light a few yeas ago but they are expensive and most of them were in very poor condition so I never got it. Finding handhelds used without scratched displays is almost impossible. I am excited to try out that color.
  7. Yeah, I am going to be bummed if it doesn't ship tomorrow as I am guessing I am looking at after Christmas at that point for delivery. I live in the Minnesota in a rural area so the delivery times are always about maximum estimated especially when they use a ground service. Then I have to hope they feel like actually attempting delivery on the day they are supposed and not blaming a failed delivery on my driveway being blocked or inaccessible.
  8. I bought one of each because I couldn't decide for sure at the time which color I wanted but knew I was going to buy two of them. I am paranoid about getting mobile displays with dead pixels or other screen issues that probably aren't covered by warranty and figured if I bought both at least one would have a perfect display. The second one is pretty much a backup. I have bought two of the other systems I care about as well for similar reasons. I would hate for one to be defective or develop a defect and then not be able to get a replacement.
  9. For being delayed so long due to part shortages I am a bit disappointed the software isn't more polished or complete, especially with the dock.
  10. Personally, I hope they re-confirm their plans for actually shipping out the pocket orders this year and maybe give a loose/estimated timeline of how the Duo pre-orders move forward. I feel a brand new product would not be a good idea right now. I have to believe at some point there will be a new Nt Mini that is basically a repackaged Super Nt under the hood but it is not the right time to announce a new product.
  11. I have had several Android phones with amoled screens over the years that end up looking similar within 2 years of use. Typically it is the status bar area like where the clock, wifi icon, notifications icons are located. It can also be seen where the onscreen buttons (back, home, recent) are located. It is usually really noticeable on gray backgrounds. My personal phone experience is why I don't want an OLED tv. I keep TVs for 10+ years and someone telling me it will be fine and that current OLED tech is less susceptible isn't enough to get me to buy one.
  12. Yeah, I'd be fine with them telling me what the "fix" or preventative measure is to avoid the "rare" situation that would lead to apparently something shorting out. I know they might fix it under warranty but once the warranty has run out it would be nice to just modify it yourself to avoid a potential short.
  13. People just aren't buying/paying? I know with ebay fees, original taxes and to cover the original shipping and shipping to resell you'd have to sell those things for like $650 to break even I would imagine. I figured they'd be selling for well over $1k though I guess simply based on prices before the Noir was a thing. I haven't been checking though. Regardless, it warms my heart to know unopened or basically new systems are being sold for essentially a loss to those people. I thought they would sell out really fast. I guess the demand was a pretty vocal minority of people. Super Nt went pretty fast.
  14. If you have the money and even a hint of desire to get one then go for it. It will not drop in value. If you change your mind later you can get your money back selling it, easily. I'd much rather people in forums like this who are on the fence go for and possibly make money on it someday than scalpers who's main purpose for buying it is simply to jack up the price and make money.
  15. Be on Twitter and their website smashing F5 if you want one. They're going to go fast.
  16. Yeah, bummer. When it was announced I think it was supposed to release in November 2020, then got delayed to March or something, then May and now October. I just hate that you pay them the full amount back when they announced the preorder even though apparently that money isn't necessarily used to buy the components and build the device at that time (or it would have been released by now). I wonder how long they sit on the money before actually placing the order for the devices from their manufacturer? Apparently the shortage they are talking about was sudden even though preorders were in August 2020.
  17. Are you referring to the post above you? If so that is just what scanlines look like on like a PVM crt or whatever. If you just mean in general for modern displays then I got nothing since I don't use them
  18. I don't currently have mine hooked up but I seem to recall a setting you can enable that will help reduce the flicker caused when too many enemies appear on screen. It was under System>number of sprites or something. I am not sure if this only helps with the visual flickering or if it helps with slow down as well. Might be worth trying.
  19. I don't get why any phone I have ever had with an oled screen shows burn in before 2 years is up but a ton of people say there is no burn in on OLED TVs. How are TVs made differently from phones which have widespread and well known burn in issues? I am genuinely curious why this happens as my experience with phones is why I have never considered an OLED TV. Maybe it is the Samsung screens that are the issue? I think those are the displays I have tended to notice it the earliest.
  20. You can get original audio from the RAM adapter by enabling Cartridge Audio but it will me digitized analog. If you want digital audio then you need to enable the FPGA replication of the FDS audio hardware. Despite what MLiG says, it's best to leave Cartridge Audio disabled if you aren't using it so that you aren't encoding and injecting analog noise into your digital audio when you aren't even using it. Ok, thanks for the info about disabling it. I would have just left it enabled even though I wouldn't be using it much.
  21. I found the My Life in Gaming videos on the Nt Mini that go into pretty good detail about expansion audio. I understand the settings better now.
  22. I just got to messing around with the FDS RAM adapter and FDSStick on an Nt Mini. Does anyone know of a guide to setting the audio properly for the FDS to sound authentic? There seem to be two options I can set. FDS Expansion Audio, which I assume I want enabled, and Cartridge Audio Volume, which I also probably want turned up to some point? The sound of games changes pretty drastically depending on the volume of the cartridge audio and once cartridge audio gets high enough the FDS expansion audio setting doesn't seem to really change the sound at all if I disable it.
  23. Does this work with the jail break or are you using the SD2SNES (FXPak Pro)? Or maybe it works on both but I am not sure. I have wanted to try figuring out how to get/play that game.
  24. Were the scart connectors for the Mega Drive back then using RGB in Europe or were they just sending composite video through the connector? Did anyone at the time even know there was a difference? Was there an official Mega Drive scart cable? I'd be curious how it was wired.
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